15 ideas to decorate a very original wedding 15 ideas to decorate a very original wedding
Many couples who are currently married choose a different link, avoiding conventions as much as possible and resorting to a decoration that seeks originality... 15 ideas to decorate a very original wedding

Many couples who are currently married choose a different link, avoiding conventions as much as possible and resorting to a decoration that seeks originality rather than tradition. This has led to a waste of original, very inspiring and decorative wedding ideas, such as these 15 ideas to decorate an original wedding that we have collected and we will see below.

An original photocall

Ideas para bodas originales

For both the bride and groom and wedding guests, wedding photos are extremely important. A precious memory. Why not focus on this and create an original and different photocall to enhance these moments? Above these lines you have a nice example. A retro Volkswagen Camper van in the background and a lovely space at your feet to sit and photograph yourself.

Confetti better than rice

Ideas para bodas originales

Better confetti than rice. Furthermore, in many places it is prohibited; while others suggest that you do not. And although the act of throwing rice at the bride and groom is an ancient tradition, if you are looking for ideas for an original wedding, the rice does not fit into the original.

In this case, confetti is presented as a great alternative. You can prepare paper cones, tied with rustic rope and filled with confetti, as we see above in this paragraph, and put them in two beautiful baskets within reach of the guests.

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A directions sign

Ideas para bodas originales

No matter that the wedding is held in a small space and with few guests, the practical part of this charming address sign in a very small wedding is null, but the decorative and the original will thank you. They are small details that make the difference. As always happens.

Receiving messages

Ideas para bodas originales

In addition to the camera that will record the different speeches and congratulations separately from the guests so that the bride and groom see them later, you can also create a panel for receiving small messages, like the one we see above these lines, and facilitate the guests a few small cards for them to write and profess their feelings to the bride and groom. It is this type of original wedding ideas that will give a charming sense to the event.

Custom centerpieces

The world of wedding centerpieces deserves separate mention, but an idea would be to personalize the centerpieces according to the tastes or personality of the bride and groom, and not just decorative elements that, after beautifying the scene, are useless.

Some books that the couple like or that express some nuance of their personality is a great idea, full of meaning and also very decorative.

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Paper flowers

Ideas para bodas originales

If you are looking for something original, as far as the bride’s bouquet is concerned, the flower bouquet is a well-trodden element already. Don’t you think An alternative is to create one with paper flowers, like the incredible bouquet that we see above this paragraph, which although it may not seem like it, is made with paper flowers; And whoever receives it when the bride throws it away, if they do, will be able to keep it without worrying about it getting damaged.

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Custom dishes

Ideas para bodas originales

Elegant and sophisticated dinnerware is a classic at weddings. If you are looking for something original, perhaps the tableware is another element to modify. It doesn’t have to be elegant, but add your personal touch, the one that goes with the wedding and with the theme, skip the topicazos.

More flowers

Ideas para bodas originales

Instead of the classic elegant lamps, better a garland of flowers, paper, or natural, but decorative garlands after all, to get out of the classic and decorate up to the ceiling.

Ducle corner

Ideas para bodas originales

Not only for a children’s party you can create a corner or sweet table. As the saying goes, “no one is bitter about a sweet” and I would also add that, “a sweet is good in any place”. Recover a piece of furniture with charm: an old sewing machine, a piece of furniture by trade, etc., and arrange it with different knick-knacks, it will be a sure hit; plus a charming decorative touch.

More paper

Ideas para bodas originales

Decorative paper garlands can also be made to frame the hallway. They are extremely simple to make or inexpensive to buy and very decorative.

If the wedding is outdoors

Ideas para bodas originales

If the wedding is outdoors, in a garden or in a beautiful field, the decorative options multiply since we are not conditioned by the structure of the church or judged at all and we can express our creativity, creating altars or aisles for the bride and groom. as spectacular as these ancient doors, topped with flowers and a leafy garland.

A moment to remember

Ideas para bodas originales

It is not a new idea, far from it, but it does mean that hanging photographs of the couple and others on a support like a tree is something quite original, which can give the wedding an adorable, endearing touch.

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Paper lanterns

Ideas para bodas originales

CTake on a magical touch by launching them into the air at night. A lovely moment to share with all the guests. But be careful, they cannot be used in all geographic areas. Find out beforehand if you can launch them in your area. If you can’t, don’t do it, as it could cause a fire, and even more so in the summer. Be responsible with this, please.

A makeshift and beloved shoemaker

Ideas para bodas originales

Of all the original wedding ideas we are seeing, this is one of my favorites, for its simplicity and effectiveness. How about creating a kind of shoe rack where guests can leave their shoes and rest their aching feet? Sounds like a great idea to me.

And once barefoot …

Everybody dance

Ideas para bodas originales

It offers comfortable flip-flops or ballerinas, as we see above these lines. It will be a fun and very original detail with which to liven up the wedding and promote the party to last all night.

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