15 ideas to decorate and furnish the back of the sofa

15 ideas para decorar y amueblar la parte trasera del sofá

If the location of our sofa leaves us a free space, since the sofa is not attached to the wall, then the question is not so much how to decorate the back of the sofa, but rather what to put behind the sofa, because it all comes down to that after all: what furniture to put behind the sofa when there is space to take advantage of and decorate the space.

The answer is obvious: it depends on each case.

If you need storage space, a closed shelf or sideboard can help; if you want to keep books, then a bookshelf is perfect; If you need to divide spaces, perhaps a screen is what you are looking for.

So, come with me and discover these 15 different ideas to decorate and furnish the back of the sofa that include different solutions, so you can find just what you need.

Shelves for storage and decoration

Estanterías detrás del sofá

Photography DariaDaria | Instagram @dariadaria

As I said, if books are your thing or you lack space to store and store all your objects, a bookshelf will help you in that company, and you will be able to “fill” that empty space behind the sofa, giving it a practical and useful use.

A console attached to the wall

Decorar la trasera del sofá

Always Never Done

You can also glue the sofa to the console behind, decorating its back as if it were a kind of decorative headboard, as we see in the image above.

A practical desk

Ideas para decorar la parte trasera del sofá

Photography: IKEA

Today there are many who work from home and need to make room for a desk at home. The back of the sofa can be converted into the perfect space to put the desk in the living room behind the sofa, don’t you think?

A great console

Una consola para decorar la parte trasera del sofá

Design by Paola Cury | Instagram @pacuryarqeng

A large console that covers the entire width of the sofa, and that also serves as a room divider.

If it also has a storage space, it will provide us with a space that always comes in handy.

Find a large sideboard if you like this idea, which is furniture that offers a large storage space, and put it behind the sofa.

A console as a decorative element without further ado

Decorar la trasera del sofá con una consola decorativa

Photography @BloomingDyer de Bloomign Diy Er

If we have plenty of space and the eye seems to be missing something behind the sofa, despite not needing a space for storage or other use, we can always put a nice decorative console that fills the space and completes the scene, as if it were a hall behind the sofa.

A folding table

Ideas para decorar la parte trasera del sofá

The Social Societi table

Yes, a simple folding table, which does not take up space placed behind the sofa, becomes a table for 6 diners in one seen and not seen and at the same time decorates and covers the back of the sofa.

Create a hall

El sofá como divisor del recibidor

Design and photography A House in the Hills

We can also use the back of the sofa as a space to divide and create a hall.

If we add a piece of furniture and a mirror, we will have the complete entrance.

Here you can see how to create a hall when there is no space.

A practical office to decorate, furnish and take advantage of the space behind the sofa

Un office detrás del sofá

Design by Yan Oliveira | Instragram @yanoliveira

An office. This idea works very well for kitchens open to the living room, but it doesn’t have to be that way. An office can also be created taking advantage of the back of the sofa, replacing the dining table. It is all a matter of needs.

The dining room table

Un apartamento pequeño con la mesa de comedor detrás del sofá

Photography EstilosDeco

The back of the sofa can serve as a room divider, to locate the dining table behind the sofa when the living room and kitchen share the same space.

A brick wall

Un muro separa el salón de la cocina detrás del sofá


In this sense, if we have a kitchen and living room together, a wall behind the sofa at half height is also a good idea to separate spaces.

A blanket, plaid or other textiles to decorate the back of the sofa

Una manta para decorar la parte de atrás del sofá

Photography: House Tweaking

A simple plaid, handkerchief, tapestry or pretty blanket can be used to decorate the back of the sofa, dropping it behind the backrests.

Neither furniture nor complications. Easy and effective.

A magnificent decorative screen

Ideas para decorar la parte trasera del sofá

Not only do they have great decorative power, like the one we see from Westwing, they are also very much in vogue and they are the perfect element to separate spaces.

You put it on and take it off quickly. And if you get tired of it, you choose another one.

And another sofa?

Ideas para decorar la parte trasera del sofá


True, it is not usual, and less in telecentric rooms where everything is directed towards television.

But sometimes the floor plan gives us the opportunity to put two sofas glued on the back, instead of facing sofas, in the center, dominating the space and separating two different environments.

A bar as you decorate the sofa and create a desk

Photography El Mueble

It takes the hands of a professional to create it, but the result is a perfectly optimized room.

What do you think of these ideas to decorate the back of the sofa? And you, how do you decorate or what furniture do you put behind the sofa?

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