17 ideas to decorate and paint a turquoise living room 17 ideas to decorate and paint a turquoise living room
I have to admit that I see few salons in turquoise for how beautiful this color is and how much people like it, a... 17 ideas to decorate and paint a turquoise living room

I have to admit that I see few salons in turquoise for how beautiful this color is and how much people like it, a fact that I know from experience. Perhaps it is because it is a bold color with great force and it may seem at first somewhat risky to decorate a living room in turquoise. But as we will see next, turquoise is a color that fits very well with many decorative styles and creates suitable environments for all audiences. I am sure that if you have any doubts about adding turquoise to your living room, this is going to be the push you need.

Lounge decorated in turquoise combined with yellow.

Maisons du Monde Photography

A good companion to add next to the turquoise in the living room, whether on walls, furniture or accessories, is with yellow. Of course, it is a very powerful combination, with personality.

Salon in intense turquoise.

Un salón decorado en turquesa intenso combinado con gris

Despite the fact that it is decorated in an intense turquoise, if it is combined with other neutral tones, such as gray in particular, we will lower that intensity and run less risk of saturating the room.

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Salon in turquoise strong tone.

Salon en color turquesa

Photo Habitat Studio

This other turquoise color is the opposite of the previous one, it is a couple of saturation shades above normal turquoise. Perhaps in large doses it is excessive, but applied to a single wall, the result is acceptable and balanced.

White living room with turquoise sofa.

Un salón blanco con un sofá y alfombra en color turquesa

Another solution for those who do not want to risk much by adding turquoise on walls. White acts as a blank canvas to add the brush strokes we want, until we fill our demands with turquoise. An easy decoration with a very fresh result.

Vintage lounge in turquoise color.

Un salón vintage con las paredes en color turquesa

Photography by Viviana Agostinos

As I said before, turquoise is a color that can be applied to any decorative style. Above these lines we see a vintage room decorated almost entirely in turquoise, creating a different room, daring, but well balanced.

Beige lounge with turquoise accents.

Photo Fava Design Group

Beige and turquoise are an excellent match. Here we see a possible successful combination between them: a lot of beige with accents of turquoise. How about?

Turquoise and gray lounge.

Un salón decorado en turquesa y gris

Another color that combines very well with turquoise is gray. Generally the soft and pale grays fit better, as they soften the strength and vitality of the turquoise color.

Lounge in two shades of turquoise.

Salon en color turquesa

Team Lusting Photo

In this other room we see how two shades of turquoise have been combined, one more saturated or stronger than the other, with a magnificent result. Pale yellow accents and white wood furniture contrast perfectly with turquoise.

Turquoise living room with white furniture.

Salon en color turquesa

ShutterStock photo

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If we have white furniture, it is not necessary to add white in paint, if we do not want of course. White furniture is a great opportunity to combine turquoise.

Beige lounge with turquoise accents.

Un salón beige con un sofá turquesa

Another possible combination to combine two friendly colors. Unusual but successful and, also, very striking. Walls in light earth tones, in beige, and a turquoise sofa.

Modern living room in turquoise and white.

Salon en color turquesa

If a vintage room looked great turquoise, a modern cut could not do anything wrong. And so it is. Although it works well in various styles, turquoise works best in contemporary spaces. The white of the sofa and the black of the lacquered coffee table are the other 2 colors that complete the decorative palette.

Classic living room painted in turquoise.

Un salón con cojines turquesa

More subtle still. Only turquoise on the cushions. As you can see, it combines wonderfully with brown and beige, that is, with earth tones, and even in small doses, it creates a striking accent.

Living room in turquoise, gray and a white sofa.

Un salón turquesa y gris con un sofá blanco

As we are seeing throughout the article, the turquoise tones combine perfectly with white and gray, whether it be on walls, furniture or accessories.

Pink living room, with a turquoise sofa.

Un salón rosa con un sofá en color turquesa

Photography @joybird

Another color that we can use to combine turquoise in the living room is pink. It is a daring couple that creates original and decorative spaces.

Bright white living room with turquoise accents.

Salon en color turquesa

Micasarevista Photography

A fresh, sparkling room, very summery and current. All this thanks to the good combination of white with turquoise accents and the large amount of natural light it receives.

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Lounge in soft gray, dark wood and deep turquoise.

Un salón pintado en turquesa y gris

Before we saw a room decorated in turquoise and light gray, now we see a similar one, but this time we see dark tones in the equation, and the result is favorable.

If you found these lounges decorated in turquoise interesting and you are going to dare to decorate yours, here you can see the colors that best combine with turquoise in walls and decoration, to be safe.