Room decoration. Photos, ideas and tips

Room decoration. Photos, ideas and tips

The room decoration or classrooms is an extremely important task in any home. I do not think it goes without saying how essential it is to endow the living room, the nerve center of a house, with character, and print our own style; injecting doses of colors, textures and nuances to make the living room our home.

A space in which we are as comfortable as possible, in order to escape from the stress of life and worries. Where we can have fun, with family, friends and pets; and, where, after all, we are ourselves. For this, we need the decoration of the room to be appropriate, cozy and, also, functional.

There is no reason to settle for having a living room “almost to our liking”, “almost well”, “almost finished”, when, for four dollars, as it is commonly said, we can have it to our liking, well, and finished. So if you are looking for ideas, tips and / or photos to decorate the roomRead on, I assure you that after seeing this article, or rather, this little decoration guide, in which we have prepared tips, ideas, more than 50 photos, diagrams, diagrams, and other resources for decorating rooms, You will know how to decorate a room.

Because it is not an article to use, but could be considered a guide for room decoration, is quite extensive; and, therefore, I have prepared this small index, in which you can see all the content, in case you want to go directly to a section instead of reading it in its entirety.

  • Decoration of small and simple rooms
  • Decorating cozy rooms
  • Room decoration photos
  • Diagrams to decorate the room
  • Tips for decorating rooms
  • Ending

Decoration of small and simple rooms

Many of us, including myself, have at home a small living room, and we have no choice but to adapt to what there is. But luckily, in decoration, size does not matter. Therefore, at this point, the first of the article, we will see 40 photos and ideas to decorate a small and simple room. Take good note and get inspired.

A small room decorated in warm tones

Idearte Project Marta Montoya

Warmer and more welcoming, thanks to the warm tones used in textiles, paint and, naturally, exposed wood. In addition a decorative stone wall creates a nice focal point.

A small room decorated in neutral tones and wood

By Synchro Project

Slightly more spacious but not to say that it is a large room, this other space is cozy, thanks to the wood used to cover the TV wall, the wooden floor and the table made with fine wooden slats. The rest, in neutral tones so as not to saturate the space.

A small room with a wall shelf

La Reina Obrera Project

With a large shelf at the back of the sofa, occupying an entire wall. The rest, in gray, neutral and light tones, very appropriate for small spaces.

A small and simple room decorated in white

David Olmos Project | Photography Luis Díaz Díaz

Decorated in white and neutral tones, except for some touches of green, on the armchair, plants and some decorative accessories. The necessary warm touch is put by the flooring.

A small, simple room with blue and green accents

At Home Project

This other small room has a fresh and relaxing atmosphere, thanks to the cold tones, such as the blue and green used. The rest, in white, black and gold details.

A small and simple room with vintage prints

Interior design Santayana Home

More cozy and bucolic is this other room, lined with wood shades in crude tones on the walls, decorated with vintage sheets.

A small room with exposed brick walls

My Friend’s House Project

This other room that has little space, has been distributed and decorated in such a way that even a dining area has room. The original exposed bricks give personality and character to the space.

A small, simple and elegant room

JLM Consulting Project

Fully decorated in neutral tones, but without being cold and elegantly cut. The vegetable fiber rug is a hit to add warmth to the room.

A simple small Nordic style room

AR Home Project

Nordic in style, this other small room is simple but has just the right furniture and accessories to be extremely colorful and contemporary.

A small room decorated with a metal bookshelf and old suitcases

Marcos Mela Study Project

At first, it does not usually go through your head to put an industrial-style metal shelf in a room, but now that we have seen it, and the result, along with other accessories, such as old suitcases such as a coffee table, we can affirm which is a great idea. Of course, if it is done with good taste.

A small room with a purple sofa and a yellow armchair

Interior design Itta Estudio | Photography Studio Light

If you want to add color but you have a very small room, perhaps painting the walls will recharge the space. Instead, brightly colored furniture will inject that dose of color you’re looking for, just like in the small room above these lines, where a purple sofa and a bright yellow armchair flood the space with color.

A small room with bohemian touches

Photography Alejandro C.

More casual and natural, with bohemian touches, this other small room is more welcoming and exotic.

A small room with a blue hammock

REHAB-me and AFK Estudio project

Even a hanging hammock can allow this other room, and that meters do not spare. Of course, it is perfectly optimized and decorated so that it is pleasant, without recharging and with style.

advice: Let the furniture breathe. Give each one space even if the room is small, so it doesn’t seem crowded. Get rid of furniture you don’t use and leave what you really use. And if you give them space, even if they are few, you will have a balanced and harmonious room, where everything flows. Although this advice is in the section on small rooms, it applies to the decoration of rooms of any size and style.

Small and simple room well decorated

ShutterStock photo

With a more comfortable and cozy air thanks to the color of the walls and the warmth of the wood.

If you are looking to generate this sensation in your room, the warm tones of the color circle are your allies; And here you can see the 16 warmest colors to paint a living room.

Small and simple room well decorated

ShutterStock photo

More current, but simple.

Small and simple room well decorated

ShutterStock photo

The design of this room is minimalist, there is no simpler and more successful style for a small space.

Small and simple room well decorated

ShutterStock photo

Another example of a small room, well decorated with a lot of style.

Small and simple room well decorated

ShutterStock photo

A nice and nice design has this other space.

Small and simple room well decorated

ShutterStock photo

Almost austere, but after all, simple and pretty.

Parellades Interior Design Project

Decorated in neutral tones, this other cute little room closes the list of ideas for decorating small rooms. Decorated with elegance in neutral tones, always very successful in any space, but more so in small ones, it is decorated with touches of color in the textiles to give it personality. Everything a success.

Despite the fact that many of these small rooms are cozy, let’s now look at a category, dedicated only to cozy rooms, regardless of size.

Decorating cozy rooms

In addition to the room having a beautiful design, it must also be required, for our comfort and well-being, that it be welcoming. Not warm, if we do not want to, but it does transmit that cozy feeling that invites us to be comfortable, both for us and for our guests. With that said, let’s look at these photos and ideas of rooms with a cozy design, thanks to their decoration. Take note and get ready to leave your room in a cozy style.

A cozy room painted in earth tones

Interior design Gärna Estudio | Lupe Clemente Photography

Warm colors and great lighting, as well as the elegant style imposed by the studio make it a warm and welcoming space, full of style.

A cozy room decorated in neutral tones and wood

Interior design Jeanette Trensig

With the walls painted in an earthy green tone, the designer achieved a cozy room with exotic airs thanks to the wood of the furniture, the plants and other decorative accents.

A cozy room decorated in white and neutral tones

Interior design Judith Farran

Despite being painted in white, this room gives off warmth thanks to the textiles, such as the curtains in crude tones, sofa and cushions that create a cozy and bright space.

Tip: If your room is dimly lit, you can let go of the curtains. These remove light, even open. And if you don’t believe me, take the test. Also, the room will appear more spacious.

A cozy Nordic style room

Natalia Zubizarreta Interior Design | Photography Felipe Scheffel

Wood, neutral colors, designer furniture … Cozy, perfect, with the beautiful Shell Chair by Wegner, which you can buy here.

A cozy room decorated with wood and vegetable fibers

Interior design and photography Morephotogenic

The wood of the floor and furniture and the vegetable fibers of baskets and other accessories give warmth to this exotic room.

A cozy Nordic style room

Interior design and photography Dara Díaz de Nice Home BCN

Everything in neutral tones, from the sofa to the walls and the white curtains, but it is the right combination with warm colors, such as the coffee table, the armchair, carpet and cushions that transforms it into a cozy room, full of style.

A cozy and warm room

Lowy & Kantor Project

Another room with a beautiful design and a cozy, warm and very bright atmosphere. The image speaks for itself. It is the materials that flood it with warmth.

A cozy and warm room

Photography Felipe Scheffel

Another room designed by interior designer Natalia Zubizarreta, epitome of the elegance and warmth of contemporary spaces.

A cozy room with lots of wood

Photography Mauricio Fuertes | Interior design The Room Studio

This other room is painted gray, with earth-toned curtains, wooden floors, and a paneled wall with a matching wood frieze, plus the warmth of the textiles the armchairs wear injects good taste, style, and warmth.

A cozy design room

Photography Mauricio Fuertes | Interior design The Room Studio

It is the signature of The Room Studio, its hallmark: Elegance and warmth in the spaces.

A modern and cozy room

Interior design Nook Architects | Photography by Yago Partal

Again, it is the wood that makes this spacious room with a fireplace warm and inviting, in addition to the large source of natural light that enters through the curtainless windows and the light tones with which it has been decorated.

A modern and cozy room

Lumina Home Staging interior design

If you have wooden beams on the ceiling and you decide to leave them visible, you will have an ally to gain warmth in your room.

A modern and cozy room

Carlota Portavella Interior Design | Photography Josep Castillo

Even if you decide to go for Total White, very much in vogue nowadays, if you add enough wood the space will become warm. You also need good lighting, of course.

A modern and cozy room

Interior design Miriam Barrio

The textures also play in favor of warmth, combine them with style to achieve balance.

A modern and cozy room

Photography by Alfredo Arias

Terracotta colored clay floors are not very seen indoors, they are left more outdoors, but they have an innate warmth that can say a lot in our room.

A modern and cozy room

Photography Lupe Clemente | Interior design Lorena del Pozo

Exposed brick, whether new or aged and beautiful in reddish tones is also a great source of warmth for any space. Furniture and the iconic Arco lamp set the style.

A modern and cozy room

Photography Nicolás Photography

Naturally, if you have a modernist floor in earth tones you will have the task of adding warmth to the practically finished space.

A modern and cozy room

Interior design and photography Sílvia Caballero

If you opt for neutral tones, you can add strokes of warm colors, such as orange or red to gain warmth.

Room decoration photos

Let’s continue with what is cool, with the images for the decoration of rooms. Fast and effective. Take good note of the elements that make up each room, choose what you like best from one and the other to introduce it into yours; pay attention to the color with which the walls are painted and to the other colors with which the scene has been completed; look at its style, its curtains, the furniture, whether it is square or rectangular …, in short, pay attention and take advantage of this avalanche of inspiration; because photos are what can teach you the most. Then we will see tips, but meanwhile, take good note of all these photos of modern rooms.

Industrial cut, without windows and with the installation of the heating in sight. A mix between Nordic and industrial style, very attractive to decorate the room.

A modern room decorated with an exposed brick wall

Exposed brick painted white, an upward trend. With wooden floors to gain warmth, a dark gray sofa and a carpet of vegetal fibers.

Painted in beige, always warm and bright, with accents of blue, a fresh and bold color.

With an exposed brick wall and a large marbled carpet, achieving a look between industrial and contemporary bohemian.

modern room decoration

Photography Jonas Ingerstedt | Instagram @jonasingerstedt

In black tones for the most part. A totally valid decoration, but do not take risks if you do not have a lot of natural light.

modern room decoration

Interior design Nagwa Seif Interior Design

If you are looking for a fresh and cheerful room, turquoise is a good color to paint it. Here you can see 17 rooms painted in turquoise to inspire you.

A minimalist room decorated in neutral tones

Photography Nicolás Photographer

Austere, pretty, letting materials and furniture take center stage in a minimalist space, with the Vertigo lamp shining on the ceiling.

A modern room decorated in white

White Space Project | Photography Nina Antón

In white tones, even down to the ground, a full white in every rule.

A modern industrial-style room

Star of the Sickle Project

If you have the opportunity to preserve an exposed brick wall, even if they are old, they will give personality and character to the space.

A modern room decorated in white and wood

Photography Alejandro León

Even if you like total white, always try to add some wood or textiles to make the room more welcoming, unless you don’t mind. White is a cold and aseptic color. Very nice and always suitable for all spaces, but without a doubt, it is also a cold color.

A modern room decorated in minimalist white

Interior design Marta Estarriol | Photography @latzucac

Although it is a cold color, this coldness can be counteracted with wood and warm textiles, as we see in the room above these lines, practically white, with black accents on the CH24 chairs by Wegner, and neutral tones.

A modern room with built-in sofas

Cristina Pons Project | Photography Joan Gómez

With work sofas, wood-effect ceramic flooring, and light wood furniture. As decoration, green and yellow cushions and the beautiful Z1 Cotton Lamp by designer Nelson Sepúlveda, which you can buy here.

A modern room with modernist flooring

The Hall Studio Project | Photography José Hevia

Architectural elements such as the well-preserved original moldings, floors and windows are always a success.

A modern room with large format art

Photography KC Photography

Large format art is in vogue, even for small spaces. If you have bare walls, you can choose a large format picture, print or photograph to decorate them.

A modern blank room

Home Deco Project

Again, all blank. With the windows the light is multiplied by the room making it appear visually larger.

A modern white nordic style room

Photography KC Photography

Everything in neutral tones, Nordic style with the classic Eames chairs, but, yes, with the original modernist floor giving personality to the room.

A modern room with a desk on the wall

Live Study Project | Marc Ubach Photography

Eclectic style, with a practical and decorative desk very well adapted in the room. The rest, all decorated in neutral tones with a nice natural accent thanks to the large plant.

A modern and long room

Photography KC Photography

Long and narrow, well distributed to have a dining area and sofa area, exposing original construction elements such as the ceiling and floors.

A modern minimalist-style room

Natalia Zubizarreta Interior Design | Photography Felipe Scheffel

More minimalist, decorated in neutral tones, even the herringbone floor with wood-effect ceramics.

A modern room decorated in earth tones

Wifre Melendrez Photography

Painting the walls in earth tones is always a success to achieve a warm space. If it is what you are looking for, earth tones or sand colors, whatever you want to call them, will lay a perfect base to achieve it.

A modern industrial-style room

Photography Alvaro de la Fuente | La Reina Obrera Project

Wood and brick marry very well. If you add metal and wood in black you will have a beautiful soft industrial style.

A modern Ibizan style room

Homeplay Project | John Iteza Photography

Ibiza style, spacious, bright and all in white with successful blue nuances in textiles and natural in materials such as stone or wooden benches under the television.

A modern Nordic style room

2J Architecture Project

Nordic contemporary design, in neutral tones with blue accents and very bright thanks to the large window.

A modern room with a red brick wall

Although this room has an original brick wall, if you do not have and want, you can make use of wallpapers or other imitation wall tiles that have very successful finishes, without having to resort to a work.

A modern room with wallpaper and red brick wall

Photograph by Guillermo Cruzado

Naturally, wallpaper is another great option for decorating a room. Of course, you need smooth walls.

A modern room decorated in white

Habitaka Project | Photography Manu Luque

Colder but equally precious, this other room, decorated in white with blue accents and balanced by the wood on the floor.

A modern room with vaulted ceiling

Nice Home Barcelona Project

The beautiful vaulted ceilings always give presence and personality to any space, regardless of the style it looks.

A modern Nordic style room

Etxe & Co Project | Iñaki Caperochipi Photography

If you are looking for a room with contemporary decoration, here is a good example. A modern room, with certain Nordic touches, and well balanced, both in color and materials.

A modern white room with a blue mirror

Photography by Alejandro León | Interior design Vade Studio

Everything in neutral tones, mostly white, with successful touches of blue in lamps, mirrors and more.

A modern room with a laminated wooden wall

Sancal project and furniture

A somewhat unusual combination of materials to cover a room, but totally successful, resulting in a space with personality.

A modern room painted in off-white

Painted in off-white color, a very successful color to dress the walls without much presence, but without leaving them bare. It is a warm and cozy white.

A modern room in an elegant style

Elegant in style, with Mies van de Rohe Barcelona chairs in off-white and a mirrored coffee table, enhancing the space’s elegance and light.

A modern room with an exposed brick wall

With an exposed brick wall, concrete floor, windows with black aluminum, creating an industrial aesthetic, but lowered by the beautiful carpet and the coffee table in vegetable fibers.

It is obvious that in these modern rooms that we have just seen, a lot of money has been invested and that they are not decorated by a neophyte in the matter, but by professional decorators and interior designers; but all the ideas and concepts that we have seen for the decoration of rooms are perfectly extrapolated to your own space: the colors, the distribution and arrangement of the furniture and other elements, the compositions of the walls, the painting techniques, the decorative tips , etc., everything, you can enter in your space, whether you have a small, square or rectangular room. Let’s move on.

Diagrams and schemes to decorate the room

Normally if we want to redecorate the living room, we choose to introduce new elements, and, although it is a necessary resource, we can also choose to take advantage of what we already have. Maybe, just by removing some accessories or changing the arrangement of the furniture, the room acquires a new atmosphere. We cannot ignore this option, and, to show it in a simple way, here we see a diagram with different combinations on how to distribute furniture in a room.

distribute room furniture

photo | homesthetics

Before we have also seen how changing or adding a carpet, you could change the decoration of the living room. But the arrangement of the carpets also has its rules, its established parameters, and a bad staging of the carpet can ruin the decoration. These diagrams show clearly and simply how to put a carpet in a room, both in the living area and in the one that acts as a dining area.

diagram to correctly put the carpet in the room

diagram to correctly put the carpet in the room

photos | Mockpandlaceblog

In another of the images above, we saw how by creating a beautiful composition of paintings, frames or photographs, you could decorate a wall in a very beautiful way, and thus practically change the decoration of the room. And although it sounds redundant, hanging pictures is also an art. With this diagram over how to hang pictures and make different compositions on the wall, you will have much more clear.

hang pictures on wall

To see more graphic ideas and get more inspiration, you can see this article with 100 ideas to decorate with frames, pictures and photos.

As I mentioned earlier, wood has many shades and colors. Thus, we have a wide catalog of woods to choose from and create different environments. Whether it is wood for the floor, for the ceiling, for the furniture or to decorate the walls, here you have a great catalog of the most common woods.

So you can get an idea of ​​the colors to add to the room, both in furniture and on the floor, and know if they combine or not, with the other elements of the room. Wood always provides warmth, but also other nuances to consider.


photo | athenshardwoodfloors

Tips for decorating rooms

Follow your own style

It is the best thing you can do to complete the task of decorating the living room.

If we are going to start redecorating the room, it is normal that we feel a little lost, even overwhelmed by the amount of ideas, options and styles that we can introduce. To avoid this and have a good starting point, think carefully about what style you like, look for photos and ideas online; question, leave comments, etc. When you are clear about what style you want for your room, you can start looking for accessories, textiles and colors. Naturally, you can always leave me a comment right here, which I will be happy to help you with.

If you start decorating without having a clear idea, you will begin to introduce elements that you like, but when you put them together, they may not combine; You may even recharge your stay. Knowing the style and direction you have to follow, everything you enter will fit the first time; and you will know the way to go.

If you don’t know what style to choose or what it’s called, take a look at our category Decoration styles, In it you will find all the important decorative styles with their nuances, rules and, naturally, tips and images.

Once you have your style defined, you can start to introduce elements that complete this style such as paint, furniture, curtains, coffee table, dining table if there is space, etc.


Furniture is the most important part of a room. They last for many years and most are under constant use.

The starting point to introduce furniture when we talk about decoration of rooms, or lounges, is the sofa and other rest furniture such as armchairs, armchairs or chaise longue. The largest and most voluminous. From there, the rest of the elements. The sofa is the one that will guide you. So, if you have doubts about how to start furnishing, first choose and put the sofa where you like or where it suits you, then the rest will come alone.

Naturally, the sofa, in addition to being beautiful, has to be comfortable, very comfortable. Think about it in the long term because you will spend many hours and many years on this sofa. Let’s keep going.

Introduce the right furniture, appropriate to the style that goes with you and your family, and don’t overload the room.

Low cabinets are perfect for smaller spaces because they do not load the room as much.

Of course, measure before, compare and if you have a chance, try them out.

If you are looking for coffee or dining tables, you can take a look at all the ones we have published. They are modern in design and generally inexpensive. See all tables.


Curtains are another decisive factor in the final result of room decoration.


Double curtain curtain. Photo | Comfort

For the choice of curtains, we have to base ourselves, fundamentally, on two aspects: the first is that the curtain matches the chosen decorative style. The second, equal or more important, is to choose the curtain depending on the intensity and the graduation of the light that we want for our room.

The curtains adjust the light vertically and have a higher degree of graduation than the blinds. These adjust the light horizontally and generally allow more light to pass through. The decoration of a room, as well as any other room, is conditioned by light. So curtains play a very important role. Either to let the light pass or to cut it.

A tightly closed thick cloth curtain will block light from entering much better than a blind.

In addition to this, it should be borne in mind that the curtains filter the light that enters and wrap it in the color chosen in the curtain. Thanks to this you can create an enveloping atmosphere and filter the sunlight so that it affects the objects and accessories that we have in the room in one way or another.

You can learn more about curtains in these two articles: Different types of curtain to combat the cold and How to choose the right shade.


In this last section I would have liked to create a kind of consulting room, but I cannot introduce it in the article, so the comments you make with your doubts and suggestions will fill in this last section of this guide / article for the decoration of rooms. I read you, family;)

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