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8 tricks to make the bedroom brighter at the moment 8 tricks to make the bedroom brighter at the moment
With some tricks, such as the ones we are going to see next, you will be able to light up your dark bedroom to... 8 tricks to make the bedroom brighter at the moment

With some tricks, such as the ones we are going to see next, you will be able to light up your dark bedroom to finally come out of the darkness and stop looking like a cave.

It does not matter that the orientation of the bedroom is lousy, or that any architectural or natural barrier prevents the passage of light; Although it seems impossible mission, these tricks to make the bedroom brighter are effective for all spaces.

And you do not need to do work, simply by adding or changing some things, you will have a brighter bedroom at the moment.

So, let’s start with them as soon as possible.

A clean and tidy decoration

Cómo hacer un dormitorio más luminoso: Mantén un espacio limpio y ordenado

Photography@Ida Ryding

Let’s start with the simple: a refined, clean and tidy decoration, will not only give us a serene space in which we are more comfortable, but it will make it or, at least it seems, brighter.


Well, because in a refined space the light flows without obstacles reaching every corner.

Believe me, the difference is very noticeable.

If you have a bedroom crowded with objects and furniture, a cleaner and more refined decoration, as well as everything more in order and clear, will immediately make your bedroom brighter because you are allowing light to reach every corner.

Take the test and then tell me.

Light textiles

Cómo hacer un dormitorio más luminoso: Textiles en tonos claros

Photography @Vanessa Valderrama

Light textiles capture light better than dark ones. Luckily, the bedroom is a space that requires textiles yes or yes.

Taking advantage of this feature to dress the bed with light textiles in earth tones, white and other tempered tones, will make the bedroom brighter and warmer.

You do not believe me? I tell you the same. Do the test. Change that dark gray quilt for a white one and you will immediately see the result.

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The trick of the mirrors

Cómo hacer un dormitorio más luminoso: Añadir espejos

Photography @MoneyCanBuyLipstick

Mirrors never fail. We have already talked a lot about the advantages of mirrors in interior decoration, but we can continue to do so.

A mirror instantly reflects and multiplies the light it receives.

It is a way to make a bedroom brighter on the spot, as well as bigger, even if it is visually.

Without expensive or elaborate installations, without making a great economic expense, more light at the moment.

Clear floors

Cómo hacer un dormitorio más luminoso: Alfombras en tonos claros

Photography Elsie Larson de A Beautiful Mess

If we have dark floors, we can lighten them by adding light rugs on them. It may seem like a trivial task, but the change will be spectacular.

As I said, light colors have the ability to reflect more light. Do you think the floor is decorated?

It is a structural element that has great aesthetic and functional value, and it is up to us to enhance it in our favor.

If you are willing to reform and you are going to change the floor, the light and shiny tones in ceramic will make the bedroom bigger and brighter.

And if you are going to install wood, light tones are the right ones to make the bedroom warmer and naturally brighter.

But if you have no intention of refurbishing or changing the floor, white rugs will warm the bedroom and make the floor appear brighter.

Use shades of white to paint and decorate the bedroom

Cómo hacer un dormitorio más luminoso: Pintarlo de blanco

Kenay Home’s entire bedroom

We are not talking about making the bedroom bigger, but rather making it brighter, and here, white is the indisputable solution since it reflects up to 80% of the light it receives. It is the color that reflects the most light.

In order not to fall into the trap of creating an aseptic, cold and lifeless environment with both white and hospital, we can use different shades of white somewhat warmer than pure whites, such as bone color.

Also, depending on the nuance of the white, we can make the bedroom warmer or brighter.

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If the white has blue tints, it will be a cold white but it will visually make it appear brighter.

However, if the white has ocher tints, the bedroom will acquire a pleasant warm hue.

When we go to the paint store to buy white paint, each firm, each brand, has a different white, but none is a pure white.

Some brands use blue tint, to give their paint an exceptional whiteness, while others use warmer tints, such as yellow, ocher or even red.

As I said, depending on what tint the white has, we will get one environment or another.

So, when we are ready to buy a bottle of white paint, it is better to ask the salesperson what shade or tint the white carries, because as I say, there is usually no pure white, but all brands, depending on their criteria, minimally tint the White.

Coat cabinets with mirrors

Cómo hacer un dormitorio más luminoso: Espejos en los armarios

Photography @Arqmbaptista

Whether it is a new wardrobe or if we have had it for a long time, we can order it to be covered with mirrors to convert a large surface, depending on how our wardrobe is, into a mirror mural that will multiply the light making the bedroom brighter and also visually more spacious.

If this option is not viable, we have vinyl mirrors that are very easy to install and inexpensive, you can buy them here, on Amazon.

They are extremely easy to install on the smooth doors of the cabinets, and thus you will multiply the light and the space, visually speaking.

Remove the curtains

Cómo hacer más luminoso el dormitorio: Quitar las cortinas

Photography Design Love Fest

The curtains are practical and decorative textile elements that give us privacy and allow us to add aesthetic value, yes, it is true, but they are also optional. They are not compulsory.

For example, the vast majority of Nordic homes do not use curtains. It is not that they are always open, it is that they do not directly use them.

With the scarce 5 hours of light they enjoy in winter, they are the wisest and the most we can learn about optimizing light in a space.

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Although you always have the curtains open, they are limiting the amount of light that enters, you just have to do the test. Take them off for a moment and you will realize that despite having them open they were stealing light from you.

If you don’t want to remove them, put on light and fluffy white curtains, such as cotton or open weft linen that let more light through.

Naturally, I am not only talking about curtains, any element that is in front of the window, such as a piece of furniture, will also obstruct the entry of light. Clear the windows!

Clear Furniture

Photography HomebySoph

If you are going to buy furniture for the bedroom, that are clear, the more they are the better.

From light woods such as pine or birch, to white lacquered furniture, there is a wide range of finishes and tones that we can choose to make the bedroom more light and bright.

If you do not plan to furnish or renovate the furniture, you always have the option of painting the furniture with white paint or in a very light shade. Here you can see how to paint wooden furniture step by step.

If you can apply much of the advice we have just seen, you will make your bedroom brighter without a doubt. Although if you have left, you can always ask me in the comments, or request my services as a decorator here.

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And if you are going to get down to work to make your bedroom brighter, do not forget the living room and review these 10 ways to make a brighter room without work.