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Thanks to new technologies that allow refining and other treatments in concrete or concrete, it has recently passed from the floor and walls to the table.

And it is that these advances have allowed concrete to compete in places as unusual for this material as it is the kitchen, with wood, stone and metal. Therefore, today concrete is one more material to consider when we are going to design our kitchen.

Cocina con encimera de concreto u hormigón

Photography Sarah Joy Blog

This material can be personalized, it is natural and very adaptable; Although it is not a suitable material, if what you are looking for is perfection.

As I said before, in recent years there has been an important evolution in how concrete is treated, being able to create, thanks to the glass fibers added in the concrete mix, a stronger, thinner and more refined concrete. In fact, concrete kitchens or countertops can now be thinner than an inch or 2.57 centimeters.

Concrete should not be confused with cement. Concrete or concrete is a material that is made by mixing other materials, generally sand, cement and stones with water; while cement is a material that is used, among other things, to make concrete.

With cement alone and sand, we create the paste to glue bricks and other construction elements, but cement countertops per se do not exist.

Encimera de cocina de hormigón o concreto

Joe and Cheryl Photography

Some paste may be poured on top of the current countertop to create a thick layer of cement that can then be polished to create a concrete imitation finish, as they have done in Joe and Cheryl, in the image we see above these lines. But the countertops themselves are not cement, but concrete,

Today’s concrete kitchens, or concrete countertops, are mostly precast, as you can imagine. This allows the process of each countertop to be more controlled, that there is a greater option in terms of color and texture and, in addition, it allows the use of the latest technology in reinforcement for concrete countertops, as we will see later.

Each concrete countertop is made by hand, allowing a necessary customization for the client: Kitchen shape, desired thickness, sink holes and appliances and any other detail that you want to add in the kitchen such as a drainer or a trash hole , for example.

Still, of course we can all make our own concrete countertop or coat the one we already have. On the internet there are hundreds of tutorials on how to make a concrete countertop. We can enter YouTube and follow the steps of some of the many videos that exist to make a concrete kitchen, with the finish and texture that we like the most.

The colors and textures that concrete kitchens present are always different if you compare two, since they are made by hand, as we saw before; This, together with the fact that concrete does not present its true appearance until it dries, makes each concrete countertop unique and unrepeatable, considered one of its greatest virtues for concrete lovers.

Another of the virtues of concrete is that it fits very well with the other materials that are usually found in a kitchen such as marble, steel or wood, creating beautiful contrasts between the different materials.

Encimera de concreto u hormigón

It is also a very versatile material that offers an infinite number of finishes depending on the mixture and the treatment it receives after drying.

We can find then, polished concrete countertops that have a smooth and shiny surface; raw concrete countertops, with a more rough and matte appearance; concrete countertops in different colors, white, brown or earth tones among others; It all depends on what tincture is added to the mix.

The variety is almost infinite, being able to find the perfect worktop that fits in with our style.

Regarding maintenance, concrete kitchens require some care with their surface since it is usually sealed with a sealant or varnish.

Being a porous material, very porous, if the concrete is not sealed well, it will absorb all the stains that occur, changing its appearance in a short time. It is essential that the worktop receives a treatment to avoid absorbing anything. If you decide to make a concrete countertop for your home, remember that, once finished and dry, you need to apply a sealer.

Be careful with the sealer, because it can modify the final appearance of the concrete. Depending on which sealer is used, you can create a fine patina with some shine and change the natural look of the concrete.

In addition, the sealer must not only seal the pores of the concrete, but must also resist the heat and scratches that the countertop could receive, since it is a work surface. It is best to ask the store clerk and advise us according to our demands.

If we are going to buy a concrete countertop, probably we no longer have to worry about the sealing, because it will already be or, if it is not, once installed by the professional, he will varnish it or apply the corresponding sealant of our choice of finish.

Most manufacturers offer smudge-proof warranties. In this case, likewise, it is best to advise us in the store of the treatment that the concrete has received to know what maintenance to apply to it over time, since over the years, the seal or varnish will probably tend to wear out and it will have to be renewed for proper functionality with our concrete worktop.

Encimera de hormigón concreto de la firma Florim

Countertop with cement finish from Florim.

Although we can also resort to the new stoneware countertops that imitate the finish of cement, concrete or concrete, such as the one we see above these lines, from the Florim firm. These countertops generally do not require any maintenance.

Regarding the price of concrete countertops, they are not one of the most expensive materials, and can range between € 50 and € 150 approximately, per square meter. The price will depend on factors such as whether the finish is rough or in some color, the thickness and the type of mixture used, among other factors.

Today concrete kitchens are a trend in interior design, what opinion do you deserve? Do you enjoy one? I read you in the comments.

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