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Bathroom wall cladding with wood – why not? Bathroom wall cladding with wood – why not?
Do you want to refresh or redesign the bathroom and you want to remove the old tiles, but you actually have no idea how... Bathroom wall cladding with wood – why not?

Do you want to refresh or redesign the bathroom and you want to remove the old tiles, but you actually have no idea how you want to do it? Have you ever thought about using something extraordinary in the bathroom? The most common and preferred materials for wall cladding in the bathroom, as already known, are tiles and glass because they are practical and easy to maintain. Clear away the clichés by installing bathroom wall paneling with wood in the bathroom! Why not? It looks stylish and with proper care you would enjoy it for a long time. Below you will find inspiring examples of bathroom wall cladding with wood and some important tips regarding maintenance. Treat yourself to elegance in the bathroom too!

Wooden bathroom wall cladding is an individual alternative

bathroom wallcovering cozy

bathroom wallcovering stylish

bathroom wallcovering extraordinary

bathroom wall covering modern

bathroom wallcovering vintage

bathroom wall covering simple

bathroom wallcovering fascinating

bathroom wallcovering impressive

bathroom wall covering unique

bathroom wallcovering interesting

Bathroom wall paneling with wood is characterized by originality and uniqueness when it comes to bathroom design. The wood material brings a natural feeling with it and creates a cozy and pleasant atmosphere in the bathroom. The wood design is individual for each bathroom. But one thing is certain – wood fits every bathroom interior and can also be used very well in combination with other materials such as glass or metal elements. Under no circumstances should you neglect the construction. This should be carried out precisely so that the water can drain off properly, so that there are no loopholes anywhere.

Seal the wooden wall covering in the bathroom first

bathroom wallcovering homemade

If you have chosen a wooden wall covering in the bathroom, it is recommended that you first of all seal the wall behind with an oil paint. This can also be achieved with tile adhesive. This should then be applied to the wall with a wide plastic spatula. Then it is the turn of strips to which the wooden cladding has to be attached. This is best done with metal claws. In this way, the surface of the wood remains without a single trace. Under no circumstances should the boards be glued together with tongue and groove. The wood has to work properly because it expands when it gets wet.

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Fascinating bathroom design ideas with wooden cladding

bathroom wallcovering creative

bathroom wallcovering luxurious

bathroom wall covering pleasant

bathroom wall cladding wood panels

bathroom wallcovering creative - 2

bathroom wallcovering elegant

bathroom wallcovering attractive

bathroom wall covering unique - 2

bathroom wall covering completed

bathroom wallcovering design