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+50 Modern and Classic Black and White Bathrooms to Get Inspired +50 Modern and Classic Black and White Bathrooms to Get Inspired
Black and white bathroom is a classic: synonymous with elegance and modernity in any season. Whether simple or sophisticated, the black and white of... +50 Modern and Classic Black and White Bathrooms to Get Inspired

Black and white bathroom is a classic: synonymous with elegance and modernity in any season. Whether simple or sophisticated, the black and white of the bathroom can be defined by the use of tiles and tiles, furniture and wallpaper. Here you can be inspired by the beautiful designs that we have separated for you to balance the design of the room with balance and guarantee the look you are looking for, be it the old-fashioned way, with a traditional, vintage, or more modern and bold touch.

Contrasting colors is a very good option when it comes to decoration, and the winning colors in this modality are black and white! Rich in luxury and elegance, they will surely make your bathroom very beautiful.

Project: apartamento_606

Modern and sophisticated, define this combination! It is also a very economical option.

Project: luksobras

Simplicity also fits in black and white, see how this bathroom, although simple, conquered all the charm with this combination.

Project: ape_308

Modern object models combine a lot with the black color, take a look at this set of taps, mirror, vase, and cabinet were very luxurious in contrast to white!


Project: julianabrasil_studio

Playing with the prints is a good option to decorate your bathroom, check out this tip!

Project: decortiles

Modernity is the face of this contrast, the decor certainly has the role of bringing life to your bathroom, see this mixture of archaic and modern objects!

Design: square decoration

Look at this super modern closet, the black color certainly helped a lot in this and in contrast to the white, it was perfect!

Project: ape102arquitectura

Small and charming, this bathroom was beautiful! The mirror in black color and with its incredible design, starred in this bathroom.

Design: clamping.307

Merging some colors together with this combination of black and white can work very well! See how the super gold combined and guaranteed a luxury.

Project: decoracaocriativa

This bathroom arrives with everything exuding personality, in addition the combination of colors were perfect!

Project: archm2arquitectura

Adding elements to the decor is very beautiful, see how beautiful these black niches look in contrast to the white bathroom wall.

Project: arquiteto.gustavo

In addition to the combination of black and white, something that goes well with colors is mirrors, see how this bathroom became rich in luxury.

Project: arq.priscilabrunelli

If you have a large bathroom you can bet that the combination of black and white will look very beautiful, as they are colors that add a lot to the decoration of large spaces.

Project: arqadriellemariani

And for those who like a bathroom with a clean appearance, white will always be a good option.


Project: arqluizaluna

Everything double? Take a look at this bathroom that is twice as luxurious.

Project: arquetasusannehahn

White tablets are always a good option, combined super with the black details of the bathroom.

Design: belametais

Extremely modern this bathroom came with everything to provoke, look how the combination of colors and pieces were incredible.

Project: carolinadruck_arquitectura

If you like to put your personality in everything you do, check out this bathroom. The walls gave life to the environment with this combination of black and white.

Design: casinhadepandora

Beehive style floors, they looked beautiful black and white, what are you waiting for to use in your bathroom?


rojeto: danibrod_arquitetura_pessoal

Plants, in addition to always combining with everything, gives a feeling of a more airy environment. See how it matched the black details.

Project: achadas_decoracao

Brick wall always gains space in black tones.

Project: decorecomalba

The simplicity of this bathroom gave him all the charm he has, and of course once again the black and white colors being the main star.

Project: detailsdo701

See how the black details brought the bathroom to life.

Project: eiradecor

See this model of tile that is beautiful, extremely modern and beautiful, the color black and white ensured a complete luxury.

Project: estudio14bisarquitectura

Look at this idea for the tiles that look modern and perfect.

Project: evellynrodrigues_arquiteta

The lighting of the rooms has always played a very important role in the decoration, but when it comes to a black room with white details, it can be the main element.

Project: franconunessouza

Golden as always was a beautiful color, beautiful, mixed with black and white can make your bathroom amazing.

Project: franconunessouza

This way of organizing the combinations of black and white is beautiful!

Project: josianeanastacia_interiores

Do you like something more simple and conceptual? See this idea!

Project: ju.veiga.arq

Look what an amazing idea for those who have a bathtub, this contrast was beautiful!

Project: karinakornarquitectura

A contrast within the contrast? It sure works! See how beautiful the green of the plants look in black with white.

Project: larissavazarquiteta

For those who like to put only what is necessary in the bathroom, take a look at this one. Realize that the combination of black and white guaranteed lightness to the environment!

Project: larissavazarquiteta

Bricks are very beautiful in black color, you can mix modernity with delicacy!

Project: lcaarquitectura

The matte black is very beautiful and modern, it is perfect in the bathroom when it is in contrast to the white.

Project: leroy merlinnatal
The black and white marble, besides being very beautiful, guarantee a lot of elegance for your bathroom.

Project: madri_marmoraria

Tiles in the box area is certainly a good idea, in addition to the ease of keeping them clean, they guarantee a lot of beauty to the room, the combination of white and black was perfect!

Project: mba.arquitectura

Who doesn’t want a double bathroom like this? For those who like wooden furniture you can certainly bet on the combination of black and white for your bathroom, it looks beautiful!

Project: nem.pensei.criei

Simple and delicate, this bathroom certainly wins many hearts! See how beautiful the black and white patterned tiles look.

Project: newplan.planejados

Escape the conventional and bet on the conceptual, look how amazing this bathroom was!

Project: no_interiores

You can play with some colors through the combination of black and white too, look how this green guaranteed a lightness to the environment!

Project: ambienta.arquitectura

Black and white are very well combined colors that look great in the bathroom, see this combination model as it looks great! The black vase ensured that the environment became more conceptual, and full of personality.

Project: Nossoape1086

Can a black and white environment also be a clean environment? Yes you can! See this bathroom as it was beautiful and oozing modernity.

Project: opadissoeugosto

Tiles are always a good option to help with color combination, black as well as being a very beautiful and striking color, guarantees durability as it helps to disguise some imperfections in the wall. See how great this mixture of colors was in this bathroom.

Project: plastica.arquitetura

In any environment black always brings luxury, in the bathroom this happens even more strikingly. See how beautiful it is when we put on some white things to cause a contrast.

Project: rafaelagarciaarquitectura

The black and white when well mixed can certainly bring a very rich environment in decoration, everything can increase, see in this bathroom the pictures, niches and other accessories!

Project: rayssaguzzo.arquitectura

Simple, small, and beautiful! These are words that certainly refer to black and white bathrooms, see this bathroom, even small, managed to send a whole elegance in the room.

Project: rgvvidros

Pedro and white print? It is certainly a good option, this floor besides breaking the monotony a little without losing its elegance.

Project: studiocre.arq

You can also play with the lighting to compose the decor, when it comes to black and white bathrooms, this guarantees the bathroom a lot of luxury, see!

Project: uma_estudante_de_architecture

In addition to being extremely beautiful, it is a trend in many places in the world! The black and white bathroom has a great benefit, it fits in all types of style from the simple and minimalist to the most luxurious.

Project: a house with little houses

White bathroom with black details is a good option for those who like to play with contrast, in addition, it is full of style and personality!

Project: vroarquitectura

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