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The dressing tables are back. 10 ideas to make and decorate a beautiful dressing table

Los tocadores han vuelto. 10 ideas para hacer y decorar un precioso tocador

The dressing tables have been furniture and spaces that have been missing for some time, but little by little it has been making room for them and, to this day, it can be said that the dressing tables or the space for the dressing tables has returned to the homes. Now we find dressing rooms with a lot of charm and style, and also many styles, such as these 10 different dressing tables that we are going to see next, from where we can get many ideas to make a charming dressing table, whatever our decorative style. Let’s go there.

Preciosos tocadores. Ideas para hacer y decorar un tocador

Photography Money Can Buy Lipstick

Very chic and modern this dresser, made on the side of the bed, replacing the bedside table. As I said, the vanities have found their space again.

It doesn’t take much. In this case, a small white console with a practical drawer and a upholstered bench in long hair plus a nice round mirror with a gold frame create a charming corner for the dressing table inside the bedroom.

Un tocador de estilo boho

Photography Blissfully Eclectic

Beautiful boho style, using old or new furniture. What I mean is that you don’t need to buy a piece of furniture if you already have one. You just have to look at the spectacular dressing corner at the top of these lines to see that what I say is true.

Preciosos tocadores. Ideas para hacer y decorar un tocador

Photography @CharleyTaylor

Warm and attractive this other dresser, made with a console of subtle lines with the wooden top, providing warmth and texture, and the structure in white painted metal. The rest, a round mirror leaning against the wall, a nice chair and everything framed on a rug with personality.

Un tocador glamuroso

Photography Elvan

Glamorous and cozy. Velvet, crystal, flowers, mirrors and an Art Deco touch to create a sophisticated dressing corner full of charm.

Preciosos tocadores. Ideas para hacer y decorar un tocador

Design and photography Make it Boho

Tropical, fresh and warm this other dresser, made with a suspended cabinet that has a tropical print on the front of the drawers, and a chair made with matching vegetable fibers, thus creating one of the most attractive dressers on the list.

Seen in Pinterest

Everything in white, with very practical furniture with straight lines, such as the Ikea Malm vertical shelf that does not take up horizontal space and offers us a good storage space. A pair of wooden shelves, to add warmth to the space and gold accents.

Preciosos tocadores. Ideas para hacer y decorar un tocador

Photography Nordic Day

For those who move between a minimalist style, this modern dresser found on the Nordic Day blog is a great source of inspiration. Simple, sophisticated and elegant. No superfluous noise. All white with some black brush strokes.

Seen inPinterest

The same style, Nordic and minimalist, but with a suspended shelf as a dressing table, for when you have practically no space.

Preciosos tocadores. Ideas para hacer y decorar un tocador

Seen in Rock my Style

Practical and simple, in addition to beautiful this other space that has been used to create a dressing table, made by Rock my Style. With a shelf or shelf firmly attached to the wall and a chair as decorative as the Tolix in oxide finish.

Un tocador de estilo rústico farmhouse

Photograph of Allie @mrsdiy

And finally, a contemporary rustic dressing table that fits in a modern bedroom, without taking up much space, adding personality thanks to the combination of wood and metal, creating a beautiful modern dressing table.

Dark Decor With Alluring Lighting

Dark Decor With Alluring Lighting

It’s easy to see how bright and vivid home interiors draw attention, but what about the homes of those who revel in darker delights? These two deliciously dark interior tours are filled with alluring lighting schemes, which transform shadowy decor into scintillating scenes. Cutting edge track lighting systems slice across dropped ceiling planes and zip around boundaries to highlight and activate additional features. Modern wall lights spill welcoming pools onto solid black and grey backgrounds, whilst modern pendant lights add droplets of luminous accessorisation. We’ll observe how these light schemes interact with and enhance the elements at ground level, and elevate the root layout.

Visualizer: Hilight Design

This modern dark interior design pushes its most shadowy shades out to the borders of the room. The centre of the scheme is lightened with an oak laminate floor and a tonally twinning modern sofa. Overhead lights descend from a track lighting system to highlight the curves and colour of the brighter core.

Small side tables press into an elbow of a double sided modern sofa arrangement, casting deep shadows upon its upholstery.

A large circular rug emanates black ripples out from beneath the tables and dual sided seating.

A rectangular halo of LED light makes a dropped ceiling appear to hover over the black living room. The huge black TV screen below echoes and balances the dark ceiling feature.

Behind the lounge, a dining area is surrounded by floor to ceiling glass doors. The central support leg of the dining table is hollowed out to allow more light to pass through into the interior. When natural light does not suffice here, there is a unique dining room chandelier that trickles down the length of the table, spreading out in spectacular form.

From a circular rug and roundly hollowed dining table design in the black living room, to a ring wall light in the grey bedroom, this home design pushes a circular motif.

The wall light blazes a fiery hoop that highlights a patterned and textural feature wall.

A brown bed set crumples in the half-light, like an autumn leaf.

Up at ceiling height, a square of light is fashioned around the dressing area with closets. The light spills over onto two floor planters of grasses, picking out the individual blades.

The familiar black track lights cut across the length of the bathroom design too, throwing puddles of focussed light. LEDs make an intriguing design feature of a simple slimline shelving tower.

A bathroom vanity light is disguised as a natural element, above a glass vase of wild blossom. A light box wall drops behind the tub.

The WC has a nightclub feel. An illuminated mirror tops a modern pedestal sink.

Cool white LEDs create waves around grey tile walls.


Architect: Igor Sirotov
Designer: Igor Sirotov

Textured walls characterise this weighty living room dining room combo. Recess light strips highlight and accentuate the rugged black surface.

Light drips onto the soft grey sectional sofa from a small wall sconce overhead.

Spotlights fall upon wall art in the home entryway, as though they were the leading man and lady of a deeply dramatic stage show.

A tiny floor reading lamp is placed by a lounge chair in the window. A stack of recessed bookshelves complete the comfortable reading nook.

Warm white ribbons of light wrap the edges of the room, and pull along the base of kitchen wall cabinets. The lights define the black cabinets from the dark wall of the kitchen, and serve as practical task lighting along the countertop.

A bar pendant light stretches illumination along the whole dining table.

Candles flicker atmospherically beneath the linear chandelier.

The edges of black flatware softly gleam.

SImple room angles and straight cabinet installations transform into imposing architectural features in the obscurity.

A wine cooler glows temptingly in the dark kitchen.

The perimeter light track continues into the hallway of the home…

… And on into the bedroom.

An Oda Big lamp radiates diffused light through its balloon shade by the bed

A matching glass cover obscures an indoor plant.

The walk in wardrobe is a light source in itself, transmitting delicate beams of light through its glass walls.

Inside the luxury closet system the shelf lights brighten up the wardrobe collection, shoe storage shelves and a series of oak chests of drawers.

As complete contrast from the heavy black and grey decor that weights the rest of the home, the luxurious bathroom is a white filled space.

A horizontal mirror over the double sink bathroom vanity is framed by light, creating an inviting golden haze.

Recessed spotlights drop task lighting where it’s most needed.

A black wall sconce gives reading light to the kids’ bed.

Directional lighting saturates bright orange units.

Natural light filters through sheer blinds in the kid’s study area, washing over an eye-catching orange desk.

Shelf lighting elevates prized toys, and makes library shelves look more tempting

A solid orange rug brightens the black floor.

Red light reinvents the hallway. The colourful effect is doubled in mirror fronted cupboard doors that stretch from the lounge to the front door.

The colourful effect is as permanent or as temporary as the homeowner pleases. When the LEDs are set to white, the decor returns to its monochrome origins. Light strips around the baseline pull focus to the contrast of smooth flooring and a tactile woven pouf.

Round mirrors: New trend in bathrooms

Round mirrors: New trend in bathrooms

Regarding trends in bathrooms, we have seen everything from a few years ago to this part. From the unstoppable advance of hydraulic tiles, to subway tiles, hexagonal tiles, designer furniture, the rebirth of freestanding bathtubs and new solutions for shower trays.

All the large elements of the bathroom have undergone modifications. Now it’s the turn of one of the small but essential objects: the mirror.

And there is a growing movement that is elevating round mirrors in the bathrooms and in other spaces to the trend category. They are a must have, are new; round mirrors in bathrooms are all the rage.

And it is good news, because its aesthetics have great decorative power capable of creating or completing bathrooms as spectacular as these.

Round mirrors: New trend in bathrooms

The wonderful Room R studio, led by the architects Sandra and Rebeca, designed this house in which we can appreciate a stylish and modern bathroom, where the geometric shapes of the wall tiles and the floor mosaic receive the mirror. round without frame, in format flat, with pleasure, providing more dynamism and creating a scene worthy of a magazine.

On Amazon, Coycama mirror, smooth, 100 cm in diameter.

See more details or buy>

Round mirrors: New trend in bathrooms

Design Anton Gorbatenko

Designer Anton Gorbatenko is in charge of this spectacular render of a modern bathroom, with two sinks or sinks, and two round mirrors with a large metal frame finished in matt black, creating a beautiful contrast with the other elements.

At Amazon, Corium round mirror, with matte black frame and handle to hang it.

See more details or buy>

Round mirrors: trend in bathrooms

Photography @carpendaughter

In one of @carpendaughter’s bathrooms, we see various trends in the bathroom. Hexagonal tiles on the floor, subway tile on the wall and, how could it be otherwise, a round mirror, with a gold frame.

On Amazon, backlit Luxe Aqua mirror, 60 cm in diameter.

See more details or buy>

A bathroom with round mirrors. New trend

Design and photography Prosto W Szarosci

Wonderfully well designed this other bathroom, we can also appreciate all the united trends, such as a lot of wood and imitation wood inside the bathroom, where even the two round mirrors have a large wooden frame to match the rest of the bathroom.

On Amazon, from Umbra, a small and modern round mirror.

See more details or buy>

A bathroom with round mirrors

Design by @ this_e17_life from This e17 Life

In this other bathroom so beautiful and so eclectic, where so many materials work so well together, the round mirror with strap presides over the bathroom in style. And it is that this type of mirrors still takes more than ever. With straps or strings, hanging round mirrors are a trend.

These mirrors look great in industrial bathrooms or modern rustic bathrooms, as well as vintage bathrooms. Although if it is combined with style, it can look good in any bathroom.

Denis Krasikov and Anastasia Struchkova project

In this other design bathroom created by Denis Krasikov and Anastasia Struchkova a large round backlit mirror without frame is the main protagonist of the space, creating a minimalist and very modern touch.

A bathroom with a round mirror

Jagoda Nowakowska decorative project

Likewise, another highly contemporary bathroom, designed by Jagoda Nowakowska, has trendy materials covering the walls and floor. How could it be otherwise, a round mirror with a wooden frame that gives warmth to the space, presides over the bathroom.

Round mirrors: New trend in bathrooms

Design by Anastasia Kapralova

Designer Anastasia Kapralova is in charge of designing this luxurious and sophisticated bathroom, for which she has used a large round mirror, framed by a subtle and elegant black frame.

Style Curator Photography

We can also find round mirrors with a white frame, something I do not know why it is not quite stylish, with how well the matt white mirror frame looks, just like we see in Gina’s bathroom by Style Curator.

Franke and his proposals for the decoration of a kitchen to the last

Franke and his proposals for the decoration of a kitchen to the last

It is not only necessary to look for beautiful designs and the best finishes for our kitchen; Nowadays, factors as important as efficiency, cleanliness and sanitation, within a kitchen, are essential to label it modern; to be up to date. Franke, the leading Swiss multinational in intelligent kitchen systems and the world’s largest manufacturer of stainless steel sinks, It has solutions that meet all the requirements to have a kitchen to the last, as we will see below. Do you want a kitchen with modern, efficient and clean decoration? Come with me then.

Franke sinks.

Not only the furniture and the worktop define the style of a kitchen. The sink, as well as the hood and the electrical appliances, have an acute influence on the final finish. Franke has a range of sinks that covers any decorative style: from classic to minimalist, through other more natural environments such as bohemian, for example.

In addition, we can also choose between built-in or integrated sinks, fregaderos under counter or countertop flush sinks, all of them with single, double or triple bucket, to fully adapt them to our needs.

This variety of sinks can be found in different high quality materials, which we are going to explore right now, as well as with the Pop-up valve with push button that makes the cuvette empty without putting your hands in the water.

Line in stainless steel. The quintessential sink material in most kitchens around the world. Its timeless aesthetic adapts to any style, providing very good hygiene and withstanding any temperature.

Line Fragranite. Very elegant in appearance, these sinks convey warmth and naturalness. They are made of natural granite and amalgamating resin, being resistant to stains and temperatures up to 280 ° C. These materials make it possible to add color to the kitchen through the sink, in case we are looking for an alternative to life-long stainless steel. The Fraganite line also has a specific treatment, called Sanitized®, which reduces bacterial growth by 99%.

Line Fraceram. These sinks, made of liquid ceramic formed by quartz, are harder than metal, and resistant to scratches that are usually made over time, by the scouring pad or cutlery and dishes. In addition, a gloss finish is applied that repels dirt and leaves them with a very elegant finish, in addition to making them very easy to clean, as you can imagine. This line of sinks is also Available in various colors.

Line Tectonite. Sinks made of an excellent synthetic material, and available in different colors and beautiful minimalist designs, these sinks rThere are temperatures of 300 ºC and they are extremely resistant.

Let’s continue with Franke appliances.

Kitchen appliances take up a large visual part of it. If we want a modern kitchen, naturally, we cannot neglect the aesthetics of household appliances, without obviously renouncing their effectiveness and efficiency.

Franke has all the appliances we need in the kitchen, among which I would like to highlight:

HOrnos smart with automatic cleaning programs, clean and clear screens, touch controls, removable glass fronts and comfortable handles, among other innovations that we can find in its line of ovens.

Gas or induction hobs, matching – or not – with the ovens, and connected with the hoods so that they are automatically activated when the hob is turned on. In elegant and modern finishes, such as stainless steel, black, white glass and mirror.

And of course the Extractor hoods:

Cooker hoods are another element in the kitchen that can add an exceptional decorative plus. Franke extractor hoods guarantee that decorative plus with their impressive finishes; naturally without neglecting its most important part, that of extract the fumes and odors that are born when cooking, efficiently and quietly.

Finished in stainless steel, and black or white glass, we can find extractor hoods as avant-garde as their model Downdraft, that at the push of a button the hood rises from the hob and when not in use, the hood hides again leaving a perfectly smooth surface. We see it down here.

And to finish, I leave you a video of the firm where we can appreciate its products as well as fully functioning kitchen materials. A delight for the eyes and the rest of the senses, since it is the kitchen that we are talking about.

20 photos and ideas to make headboards for children and youth

20 photos and ideas to make headboards for children and youth

If you are thinking of how to decorate a children’s or youth room, there are many allies with whom you can play to give that magical touch to the room. Among those allies are the children’s headboards.

And it is that with the headboards we can create that magic and decorative touch perfect for a children’s and youth bedroom easily.

An original and beautiful headboard, and we will already have a lot of progress in this field. Like these 20 that we will see below.

Some headboards are so simple that even if you consider yourself a DIY handyman and are fascinated by DIY projects, you can do them without any difficulty. Although if you prefer to buy them, it is also another option since they are not excessively expensive. Let’s see them:

Washi tape Castle children’s headboard

DIY children's headboard made with washi tape

Inspiration That Sticks Project

Look at what an original and simple idea in turn. You only need insulating tape of the colors you want and stick it on the wall as a castle.

Tipi Indio children’s headboard

Indian Tipi children's headboard

Headboards and Wood

An original wooden headboard that imitates a classic Indian teepee. It does not seem very difficult to do, and to customize with the colors we want, but if you do not want to do it, you have it available in Headboards and Wood.

Rockstar children’s room headboard

Vintage style children's headboard

The whole set of Rue Vintage

Children’s headboard made with natural wood, with the phrase “I am a rock star” captured in paint. To see more details or to buy it, click on the link.

Padded headboard for children’s room

Pink upholstered children's headboard

Photograph of The Suburban Style Life

This type of headboard is ideal for a girl’s children’s or youth room, and gives the room an elegant, romantic and fun look. In addition to a great note of color.

Youth Twin Bed Headboards Made with Barn Doors

DIY children's headboard made with barn doors

Sincerely Sarad Photography

This type of door is very fashionable. Either to put an open sliding door or as headboards, both for double or adult bedrooms, or, as you can see, for children’s bedrooms.

Two-bed youth room headboards made of wooden pallets

DIY children's headboard made with wooden pallets and color letters

Seen on Pinterest. Is it your photo? Let me know to link or remove it

These other children’s bed headboards are very simple and original, made with a wooden pallet each, unpainted, natural, on which the initial of each girl’s name has been put in a hot pink tone.

Sailor-style headboard for children’s room

Sailor style children's headboard

Unknown author Is it your photo? Let me know to link or remove it

If your son likes the marine style, with a few woods like these, paint and a textile decoration, you are going to achieve the desired effect with the least effort.

Headboard for children’s room with wooden house design

House-shaped children's headboard

Of the Plastic Factory

This headboard is handmade, and is made of wood. Its wooden house shape gives a very cozy air to the children’s room.

Headboard for children’s room made with woods and drawn stars

DIY children's headboard made of wooden boards

Of the Plastic Factory

This headboard is also designed by La Factoría Plástica, it is made of wood and carved by hand. As you can see, the back wall is painted with blackboard paint, which makes the beauty of the headboard stand out even more.

Children’s headboard made with pool macaroni

DIY children's headboard made with pool macaroons

Do you know these macaroons that are used in swimming pools and that are in many colors? Well, see what a simple and inexpensive idea you have at your disposal to make a headboard with them.

Children’s headboard made with 3D panels

DIY children's headboard made with 3D panels imitation Lego pieces

Sweet Parrish Place Project

You can buy them ready-made or make them yourself with cork. But with this type of 3D panels that stick to the wall and are already installed, you can create a headboard in a very simple and original way.

Children’s headboard made with colored corks

DIY children's headboard made with colorful painted cork

Project A Kailo Chic Life

Pieces of cork, plasterboard or plaster. Anyway, pieces of some inexpensive surface that you can easily cut to your liking and let be painted later. That’s what you need to make a headboard like the one you see above these lines.

Children’s headboard drawn in chalk

DIY children's headboard made with chalk on blackboard paint

Impossible and cheaper. The only requirements to make a headboard like the one you see above, is to have the headboard wall smooth and painted with blackboard paint. Then the limit is your imagination.

Youth headboard made of wood planks

DIY children's headboard made with wooden planks

Jenna Sue Design Project

They can be boards from a wooden pallet or any other format. The fact is that with some planks you can line the wall the width of the bed creating a headboard of the most original, simple and beautiful.

Youth headboard made with pallets and painted

DIY children's headboard made with painted wooden pallets

Jane Coslick Project

You only need a few tables or pallets, as in the previous headboard, and then paint them in an attractive color, such as mint green, and, if you want, stick some drawings on them, such as some stars, hearts or whatever you want.

Children’s headboard made with wallpaper

Wallpaper children's headboard

From Cheerhuzz

Of course, you also have hundreds of children’s wallpapers to create stylish modern headboards for your children’s room. The one you see above these lines is the Nordic and children’s Half Moon style wallpaper by Ferm Living, available in several colors, which you can buy here.

Children’s headboard made with flowers

DIY children's headboard made with a flower curtain

Sweet Teal Project

You need artificial flowers and a cord or string to tie them and create a nice curtain that you will later hang on the wall above the bed, to create a beautiful floral headboard.

Princess vinyl children’s headboard

Vinyl children's headboard

Vinyl from The Vinyl Store

Vinyls are also great allies to create original and decorative headboards.

Cloud children’s headboard

Cloud children's headboard

This one we see above these lines is from Kenay Home and you can buy it here. But, if you have a woodcutting jigsaw, I think it can be an inspiration to make yours for you, don’t you think?

Children’s headboard painted on the wall

DIY children's headboard made with paint on the wall

Papernstitchblog project

Simpler impossible. But also very decorative. Draw a rectangle on the wall with a nice color to decorate the bedroom and you will have a very original headboard.

Children’s headboard made with a perforated panel

DIY children's headboard made with perforated panels

Our Fifth House Project

You can also use the perforated tool panels and draw something on them to later use as a headboard. You will have a totally personalized and unique one.

Children’s headboard made with insulating tape

DIY children's headboard made with electrical tape

Before we saw how to make a castle-shaped headboard with electrical tape. In this case, the castle is replaced by a geometric pattern. As you can see, with tape you can make a children’s headboard as you please, and in a very simple and economic way.

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