Quick and cheap changes to transform your bedroom this spring

The days get longer, more light enters the spaces and good weather breaks into our home. It is time for change. Join me and discover these changes to transform your bedroom quickly and economically and turn it into a fresh and happy place for spring. Let us begin.

Prepare the bed for summer

Turn the mattress over and vacuum it over its entire surface; Wash the pillows, cold if they are down, and hot if they are made of synthetic materials. With the bed clean, it is time to dress it for spring: Linen or cotton bedspreads, in terms of materials, since they are fresh and light. As for the design, everything depends on your tastes; the smooth ones never fail, if you want something more cheerful, the natural and tropical motifs are on the rise.

Save the Nordic

The whole set of La Redoute

It is over, it’s time to keep the warm and cozy Nordic until next year, but not in any way. First wash it, and then store it correctly, removing the air so that it bulges less and putting it in its original bag or, failing that, in a cloth bag so that it transpires, and store it in a dry and humidity-free place. Here you can see how to wash and store the duvet in more detail.

Carpet change

Alfombra de yute redonda para el dormitorio

From The Rug Lane

If a carpet is included in the decorative scene in your bedroom, change it to a lighter one that is suitable for the summer season. Natural fiber rugs like sisal, jute or bamboo are lighter and fresher, but they keep that warm and cozy feeling that rugs provide.

Wallpaper a wall

Dormitorio con papel pintado

Design and photography Tatertots and Jello

If you have smooth walls, without gotelé, take advantage and paper the wall of the headboard. It will take you a day to do and at a minimal cost, and the change in the bedroom will be radical. Tropical prints are very fashionable, we have seen them all over Casa Decor this year. They are fresh, exotic and very happy.

Add a plant

Plantas en el dormitorio

Antic & Chic interior design project

If you don’t have plants in the bedroom yet, it’s time for you to add some. They purify the air we breathe, beautify the space and are refreshing. In addition, along with the wallpaper and the natural fiber carpet, you will have a very exotic bedroom. Here you can see more ideas to decorate the bedroom with plants.

Let there be no lack of fresh flowers

Flores en el dormitorio

It is a very simple and economic detail, but it has enormous decorative and transforming power for our bedroom and for us. A beautiful vase with fresh flowers, brightens and gives color, in addition to flavoring the space.

Add a mirror

Dormitorio con espejo en el cabecero

Interior Decor Aid

If you don’t already have it, now is the perfect time to add a mirror to the bedroom, as it will enhance and multiply the increasingly abundant light that enters, making the bedroom visually larger. On the bed, on the dresser, in front of the bed, or standing, super practical.

Color accents

Añade color al dormitorio

Interior design Mos Estudio

No need to paint the walls or change all the bedroom textiles, you can add some color accents that will revitalize the bedroom. The freshest, the cold tones: blue, green, lavender … If you prefer the warm ones: reds, yellows and oranges.

Scent the bedroom

Do not forget about smell. Along with the flowers, you can also add some air freshener, such as the new Crystalline Fragrance candles; They are happy, add decoration and intoxicate the environment with a very fresh aroma. If you prefer the natural, bouquets of lavender or oranges with cloves will give a fresh and subtle touch to the whole bedroom and, if you put them inside the wardrobe, all the clothes will acquire a very pleasant olfactory nuance.

They are simple, fast and cheap changes that will make you have a well-prepared bedroom for this time, as well as helping you to fully enjoy it.

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