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+40 Bedroom Curtains with Colors That Match Well with Various Environments +40 Bedroom Curtains with Colors That Match Well with Various Environments
Choose a bedroom curtain that elegantly enhances the decor of the room. Here you can see a selection of curtains for the bedroom with... +40 Bedroom Curtains with Colors That Match Well with Various Environments

Choose a bedroom curtain that elegantly enhances the decor of the room. Here you can see a selection of curtains for the bedroom with options for everyone, be it for children’s and baby’s room, for a double room, for a girl’s room and much more!


Delicate and with a trolley print, this curtain will bring an air of great love to the environment, being also very affordable, costing around R $ 170.00.

Via: Casa Max Enxovais

This model is made of a much finer fabric, which represents the subtlety of the environment in which your daughter will be. You can find this model from R $ 140.00.

Via: Extra

With a touch of royalty mixed with the originality of navy blue and white this curtain will leave the room with much more personality and style. This model can be purchased from R $ 180.00.

Via: Submarine

If you like decorating with more color, this curtain will fit very well. It has a more intense blue that will combine with white creating this light environment. The price also does not weigh much, you can find from R $ 140.00.

Via: Extra

Here we have a curtain that brings femininity and style to the place. This model is very easy to find from R $ 109.90.

Via: Magazine Luiza

A simpler decoration in order to make the room much more childish is the effect of this curtain. Simple, cute, and for around R $ 99.90.

Via: Paulo Cezar Layouts

A thin light pink curtain makes the room visually lighter, airier and more pleasant. White, beige or light colored walls match the curtain a lot and it can be found for R $ 109.90.

Via: Baby Shopping

The retro style of the curtain will make your decoration unique. The price of this model is R $ 160.00.

Via: Free market

And the curtain below promotes a sweet and cheerful atmosphere for your baby’s room, as the mixture of navy blue and yellow brings a lot of originality to the decoration with a price starting at R $ 151.60.

Via: Paulo Cezar layettes

The bow at the top of the curtain makes it simple, very feminine for the bedroom. This model can be found from R $ 109.90.

Project: Home and Art

The salmon tone should be very welcome in baby’s rooms! In this curtain delicacy and beauty are ideal for decorating a room with walls of similar or darker tones costing only R $ 79.90.

Via: Docellar layettes

White and pink undoubtedly make a great match on this curtain. The lighter fabric and subtle print of this curtain makes everything even more pleasant. Although quite worked, it costs R $ 151.60.

Via: Layettes for baby

This curtain is already very well in places where the decoration already has a lot of pink but you still want a curtain with details of that color. The subtlety and light tone will give a differentiated in the room, it costs R $ 199.99.

Via: Free Market

A well-crafted and covered decoration goes well with the curtain. It has shades of pink that communicate both with each other and with the bedroom, which is much more elegant and can be purchased for R $ 129.90.

Via: Free Market

Short curtains are also very beautiful for the baby’s room. Here, we see a mix of white and blue, with the very creative prints that you find for R $ 79.90.

Via: Free Market


The architect Danielle Valente bet on two different models of curtains for this double room. To block the balcony light, he chose the fabric model. The window next to the bed received a blind.


This curtain is an example of what dark colors bring a lot of elegance to your room. You can find this model for R $ 82.90.

Project: Paulo Cortinas

The option for the curtain was to use a model with two colors. The darker one helps to block the light, while the white one lets natural light in. A curtain like this costs R $ 350.

Project: Minna.pt

Embedded in the plaster, the neutral curtain was chosen to maintain the clean look of the environment.


And if you prefer something more elegant and classic, the black and white curtain will bring that touch to your room. You can buy it for R $ 48.90, and include it in basic decorations in general.

Via: Madeira Madeira

To make the decor more romantic or delicate, salmon tones go very well. The curtain below still has a unique print, and can be found for R $ 272.00.

Via: Guru House

Investing in light fabrics is a good option for those who like to have their room invaded by natural light. The guaranteed effect is of visual amplitude.

Project: Mirá Arquitetura

And to give that innovation, a yellow curtain like this brings a lot of joy and personality to the decor. It combines very well with brightly colored walls and can be purchased from R $ 180.00.

Via: Camafeu Houses

The choice was to use a beige curtain to block the sun from entering the three walls with windows. The model combined superbly with the wallpaper.


The option for the model of Roman blinds allowed to install a desk in the space under the window without disturbing the functionality of the curtain or furniture.

Project: Livia Vaccari

The curtain below is more detailed and has subtle black accessories. Combines with lighter tones in any decoration and costs R $ 206.10.

Via: Casa Borda Layouts

And once again leaving a little of the traditional, the lilac curtain can bring a scenario of a lot of personality to your room. In addition, it has a super attractive price, which can be found from R $ 89.90.

Via: Magazine Luiza

Another example that thicker fabrics fit very well. With the combination of a piece of wood, the whole room gains a unique appearance. You can find this model for R $ 224.00.

Project: Realiza Construtora

The golden shade of the curtain together with the delicate print contrasts with the thicker texture. This curtain will do very well with lighter decorations and costs R $ 129.90.

Via: Admirare Decorations

The curtain below has a simple print, but a lot of work. In addition, the mixture of colors of this curtain makes it very welcome in any room. The price is also very attractive, starting at R $ 79.90.

Via: Admirare


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The Lilac of this curtain is found in two shades and textures. Models like this can be found from R $ 89.90.

Via: Admirare Decorations

Butterfly decorations inspire freedom and creativity. This cute model you find from R $ 69.90.

Via: Lojas Americanas

And for your little girl who loves to dance a ballerina curtain will bring a lot of joy and inspiration. The price also pleases, goes for R $ 109.90.

Via: Casas Bahia

The rocket curtain can also inspire a lot of creativity in the child, in addition to bringing very vivid and inspiring colors like cyan. It matches any wall and you can find this model for R $ 119.90.

Via: Lalamaia

Kitten decor is a great theme for decorating a children’s room. Pink makes this curtain very feminine. It can be purchased from R $ 89.90.

Via: Casas Bahia

Below the curtain has a shade of blue that refers to the sea, very striking. The print makes it more relaxed, ideal for rooms with white or gray colors. You can find this model for R $ 89.90.

Via: Extra

The curtain below can be for both children’s rooms and teenagers. Chess, along with blue and red leaves the room with more personality. The price is very interesting, you can find it for R $ 125,00.

Via: Lojas Americanas

Flowered prints bring delicacy and beauty to the child’s room. In addition, the salmon color brings all other colors into harmony. This curtain will look good on white walls and costs only R $ 129.90.

Via: Casas Bahia

The white curtain below has an owl print. Colorful owls bring both cuteness and humor to the decor. This model can be found from R $ 129.90.

Project: RCF Design

The pattern of cars and the beige color of the curtain make it very lively for the decoration of the room. This model you will find from R $ 160,00.

Via: Ali Express

The pink, white and polka dot print curtain together with the Minnie character leave the room in addition to being very beautiful, more personalized. This theme never goes out of style and can be found from R $ 154.00.

Via: Americanas

The three colors of the decoration below make the curtain fit very well. The way the colors are present and positioned also makes everything very elegant. It can be found from R $ 189.90.

Via: Linda Casa

The Unicorn curtain brings fatasia to the fore. Extremely famous, these pets are always accompanied by the rainbow, which combines very well with all the colors of the room and you find for R $ 66.00.

Via: Free Market

Navy blue being a heavier color alongside the light white curtain fabric form a unique combination. Despite the sophisticated air, this model is very affordable and can be found for R $ 130.00.

Via: Sweet Honey Baby


In this men’s room, the professional responsible bet on four sheets of Roman blinds to compose the decoration of the environment.

Via: Danielle Valente

For younger men who want a room that can be a transition from childhood to youth, the shades of blue fall very well. This model is combined with the cover, the game costs R $ 229.90.

Via: Free Market

The prints can also be part of the men’s room. In the case of this curtain, the sober print gives an air of lightness to the environment without becoming childish. This curtain can be found for R $ 119.90.

Via: Vivart Layouts

The combination of blue and black is one of the most beautiful. The patterned bar takes a little seriousness and the short model makes it a little more informal. Ideal for youth rooms and can be purchased from R $ 89.90.

Via: Casas Bahia

The combination of black and white is a classic that never goes wrong. And with this curtain it is no different, the discreet and elegant floral makes it super appropriate. You can find this model for R $ 189.90.

Via: Cosmos Bluesoft

This model with towers design and light blue tone is ideal for a room with a more informal atmosphere. The printed stars make the room look more childlike. It can be purchased from R $ 189.00.

Via: DH Gate

A roller blind was the choice for this men’s room, the model only fills half the wall, so it does not impact the bed or the desk space. A model like this costs R $ 350.

Via: Panorama Architecture

This lace curtain has a much lighter fit. Perfect for those who want a brighter environment with natural light. It can be found from R $ 69.90.

Via: Ali Express

Gray is appearing more and more on the decorations. This color refers to sophistication. The print on this curtain is light and elegant. It can become the main point of the room decoration and costs R $ 179.90.

Via: DH Gate

Navy blue ends up being little used in curtains because it is considered a very “heavy” color. However, in this model combined with the light color bar it was beautiful. It can be purchased for R $ 249.00.

Via: Magazine Luiza

The blackout voile curtain is widely used. Because it is a lightweight fabric, the voile leaves the environment super cozy and the blackout blocks the entry of light for a perfect night’s sleep. You find from R $ 99,90

Via: Ponto Frio

As the bed was positioned next to the window, the solution was to opt for a Roman blind so as not to disturb those who are lying down.


Via: Karol Ribeiro

The smooth and long curtain already brings a more serious tone to the environment. In this case of gray color this characteristic is even more highlighted. This model can be found for R $ 118.90

Via: Submarino

The brown with beige curtain is usually one of the most classic. In this case, the embroidery in the middle and below breaks this stigma a little. Can be purchased for R $ 278.99

Via: Donna Stores

Here we see another model of brown with beige. The shorter size and the stripes, despite making the environment lighter, still retain the classic tone. You can find this model for R $ 149.90

Via: Free Market


Lilac is a very delicate color. This curtain model added to the light and thin material and the short length makes the room quite feminine. This model is very easy to find from R $ 89.90.

Via: Westwing

Here we have lilac again, but combined with white and a longer curtain model. Ideal for rooms with decoration details in these colors. The value goes for R $ 139.90.

Via: Fina Casa

Here in this example, we see the lilac combined in two shades. In this case, the curtain already has a more striking personality. It can be combined with more neutral details in the decoration and leaves from R $ 122.00.

Via: Paulo Cezar Layouts

Pink cannot be lacking as an option for women’s rooms. In this model the floral leaves this curtain very feminine and delicate. It is perfect for anyone who wants to decorate in this style. This model costs R $ 105.99

Via: Free Market

Here we have one more option of lilac, simple and basic, can be combined with any type of decoration. The short model makes the style more informal and has a very affordable price, starting at R $ 69.90.

Via: Ponto Frio

The floor-length white sheer curtain is a classic. It suits any environment. It leaves the room light and with a sophisticated air. You can find this model from R $ 298.00.

Project: Yan Oliveira

Here we have a curtain of raw linen with length to the floor. Classic of the classic when it comes to curtains. Perfect for rooms with more sober decor. It can be purchased from R $ 89.90.

Project: RM Architecture

This pink model with bandeau and floral bar is a combination of delicacy and personality. It matches perfectly with light furniture and walls. It can be found for R $ 84.00.

Via: Shop do Enxoval

The voile curtain can also be redesigned when combined with a linen bandeau. In this case, the green details end the monotony of the environment and can be purchased for R $ 179.90.

Via: Essential Layettes

This model brings again the white voile, but this time with doll pendants and stones. The pendant model that best matches the style of the room can be used. It is found from R $ 195.00.

Via: Guide yourself

Here another model of voile, this time smooth and with the length to the floor. This comes with blackout and is ideal to make the environment cozy. You can find this model for R $ 230.00.

Via: Bella Janela

In this photo we have another model of curtain with pendant. This time the brown and ivory colors gain a feminine touch with bows and dots. This model costs R $ 119.90.

Via: Free Market

This curtain is perfect for lovers of pink. They combine two shades of this color and finish with a bandeau that is just a charm. The value is R $ 64.90.

Via: Submarino

This pink voile curtain matching the butterfly print is very delicate. She also has a pendant model, which makes her even more feminine. The price of this model is R $ 119.00.

Via: Free Market

Here a different model from what we have seen so far. This uses a printed voile. This light and discreet print gives a little life to the environment without drawing too much attention to you and costs R $ 169.90.

Via: Free Market