9 beautiful wooden spice holders for rustic kitchens

9 bonitos especieros de madera para cocinas rústicas

There is no doubt about the importance of having a good spice rack in the kitchen for spices. If you don’t have it at the end, the boats end up some here and others over there, scattered all over the cabinets, without rhyme or reason, right?

The difference between one spice rack or another is marked by the material with which they are made, since depending on this, the spice rack is usually used in one decorative style or another.

These that I have prepared today are wooden spice racks, furniture that fit perfectly into many decorative styles but, especially, as you can imagine, in rustic kitchens.

Are you looking for wood spice? Look at these that I have prepared.

Beech wood spice rack with two metal supports that hold 8 glass jars full of spices. The spice rack comes with the spices included, but when they are finished we can fill them with the spices that we want. Small and very practical for the right spices. You can see more details or buy it here.

Especieros de madera

Round bamboo wooden spice rack with capacity for 13 small jars for storing spices. The jars, made of glass and aluminum, are already included with the spice rack. See more details or buy.

Especieros de madera

Wooden spice rack or spice rack. It is made of birch wood. It has a fine design, with a minimalist character, for small spaces since it does not recharge much, neither visually nor physically. It comes with everything you need to install it on the wall and it will fit, depending on the size of the spice jars, 7, 8 or 9 small jars.
Especieros de madera

Wooden spice rack, traditional in design, but very practical. It is made of rubber wood and has a capacity for 12 spice cans. The wooden spice rack must be installed on the wall using the classic dowel clamp plus screw. See more details.

Especieros de madera

Wooden spice rack to store spices or use it as a shelf to store other objects somewhat larger. This spice rack is ideal for those with a lot of spices. Made of solid wood and painted with an aged effect, it has an enchanted vintage air. As we see in the image, it can be placed both hanging on the wall or leaning against the kitchen counter. See more details.

Especieros de madera

Wooden spice rack the same as the previous one, with the only difference that it is not painted white, but varnished to further darken the solid wood with which it is built. The measures, capacity and the rest of the characteristics are the same as the previous one that we have seen. See more details.
Especieros de madera

Wooden spice rack with capacity for 30 small bottles of spices that are already included. Also, each pot comes with the spice’s name on the jar, for easy finding. It is made of the highest quality beech wood and varnished with ecological lacquers. We can see more details by clicking here.
Especieros de madera

Natural wood spice rack, rustic design. This is the most practical spice rack of all. With 5 functional drawers, hooks to hang cloths, mittens and aprons or whatever you want and, naturally, spices. See more details.

Wooden spice rack made of natural pallet wood, light in color and rustic in design. We can see more details here.

What do you think of these wooden spice holders? Which one do you prefer? I read you in the comments.

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