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70 Kitchen Cabinets with Different Materials and Models 70 Kitchen Cabinets with Different Materials and Models
Choose kitchen cabinets in your style: white, wooden, black … There are several kitchen cabinets and there is also a corner, lacquer, with niches... 70 Kitchen Cabinets with Different Materials and Models

Choose kitchen cabinets in your style: white, wooden, black … There are several kitchen cabinets and there is also a corner, lacquer, with niches and handles. You can even combine several types! Check it out, get inspired, save your favorite models and share the post with those who are looking for inspirations like these too!


Interior design project proposed by Lucia Manzano, who explored and apartment in a neutral color palette and texture mix of natural materials.

Authors: Lucia Manzano

The main elements in this kitchen are: white quartz countertops, white cabinets and to close this Portobello coating. For those who are short on cash, one option is to invest in ready-made cabinets. At Marabraz, the complete white kitchen costs R $ 900.

Authorship: Duda Senna

In this custom-made kitchen, white reigns. From Bartira, a piece of furniture to embed the refrigerator with a top niche costs R $ 277, in Ponto Frio.

Author: Studio Live

In addition to realizing the dream of an island equipped with a cooktop, architect Cristina Côrtes also proposed replacing the wall that separated the kitchen from the intimate TV room with sliding doors, integrating the kitchen and the social area.

Authors: Cristina Côrtes

The whites contributed to the visual breadth of this kitchen and is present in the furniture, chair and walls.

Authorship: Roberta Devisate

Wide, the kitchen made it possible to create a tower for the appliances to be all in one place. A ready model costs R $ 615, in Madeira Madeira.

Author: Samira Jarouche Arquitetura & Interiores

The architect Silvia Aguiar bet on the total white for this kitchen integrated with the laundry. A similar cabinet costs R $ 1000, at Magazine Luiza.

Authors: Silvia Aguiar

Iná Arquitetura’s architects are responsible for this stylish project. The custom-made cabinets helped to take full advantage of the available vertical space.

Authors: Iná Arquitetura

Architect Cristina Rocha Andrade Invested in white furniture for this kitchen corridor. To warm up, he bet on wooden benches in the dining area.

Author: Rocha Andrade Arquitetura

In L, the kitchen received custom-made white furniture. Notice the niche that architects left for the super inviting coffee corner. A tower like this costs R $ 300, at Marabraz.

Author: Roberta Maranhão Arquitetura


The architect Duda Senna opted for a project with a neutral base, with an American walnut composition in the sink cabinet, see how the wood veins draw attention in this kitchen. A cabinet with a wooden finish like this costs R $ 1100, at C&C.

Authorship: Duda Senna

Designed for a young couple, the apartment needed to convey the joy of youth through the colors and coatings chosen by hand. The architect thought of a bespoke joinery and designed to meet all the needs of residents.

Authorship: Duda Senna

From the architect Marcela Madureira, the kitchen was designed so that the utensils were on display, which makes everything more practical and reinforces the informal atmosphere of the house. Note that the upper part has shelves with built-in French hands. R $ 200, at Mobly.

Authors: Marcela Madureir

Mint green + light wood. This is the perfect formula for this cuisine that oozes style and freshness. A light wood overhead cabinet costs about R $ 215, at Americanas.com.

Authors: Marcela Madureira

In the kitchen, the customer’s desire for ceramic White brick was present. A similar cabinet costs R $ 1500, in Madeira Madeira.

Author: Studio Janela

Sophistication is not lacking in this kitchen project proposed by Tria Arquitetura. In addition to the built-in cooktop, the island reserves eight places for meals.

Author: Tria Arquitetura

In this apartment, the architects invested in the contrast between rustic and fine materials, such as the burnt cement floor and the concrete block walls in counterpoint with walnut wood.

Author: MNBR Arquitetos

Breathtaking composition: wood + hydraulic tile + Saarien table. It is no wonder that this kitchen is the heart of the apartment. An icon of interior architecture, the Saarien table costs R $ 1700 at Elegancy Design.

Authors: Iná Arquitetura

Wood is the protagonist in the kitchen and is present in the lower part of the cabinets and in the appliance tower. A sure bet to ensure a cozy look to the measure.

Authorship: Arq In Arquitetura

The main highlights of this kitchen project were the peroba mica cabinets and white walls, which enhance the abundant natural light. An aerial wooden furniture costs R $ 500, at Magazine Luiza.

Authors: Bianca Da Hora


From the architect Marcela Madureira, the kitchen has an unusual planned joinery, in black and with doors with wooden frieze, ensuring a visual full of personality for the environment.

Authors: Marcela Madureira

Black is the protagonist of the environment and is present in cabinets, cobogo and even in the hydraulic tile. It took a lot of bright elements and natural light to avoid overloading the environment. In Madeiramadeira, a set of black cupboards costs R $ 1500.

Authors: Marcela Madureira

Super-lean, the kitchen needed striking elements to attract attention in the apartment. The architect Marcela Madureira surprised when selecting furniture and black inserts. The master trick was to use the wood to heat the space.

Authors: Marcela Madureira

To save space in the kitchen corridor, the architects at Mallemont Arquitetura bet on a custom cabinet with a place to embed appliances, such as an oven, cooktop and microwave. A counter to embed oven and cooktop costs R $ 170, at Casas Bahia.

Author: Mallemont Arquitetura

The architects responsible for the design of this kitchen bet white walls to make the counterpoint with the dark cabinets. A minimalist and elegant look.

Author: MNBR Arquitetos

Perfect duo: the architects of Tria Arquitetura brought the combination of wood and black to this kitchen aisle beyond elegant. Top wooden cabinets in a similar tone like this are R $ 1000, at Tok & Stok.

Author: Tria Arquitetura

Black was the choice for the furniture in this kitchen, which has gray in the burnt cement floor and wood in part of the cabinets.

Author: Salles & Aldworth Arquitetura e Design

The option of architects Adriana Esteves and Flavia Lucas for this apartment was to use a planned joinery that reserves space to build appliances. A black cabinet with a microwave niche costs R $ 640, at Americanas.com.

Author: Adriana Esteves Arquitetura

and Flavia Lucas

The black cabinets were the architects’ choice for the kitchen and dining area. The wood went into the details to create a counterpoint to the cold color of the furniture and the burnt cement floor.

Author: MNBR Arquitetos 

The architect responsible for the project chose black to bring sophistication and elegance to this kitchen in the apartment located in Miami. To bring lightness, the bet was on floors and walls in light tones.

Author: J Jaegger Interior Design


Designing the custom cabinets made it possible to take advantage of all the available footage at the bottom of the stairs. To take advantage of it, they bet on a small metal shelf with space for cups and spices, it costs about R $ 150, at Mobly.

Authorship: Duda Senna

The layout of the U-shaped kitchen has created a functional layout that makes cooking easier. See that the environment also integrates with the service area.

Authorship: Duda Senna

It is impossible not to fall in love with this kitchen. With generous space, it was possible to invest in bespoke cabinets on the three walls.

Author: MNBR Arquitetos

The kitchen was designed in L by the architects of JMA Arquitetura, which guaranteed extra storage space.

Author: JMA Estúdio

Interior designer Daiane Antinolfi who planned this kitchen in which the planned furniture occupies three walls. An appliance tower is the trick to optimize space. A ready model costs R $ 700, in Madeiramadeira.

Author: Daiane Antinolfi

Wide and with space even for a dining table. This was only possible because of the L-shaped kitchen, which explores the vertical space of the kitchen. A finished L-shaped kitchen costs around R $ 1700 in Madeiramadeira.

Author: Degradê Arquitetura e Interiores

The farm atmosphere is present in this kitchen with a colonial climate. In a ready-made furniture store, a Provencal model like this starts at R $ 2,000.

Author: Melina Romano and Simone Meirelles Arquitetura e Interiores

The architect bet on a central island for this large and stylish kitchen. For furniture, he proposed furniture designed to extend two walls.

Author: Rodney Lawrence Inc.

The kitchen was designed with a peninsula, which has space for daily meals. The room was equipped with two Brastemp refrigerators, each leaving around R $ 3,600.

Author: Bittar Arquitetura

Pietro Terlizzi Arquitetura e Design was responsible for this corridor kitchen project with corner cabinets and black furniture and stainless steel appliances.

Author: Pietro Terlizzi Arquitetura e Design


For this kitchen, the choice was to use bright white lacquer throughout the joinery and the kitchen countertop, a texture in a citrus yellow tone.

Authorship: Duda Senna

The highlight of this kitchen in light tones was the gray lacquer, proposed by the architect Thais Bohrer. At Tok & Stok, a gray lacquer cabinet costs from R $ 1300.

Author: Thais Bohrer

From Margil Marcenaria, the kitchen had cabinets in gray lacquer. The LED placed under the planned joinery is highlighted in the environment.

Authorship: Margil Marcenaria

How not to love the yellow and gray lacquer cabinets in the kitchen and the service area. The colors combine superbly with the printed tiles.

Author: Quattrino Arquitetura

In contrast to the overhead pine cabinets, the architects bet on dark lacquer for the lower furniture with straight lines and armhole handle. One of these does not cost less than R $ 3000, in a carpentry shop.

Author: Casa 100 Arquitetura

Kitchen with white Corian countertop and custom cabinetry finished in navy blue lacquer. The planned modular kitchen costs R $ 3,000, at Casas Bahia.

Author: Paula Müller

White lacquer was the bet for finishing this kitchen integrated with the laundry. A niche from end to end of the wall leaves spices at hand.

Author: Penkal Arquitetura e Interiores

The architect Juliana Pipi is in charge of this kitchen project with a niche for microwaves and a colorful shelf.

Author: Juliana Pipi

In this project, the cabinets received a shade of blue-gray lacquer (X138, from Sayerlack) and Teya handles.

Authorship: Casa e Jardim

Design by Bianchi & Lima Arquitetura, Duratex’s MDF joinery in mauve oak was covered with green lacquer.

Author: Bianchi e Lima Arquitetura e Interiores

With niches

Architect Duda Senna brought a mix of finishes to the kitchen. The highlight was the niche with sliding door, which hides the small appliances. At Inova Casa, a niche with sliding doors costs R $ 102.14.

Authorship: Duda Senna

Here, the planned cabinets were chosen in mint green, a color that is super trendy. See that to take advantage of the vertical space, Duda Senna bet on a niche with little depth.

Authorship: Duda Senna

The architect João Flora proposed a niche with little depth to dispose of groceries and domestic utensils. A niche like this costs around R $ 200.

Authors: Joao Flora Arq

The doob architecture architects bet on a niche on top of the refrigerator to take advantage of the underutilized space. You can find a model like this for R $ 70.

Author: Doob Arquitetura

The niches were designed to place the appliances and serve as a cabinet. A shelf with niches like this costs R $ 200.


The black niches were chosen to take advantage of the vertical space, there the residents placed cookbooks and decorative items. A model like this costs R $ 1000, at Tok & Stok.

Authorship: Mauricio Karan

The wall was better used with the niches in the wall. The choice was to place fruit trees and other items that guarantee functionality for the environment.

Author: ARD Studio

Kitchen with industrial style brings niches in metalon making composition with wood. A model like these comes out R $ 194.90, in the Free Market.

Authors: Karla Araujo

Two niches were placed on top of the sink, leaving the items used in daily life close at hand. Bottomless niches cost R $ 80.

Authorship: A Casa Seis

Blue is the protagonist in this environment with white cabinets and colorful niches where they store decorative items.

Author: Julia Ribeiro


In this Laje 54 office project, the kitchen received two-tone cabinets: white and blue. The long model costs R $ 15.81 a unit, at the Gruber store.

Authors: Laje 54

Super trendy, the kitchen cabinets bring a modern aesthetic, in which the handles are replaced by a hole in the door, to fit your fingers.

Authorship: Leticia de Nobrega

With the rise of Scandinavian style, the frames again brought a colonial aesthetic, with copper frames and handles.

Authors: Elen Saravalli

The kitchen has two colors in the joinery, the green color was chosen at the bottom and the upper color white to bring more lightness to the environments. Highlight for the handles in aluminum and white ceramic, a similar model can be found for R $ 15.

Author: Breves Arquitetura

Kitchen made in millennial planned woodwork with perforated handles in round wood.

Authorship: Original Home

The black handles are the icing on the cake in this design with white cabinets. The wooden bench completes the composition with Scandinavian inspiration.

Authorship: Casa Cobre

Planned kitchen with blue cabinets with built-in metal profile handle and gray ceramic coating on the wall.

Authorship: Original Home

The Iná Arquitetura office led the design of this compact kitchen with wood veneer and a light green finish. The handles are in a round pit.

Authors: Iná Arquitetura

Kitchen design features slatted wooden panel that allows the TV to be attached to the dining area. Top was made in gray quartz and cabinets were made in wood with round hole handle.

Authorship: Marina Carvalho

Planned kitchen in light blue lacquer and caramel leather handle, a model that costs around R $ 10 each.

Authorship: Original Home
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