10 pink bathrooms that give us a design master class

10 baños rosas que nos dan una clase maestra de diseño

Since approximately in the middle of the century the pink baths reached their greatest popularity, with the houses being built with pastels that were pastelosos a gogó, it has not been seen so much pink expression in a bath, except in recent years, where it has returned to acquire a great decorative role.

Although unlike those old nostalgic bathrooms that we all remember, and that in a retrospective look would make the hair stand on end to more than one, those of today, in addition, add together with pink, an exceptional design and good taste, deriving in pink bathrooms so well executed that they become a visual treat.

Don’t be afraid of pink, join him; let its subtle tickling intoxicate your bathroom. Of course, always from good design, such as these spectacular pink bathrooms that we are going to know right now.

Baño de diseño rosa

The artist, designer and architect Harry Nuriev, from the Crosby studio, is in charge of signing this exclusive minimalist pink bathroom, where geometric lines reproduce the Art Deco style in a contemporary and simplified way, creating a great visual impact, both due to the play of the shapes as well as the colors chosen to create them.

Un baño de diseño, en tonos rosas

Bath and photography Bobbins At Nº 18

In this other beautiful pink bathroom, the walls have been left un-tiled, painted in a very elegant powdery gray-pink, which has been masterfully combined with a smooth gloss tile in bluish tones, creating an attractive and modern color palette.

If you have your walls without tiles, this other article with colors to paint the bathroom that we saw the other day interests you.

Un baño de diseño rosa

Drop it Modern photography and wallpaper

In this other cute and modern pink bathroom, the lower part of the panel walls have been paneled in an intoxicating powder pink, leaving the upper part to install the original Indian Chief © wallpaper from Drop it Modern.

Baño de diseño rosa

Design by Artem Tafy

Russian architect Artem Tafy creates this other bathroom with an amazing design based on straight lines with a highly saturated, almost coral pink, minimalist cut, complemented by the white of the tiles and the black of the accessories.

Un baño de diseño en rosa

Design and photography Fynes Designs Instagram @vfynes

Completely tileless, this other pink bathroom sports a powerful, acidic and pretty watermelon pink color that contrasts with fear with black furniture and bathroom fixtures. It is an explosive but successful mix, not suitable for everyone. Although if you are looking for something original, this is a great model to imitate.

Un baño vintage en rosa

Design and photography zatrzymaj_czas_kwadrat

A great authentic vintage design, with traditional tiles, a beautiful antique furniture of the Mid Century type and contrasting with everything, an elegant and subtle pink color with which the height of the walls without tiles has been painted, creating a pink bathroom very authentic.

Un baño de diseño rosa vintage

Stokey Abode Photo

In the same line as the previous pink, vintage bathroom, but in this case with all the walls covered in vintage pink subway tile, to match the rest of the bathroom, and with a current but old terrazzo floor, which looks like a perfect material to combine with rose.

Un baño rosa moderno

Photography Home Reno 39

In this other beautiful pink bathroom, the hexagonal geometric tile has been combined at the bottom of the walls in marble format, leaving the upper part to paint it a medium-tone pink, creating an elegant, sophisticated and very modern space.

Un cuarto de baño rosa moderno

Tales of Silverdale Photography

Without any tiles, this other bathroom with smooth walls shows off a very subtle powdery pink, which gives color and presence to the walls but with elegance, so as not to saturate the space anymore since it has many other materials and colors.

Un baño rosa con muchas plantas

Caffeine and Cacti Photography

And to finish, we do it with this simple but spectacular bathroom full of plants, where a plinth of white tiles protects the walls from water at the bottom, and a nice and soft pink color decorates the walls with joy at the top. As I say, simple but spectacular.

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