20 ideas to paint a bedroom with dark colors and get it right


In the collective imagination, the idea that dark colors are complicated, risky, that they must be avoided, especially when it comes to painting a bedroom, is widespread.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Each color, regardless of the tone value it carries, whether high or low, that is, whether it is a light or dark color, inherently carries its own abilities and connotations; And it is these characteristic features of each color that we must exploit to make it work, whether light or dark, in any environment.

And, although I think it has become quite clear, let’s better see these 20 ideas for painting a bedroom with dark colors, to see why these tones work, and how we can paint our bedroom with dark colors.

The Desi Wonder Woman Photography

In this bedroom painted with a deep dark green, we can clearly appreciate the nuances of the color where it receives natural light, making it more luminous.

Despite being a really dark shade, when it receives light it is a very grateful color, while when it does not receive light, it is a muted color, making it perfect for resting at night, absorbing as much light as possible.

Además, la combinación de los textiles en blanco levantan la iluminación del dormitorio junto con la gran fuente de luz natural, por supuesto.

Un dormitorio con papel pintado oscuro

Interior Decor Aid

It is true, it is not painting but wallpaper, but a very dark and textured one. But even so, the bedroom is very elegant.

Of course, the large amount of natural light it receives and the bed textiles in light and yellow tones, make the whole set work.

Here you can see some bright colors to paint dark spaces.

Let’s keep going.

Dormitorio pintado en tonos oscuros

DecorChick design and photography

Here is another good example of how to paint a bedroom in dark colors.

It is a relatively small room painted in a dark blue color, but thanks to the bedding in light tones, combined with white and the accents of gold that reflect more light, it is a beautiful bedroom well lit and painted in dark tones.

Un dormitorio pintado de negro y blanco

Cynthia Harper of Cynthia Harper Living Photography

Another black painted bedroom in which, thanks to the natural light it receives in abundance, and which is combined in the walls with white tones, it looks elegant and current.

It is a sure way to add a dark tone to the bedroom, combining it with white or light tones.

Un dormitorio pintado en tonos oscuros: Negro

Design and photography Swoon Worthy

Here we see how all the walls of the bedroom have been painted in elegant black. But natural light, gold accents, white bedding, yellow accents, and plant fibers make it a well-balanced and tasteful bedroom.

Dormitorio pintado con colores oscuros

IKEA photography

This other bedroom with perfect styling, as it could not be otherwise, since it is designed for the IKEA catalog, has, in addition to the walls, many other elements in black. It is risky, but thanks to the light it receives, the few white textiles that can be seen and the green of the plants, it passes with good marks.

Dormitorio pintado de colores oscuros

Design and photography Rhiannon Lawson

Another bedroom painted in black, where the light and the large amount of white textiles and different textures make black look so elegant and appropriate.

Dormitorio pintado con colores oscuros

Sf Girl by Bay Photography

In this modern bedroom, painted in a dark grayish blue tone, the key is also the natural light and the bed textiles, in addition to the white with which the rest of the walls are painted, but without forgetting the warmth of the wood that it covers the floor.

Un dormitorio pintado con colores oscuros

Design and photography by Linda Wallgreen

In this navy blue painted bedroom, we see a classic color combination, a navy combination, something that the eye is already used to and that is why it reacts so well, in addition to because, of course, the bedroom has a correct styling, with lots of white that makes it brighter, with a large carpet that covers the floor, and warm accents of pink in textiles and accessories.

Design and photography Little House of Four

We now move to a bedroom painted in dark gray.

A variant of black but with more lighting, perhaps somewhat easier to combine.

Although if it is done as we see above these lines, it will always be effective. And very elegant.

Dormitorio pintado con colores oscuros

Design and photography Swoon Worthy

Another black bedroom where the white bed, natural light and beautiful accessories, such as the painting and the exquisite furniture, create a perfect set that welcomes black as the ideal backdrop.

Un dormitorio de Maisons du Monde pintado de negro

Maisons du Monde Photography

In this other work of styling and catalog of Maisons du Monde we see how the space has all the black walls, dog the great source of natural light, the white textiles of the bed and the wood in light tones, make the space look bright, as in the other examples that we are seeing so far.

Un dormitorio pintado con colores oscuros

Photography My Firs Home by Claire

This bedroom, painted in a beautiful dark blue that has the bed textiles in gray and white, would be too cold if it weren’t for the earthy tone that is so soft on the rest of the walls.

Un dormitorio pintado de gris oscuro

Design and photography Mid Century Mrs

All in dark gray, a color we have not seen before. The key, as you can imagine and see for yourself, is in lighting, textiles and the powerful yellow that lifts the bedroom environment.

Un dormitorio pintado de verde oscuro

Photography The Sweet Beast Blog

Here we see a rather small bedroom, painted in a dark green shade a gogo, and again, it is the white bedding and the wood of the floor, as well as the good natural lighting, which makes that dark green , be perfect and elegant.

Un dormitorio pintado de azul oscuro

Photography Happy Interior Blog

As we are seeing, it seems that the fact that dark colors make spaces smaller and are not good for bedrooms, etc., etc., is not worth anything, right?

Well actually yes, you have to be careful. But if they combine as well as the upstairs bedroom, dark blue is put on a single accent wall, and the space is bright, there’s no problem using dark colors to paint a bedroom.

Un dormitorio pintado de azul oscuro profundo

Design and photography The Nesting Game

Also, if you are looking for a classy and elegant bedroom, I can’t think of a better color to paint it than an intense deep blue like the bedroom above these lines. It is an extremely elegant color, don’t you think?

Un dormitorio pintado en tonos oscuros: Negro

KEA photography

To finish, we see this other bedroom painted in black and white also by IKEA, where a slate black tone has also been used, and it has also been written on the wall. It is always a successful combination, but so that it is not too cold or distant, we must use textiles to add texture, as we see in the bedroom, and create a harmonious and cozy space, with an always elegant color palette.

If you have been wanting others, I advise you to see these 100 colors for rooms, and if you are looking for a quiet bedroom, here you can see the 22 most relaxing colors to paint a bedroom.

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