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How to decorate a rectangular living room. 40 photos, ideas and tips How to decorate a rectangular living room. 40 photos, ideas and tips
Each room has a shape, and each shape has its peculiarities. The most common, rectangular and square rooms, and in this article, we will... How to decorate a rectangular living room. 40 photos, ideas and tips

Each room has a shape, and each shape has its peculiarities. The most common, rectangular and square rooms, and in this article, we will explore how to decorate a rectangular room.

With photos, ideas and advice.

I have separated them into two groups: rectangular rooms with a generous size and small rectangular rooms; Let’s start with the big ones, below we will see the small ones. Take good note and be inspired by these ideas.

Un salón comedor rectangular

With light furniture and painted in a tone of off-white.

Un salón rectangular

Photography Sílvia Caballero

This rectangular living room is much lighter, by using furniture that does not occupy the entire surface, or shelves or other solutions to dress a room on this floor.

Un salón rectangular

Vintage Revivals photography and design

This other room does not have a rectangular floor plan, but we can see how the two areas have been distributed, something that we can imitate in the decoration of our rectangular room.

Photography @Silje Spilde

As in the previous large rectangular room, this one does not have what is said to be an exact rectangular plan, but we can take advantage of its distribution for our room.

Un salón rectangular

All in neutral tones, this living room shares space with the kitchen and the entire space is uneven.

The table has been set up in front of the kitchen, leaving the rest for the sofa and seating area.

Un salón rectangular

Although only the sofa area of this other rectangular room is visible, we see that a large corner sofa has been installed completing this entire area and leaving the other free for the dining table.

Un elegante y sofisticado salón rectangular

Decor Aid design and photography

White and elegant. The arrangement of the furniture in a square is a success. And with a whole wall with a great and precious kind of boiserie installed in matt white.


Un salón rectangular

Photography Mauricio Fuertes | Interior design The Room Studio

With two large L-shaped sofas covering the large living room area, plus a large-sized rug just to cover the entire sofa area.

The rest, lots of wood, big windows, small blinds and yellow accents.

Un salón rectangular

Photography Mauricio Fuertes | Interior design The Room Studio

With a large work shelf on one of the short walls, and the rest for furniture. The decoration in warm tones, gray furniture, with a yellow armchair and a dark blue chaise loungue.

Salon rectangular moderno

With the sofa placed on one of the shorter walls, delimiting the sofa area thanks to the blue carpet.

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Un salón rectangular grande con zona de comedor y grandes ventanales

Decor Aid Photography and Design

Elongated and elegant, this other rectangular living room is tastefully decorated in relaxing neutral tones, very bright, without curtains on the windows with black carpentry, and furniture also in neutral tones.

Un salón rectangular grande

In addition to having a rectangular floor plan, it is a large living room, in which two light areas have been created, one with a sofa and a television with two L-shaped sofas and the other, next to the open kitchen, for the dining table.

Everything decorated in a very soft beige to standardize the space.

Un salón rectangular

Interior design Nook Architects | Photography by Yago Partal

Elegant and contemporary with lots of wood, white tones and black accents. Also, without curtains, very bright.

Un salón rectangular

Eijerkamp Photography

In pink tones, leaving on one side the sofa and television area and on the other the dining table. It is usually one of the most effective ways to furnish, distribute and take advantage of a rectangular room.

Un salón rectangular


This other rectangular lounge decorated in white separates the two areas, dining room and seating area through the back of the sofa. A simple and effective solution to delimit both spaces with elegance.

Salon rectangular moderno

Ethnic in style with many nuances and textures to explore and, equally, with two separate areas in the same space, this other room has been designed by + Fotogenica

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Un salón rectangular abierto a la cocina decorado en tonos grises y azules

Decor Aid Photography

Open to the kitchen, the entire floor is a single large and bright space, with the exact furniture and arranged in such a way that everything flows, from the sofa to the kitchen. Perfect. No curtains on the windows to gain more light.

Un amplio salón rectangular luminoso en tonos grises y azules

Decor Aid design and photography

Simple, minimalist, but sophisticated, nothing cold, despite the fact that blue (cold color) and gray (neutral color) have been used as the main colors of this elegant rectangular living room.

Un salón rectangular

Little Big Bell Photography

This other rectangular English-style living room with the bay window has the furniture distributed on both walls, leaving the center for the coffee table.

In this case it can be done since the living room, although rectangular, is narrow. If it were not narrow, the coffee table would be far away from the sofas. The distribution of the furniture would not be proportional to the space.

Small rectangular rooms.

Let’s now turn to these ideas for decorating small rectangular rooms.

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Un salón rectangular

With a large and comfortable chaise longue sofa and the television on the wall to avoid needing a TV cabinet and not to load the space as much and painted in light gray.

Un salón rectangular decorado con sofás azules enfrentados

Decor Aid Photography

Another of the most classic and successful distributions in some that there is, in some cases, obviously, is the one that we see in the rectangular living room above these lines: Facing sofas and at the ends, the television area, fireplace, bookstore or any element We want it to be the main focus of the room.

Salon rectangular pequeño

Designed by Azabache White

With a more modern and elegant cut, this other small rectangular room also gives us great ideas. As the transparent coffee table to avoid overloading the little space available and the neutral tones with which it is painted.

Un salón rectangular

In this other rectangular living room, the dining table has also been dispensed with, and it has been left as a television area, all decorated with a tropical wallpaper, and yellow accents.

Un salón rectangular

Slow & Chic interior design

Simple, minimalist and very bright. When space is lacking, this aesthetic is the one that most favors spaces. Without recharging.

Un salón rectangular

Natalia Zubizarreta Interior Design | Photography Felipe Scheffel

Extremely bright and cozy, this other small rectangular room but perfectly decorated both aesthetically and functionally speaking.

Un salón rectangular en tonos neutros con aires Mid Century

Decor Aid design and photography

This other rectangular living room has the classic distribution, where the sofa and television area is located in the window area and the dining table is placed in the rest of the space, closer to the kitchen. Everything in neutral tones, from the walls to the furniture and with Mid Century airs.

Decor Aid Photography and Design

Bright and painted in neutral tones, light gray, with the square sofa area, consisting of a sofa and two vintage leather and metal armchairs with a side table in gold tones, all framed by a mottled gray-toned rug over the warm wooden floor.

Un salón rectangular decorado en tonos blancos

Decor Aid design and photography

This other rectangular room is bigger than it seems. The secret, use light furniture both physically and visually and apply a monochrome palette so that there is not much contrast and deceive the eye. A fantastic job.

Un salón rectangular luminoso decorado en tonos blancos

Photography and Decor Aid project

This other room does not exactly have a regular plan, since one of its ends is oval, but the arrangement of the furniture can serve us perfectly to decorate and furnish a small rectangular room.

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Un salón rectangular decorado con arte en gran formato

Decor Aid design and photography

Paintings and large-format art is in vogue to decorate interiors. Even if it is in relatively small spaces, if done gracefully, even a frame this large and with such an aggressive print can work. Naturally, such high ceilings help a lot to fit everything.

Un salón rectangular pequeño decorado en elegantes tonos neutros

Decor Air project and photography

Elegant and sophisticated, with the fireplace as the main focus, with furniture in neutral tones and white fluffy curtains to gain light and not saturate the space.

Un salón rectangular

At Home Project

So small that a dining table could not be inserted. Not even a three-seater sofa, since it should have gone in front of the television leaving a very small gap in the middle, and everything would have been too tight.

Un salón rectangular

Small but very stylish and wearing very risky colors, such as dark gray walls and furniture. A large format painting, and a window that gives a lot of light to the living room.

Un salón rectangular

Design and photography Estudio Sincro

Rectangular in plan, this other small living room features a sofa that occupies one of the long walls, and in the front, a wooden paneled structure that separates the living room from the kitchen.

Un salón rectangular

Photography and design of Cupcakes and Cashmere

Creating a telecentric distribution with a large pink sofa, a glass or methacrylate coffee table, and two identical armchairs creating a symmetrical scene, and all framed by a large Berber carpet

Un salón rectangular

Design and photography @homeandeco

Everything in earth tones, and with the worn distribution in the sofa and television area.

Un salón rectangular

Everything from La Redoute

The television area has been created, leaving a living room for other chores, and all this separated by the back of the sofa. As I tell you, it is one of the most widely used solutions for its efficiency and simplicity to separate a rectangular room.

Decoración de salón rectangular

Stacy Farmhouse Photo

This other rectangular room has as its main focus the fireplace, and all the seats have been located on the basis of it, leaving aside the classic telecentric location.

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