20 photos and ideas to make headboards for children and youth

20 photos and ideas to make headboards for children and youth

If you are thinking of how to decorate a children’s or youth room, there are many allies with whom you can play to give that magical touch to the room. Among those allies are the children’s headboards.

And it is that with the headboards we can create that magic and decorative touch perfect for a children’s and youth bedroom easily.

An original and beautiful headboard, and we will already have a lot of progress in this field. Like these 20 that we will see below.

Some headboards are so simple that even if you consider yourself a DIY handyman and are fascinated by DIY projects, you can do them without any difficulty. Although if you prefer to buy them, it is also another option since they are not excessively expensive. Let’s see them:

Washi tape Castle children’s headboard

Inspiration That Sticks Project

Look at what an original and simple idea in turn. You only need insulating tape of the colors you want and stick it on the wall as a castle.

Tipi Indio children’s headboard

Indian Tipi children's headboard

Headboards and Wood

An original wooden headboard that imitates a classic Indian teepee. It does not seem very difficult to do, and to customize with the colors we want, but if you do not want to do it, you have it available in Headboards and Wood.

Rockstar children’s room headboard

Vintage style children's headboard

The whole set of Rue Vintage

Children’s headboard made with natural wood, with the phrase “I am a rock star” captured in paint. To see more details or to buy it, click on the link.

Padded headboard for children’s room

Pink upholstered children's headboard

Photograph of The Suburban Style Life

This type of headboard is ideal for a girl’s children’s or youth room, and gives the room an elegant, romantic and fun look. In addition to a great note of color.

Youth Twin Bed Headboards Made with Barn Doors

DIY children's headboard made with barn doors

Sincerely Sarad Photography

This type of door is very fashionable. Either to put an open sliding door or as headboards, both for double or adult bedrooms, or, as you can see, for children’s bedrooms.

Two-bed youth room headboards made of wooden pallets

DIY children's headboard made with wooden pallets and color letters

Seen on Pinterest. Is it your photo? Let me know to link or remove it

These other children’s bed headboards are very simple and original, made with a wooden pallet each, unpainted, natural, on which the initial of each girl’s name has been put in a hot pink tone.

Sailor-style headboard for children’s room

Sailor style children's headboard

Unknown author Is it your photo? Let me know to link or remove it

If your son likes the marine style, with a few woods like these, paint and a textile decoration, you are going to achieve the desired effect with the least effort.

Headboard for children’s room with wooden house design

House-shaped children's headboard

Of the Plastic Factory

This headboard is handmade, and is made of wood. Its wooden house shape gives a very cozy air to the children’s room.

Headboard for children’s room made with woods and drawn stars

DIY children's headboard made of wooden boards

Of the Plastic Factory

This headboard is also designed by La Factoría Plástica, it is made of wood and carved by hand. As you can see, the back wall is painted with blackboard paint, which makes the beauty of the headboard stand out even more.

Children’s headboard made with pool macaroni

DIY children's headboard made with pool macaroons

Do you know these macaroons that are used in swimming pools and that are in many colors? Well, see what a simple and inexpensive idea you have at your disposal to make a headboard with them.

Children’s headboard made with 3D panels

DIY children's headboard made with 3D panels imitation Lego pieces

Sweet Parrish Place Project

You can buy them ready-made or make them yourself with cork. But with this type of 3D panels that stick to the wall and are already installed, you can create a headboard in a very simple and original way.

Children’s headboard made with colored corks

DIY children's headboard made with colorful painted cork

Project A Kailo Chic Life

Pieces of cork, plasterboard or plaster. Anyway, pieces of some inexpensive surface that you can easily cut to your liking and let be painted later. That’s what you need to make a headboard like the one you see above these lines.

Children’s headboard drawn in chalk

DIY children's headboard made with chalk on blackboard paint

Impossible and cheaper. The only requirements to make a headboard like the one you see above, is to have the headboard wall smooth and painted with blackboard paint. Then the limit is your imagination.

Youth headboard made of wood planks

DIY children's headboard made with wooden planks

Jenna Sue Design Project

They can be boards from a wooden pallet or any other format. The fact is that with some planks you can line the wall the width of the bed creating a headboard of the most original, simple and beautiful.

Youth headboard made with pallets and painted

DIY children's headboard made with painted wooden pallets

Jane Coslick Project

You only need a few tables or pallets, as in the previous headboard, and then paint them in an attractive color, such as mint green, and, if you want, stick some drawings on them, such as some stars, hearts or whatever you want.

Children’s headboard made with wallpaper

Wallpaper children's headboard

From Cheerhuzz

Of course, you also have hundreds of children’s wallpapers to create stylish modern headboards for your children’s room. The one you see above these lines is the Nordic and children’s Half Moon style wallpaper by Ferm Living, available in several colors, which you can buy here.

Children’s headboard made with flowers

DIY children's headboard made with a flower curtain

Sweet Teal Project

You need artificial flowers and a cord or string to tie them and create a nice curtain that you will later hang on the wall above the bed, to create a beautiful floral headboard.

Princess vinyl children’s headboard

Vinyl children's headboard

Vinyl from The Vinyl Store

Vinyls are also great allies to create original and decorative headboards.

Cloud children’s headboard

Cloud children's headboard

This one we see above these lines is from Kenay Home and you can buy it here. But, if you have a woodcutting jigsaw, I think it can be an inspiration to make yours for you, don’t you think?

Children’s headboard painted on the wall

DIY children's headboard made with paint on the wall

Papernstitchblog project

Simpler impossible. But also very decorative. Draw a rectangle on the wall with a nice color to decorate the bedroom and you will have a very original headboard.

Children’s headboard made with a perforated panel

DIY children's headboard made with perforated panels

Our Fifth House Project

You can also use the perforated tool panels and draw something on them to later use as a headboard. You will have a totally personalized and unique one.

Children’s headboard made with insulating tape

DIY children's headboard made with electrical tape

Before we saw how to make a castle-shaped headboard with electrical tape. In this case, the castle is replaced by a geometric pattern. As you can see, with tape you can make a children’s headboard as you please, and in a very simple and economic way.

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