Modern bathroom sinks: Rustic bronze cast sinks


Bronze sink
Bronze sink

Modern bathroom sinks bring beautiful and functional properties in bathroom design and can transform small rooms into stylish and unique interiors. Adding rustic metal – chic to bronze cast designs creates truly amazing, unusual, and modern sinks made by domain industries.
These beautiful sinks make you a spirit of pure fantasy and art. The Santa Fe bronze sink design is attractive and versatile, well suited for versatile taste and art decor decor. The modern sinks look like works of art, add a unique design to the interior and emphasize the decoration in the bathroom.
Shell Planter design or sleek and rustic sink design are eye-catching, interesting and very decorative. Bronze cast artwork can dramatically change any bathroom design and bring originality and rustic metal chic to bathroom decorations.

Metal tiles for bathroom design and decoration

Shell inspired sink

Shell inspired sink

Santa Fe bronze sinks are a collection of functional, beautiful and contemporary bronze vessels and built-in sinks designed to enhance large and small bathroom designs. The metal washbasin design features sculptural details and creative shapes.
The unique wash basins made of the finest cast bronze create a rustic, aged look and a timeless patina, the perfect details for classic bathroom design and country house decorations.

modern bathroom features, metal sinks

Santa Fe bronze bathroom sink collection

The Santa Fe bronze bathroom sink collection offers 15 different models of undercounter, drop-in and built-in sinks that look classy and stylish. These amazing high quality bathroom features are wonderful solutions for bathroom remodeling projects and new bathroom designs.
Modern bathroom design, the latest trends in rectangular sinks

These rustic bronze sinks are incredible centerpieces for bathroom design and decoration. A rustic, aged look makes them absolutely adorable and expensive. The patina becomes rich and subtle and adds antiquated accents to the modern bathroom design.

modern bathroom features, metal sinks

Bronze wash basin with sculptural details

Bronze wash basin with an old look and rustic chic

Bronze wash basin with an old look and rustic chic

Modern bathroom sinks

Modern bathroom sinks - 2

Modern bathroom sinks - 3

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