Double Headboard: 20 Creative and Cheap Options to Choose

Cabeceira de Casal: 20 Opções Criativas e Baratas para Escolher

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Since the box beds became famous, the different models of headboards for double beds have become the darlings in the world of bedroom decoration. What pleases most about the double headboards are the versatility, modernity and warmth that they can bring to the environment. Check out 20 creative and cheap double headboard options below.

1. Double headboard model upholstered in black, brought more coziness and charm to the room. Its price is R $ 268.70 in Elo7

Via: Elo7

2. Iron headboard for couple with rusty style. Its price is R $ 1,700 at Soul Casa

Via: SoulCasa

3. Here we have another model of upholstered headboard, but this one in a white tone, bringing a sense of tranquility to your room

4. How about a MDF headboard for your double room? Its price is R $ 349.90 in the Madeira store

Via: Madeira Madeira

5. This is a simple and very delicate headboard for those who like lighter decorations in the rooms

6. This is a beautiful and creative wooden headboard model for a double bedroom that can please those who enjoy a more classic home decor. Its value is R $ 229.00 at Casas Bahia

Via: Casas Bahia

7. If you are looking for a double headboard with nightstand, this is a good option for you. You can usually find them in the amount of R $ 900 to R $ 1,000.00 in the market

Via: Magazine Luíza

8. The double headboard with mirror brings a sophisticated and luxurious air to the room

9. Custom headboards are ideal for those who want a planned and totally harmonious room, like the one below:

10. If you don’t want to spend so much on decorating your room, you can opt for a creative headboard like this. Joining an upholstered cushion to a piece of wood in the bedroom, we had this result: simple and creative

11. Another way to save is to join the headboard option with wall sticker. This one looks very natural and is ideal for those who love a classic decoration

12. Upholstery is the darling of home, as it leaves the room with enviable elegance and warmth

13. But there are also those who do not give up the traditionality and simplicity that wood brings to any room

14. Realize that in this room with simple and neutral decor, the wall-to-wall headboard made all the difference, making it even more beautiful and refined

15. How about another super stylish and modern upholstered headboard? It’s very luxury!

16. But we work with simplicity too. This headboard was made to measure for this double bed and is super subtle

17. Wooden headboards with nightstands are also great options for your room

18. How about this one, upholstered and wall to wall? This color tone is a great option for those who want a neutral and quiet room

19. If you want creativity, style and a hint of fun in your double room, opt for this wall sticker and show that the woman who dominates the room

20. But if it’s the simplicity that attracts you the most, creativity and options is not lacking for you too

Now that you have checked out these beautiful headboard models for double beds, you can consult KasaBela and Mobly, to choose and buy yours right now! Since you got here, check also Pallet Beds and Bedroom Chandeliers to continue rocking your home decor!

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