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Top 10 modern bedroom design trends and decoration ideas

Retro modern bedroom design

Retro modern bedroom design

Modern bedroom design trends and decoration ideas bring a balance of neutral colors and bright, rich accents, smooth surfaces and structured fabrics, stylish furnishings and traditional, comfortable decorative items. Modern bedroom design trends and decorating ideas for 2020 is a mix of trendy, fresh and exciting with familiar, relaxing and comfortable.
Creative and modern bedroom design trends and decorating ideas give fabulous opportunities to create unique interiors that reflect personality and show character, help to relax and create very stylish living spaces that make a statement.
Decoracionhouse shares beautiful photos that demonstrate the trends of modern bedroom designs in 2020 and provides great inspiration for experimenting with different furnishing ideas that create bright and cozy, balanced and harmonious, comfortable and stylish spaces.

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Modern bedroom design trends and decorating ideas

Modern bedroom design and decoration with bright rich colors

Modern bedroom design and decoration with bright rich colors

The mix of traditional with fresh, innovative and surprising adds a new look to the modern bedroom design and decoration in 2015.

1. Antique furniture, decorative accessories or details and decoration ideas in the bedroom inspired by medieval decor is one of the most interesting bedroom design trends, which creates an exciting fusion of styles and a modern mix of classic and modern.

Modern bedroom design and decoration with neutral colors

Modern bedroom design and decoration with neutral colors, bedroom design by i3 design group

Medieval decor ideas, paintings and tapestries can be combined with abstract paintings and works of art in a contemporary style. Antique furniture and decorative accessories enrich the modern bedroom design and decorate with contemporary furniture and lights. Carefully curved and carved wooden details harmonize in modern rooms with clear, clean lines. Bright accents underline the modern bedroom design in neutral colors.

Modern bedroom with accents from the Middle Ages

Modern bedroom with accents from the Middle Ages, bedroom design by Chris Nguyen, analogue dialogue

2. Retro modern bedroom design and decorating ideas include retro furniture, decor accessories, lights, and beautiful wallpaper from the 1960s.

Retro modern bedroom design and decoration ideas

Retro modern bedroom design and decoration ideas

Retro modern bedroom design and decoration ideas, bedroom design by Jamie Bush & Co.
3.Country decor ideas, crafts, and vintage pieces, such as an old sewing machine or DIY headboard design, homemade bed throws, quilts, or metal birdcages, combined with rustic wood and handmade furniture, lace, and textured bedding fabrics, define one of the most relaxing , most nostalgic and meaningful bedroom design trends for 2015.

Rustic wood and elegant natural bedroom colors

4. Small details and home decorations in golden colors, bright yellow accents and warm yellow tones are popular color trends when decorating modern bedrooms.

Golden decorations and yellow tones, modern bedroom ideasGolden decorations and yellow tones, modern bedroom ideas by Joel Dessaules Design

5. Beds with metal frames and interior design with metal mirror frames, chandeliers and bedside tables are modern bedroom design trends in 2015.

Metal home decorations, bird cages, modern bedroom decorating ideasMetal home decorations, bird cages, modern bedroom decorating ideas

6. Uniquely decorated lampshades bring fabulous designs into bedroom decor and create a very special atmosphere.

Yellow shades, unique decorative patterns, beautiful lamps for modern bedroom decorationYellow shades, unique decorative patterns, beautiful lamps for modern bedroom decoration, bedroom design by Jeffers Design Group

7. Wooden wall design and large windows with a wonderful view of the lush vegetation in the garden are big bedroom design trends that add natural and peaceful atmosphere to modern living spaces. Houseplants are simple and inexpensive decorations that change the overall atmosphere in the bedroom. Even small bedroom designs benefit from green houseplants, living wall designs or a creative vertical garden. All green colors can be used for modern bedroom design and decoration to add a relaxing look and natural feel that will refresh any bedroom.

Yellow shades, unique decorative patterns, beautiful lamps for modern bedroom decorationWood and classic elements of modern bedroom design and decoration

8. Tropical bedroom decorating ideas add exotic motifs and pleasant details to the modern bedroom design, and help people relax and rejuvenate while enjoying bright floral patterns and interesting green leaf shapes.

Oriental furnishing ideas and tropical themesOriental furnishing ideas and tropical themes. modern bedroom design trends 2015

9. Fresh flowers, simple bouquets and beautiful flower arrangements bring romance and elegance to modern bedroom design and decoration.

Natural wood and fresh flowers, modern bedroom decorating ideasNatural wood and fresh flowers, modern bedroom decorating ideas

10. Bright and rich bedroom colors give design trends a glamorous touch. Yellow tones and golden tones, light and deep purple tones or warm orange tones are popular choices to add striking accents to the modern bedroom design. Saturated and rich room colors are super modern bedroom design trends and decorations with bright accents add energy to calm and versatile neutral color schemes.

Rich bedroom colorsRich bedroom colors, modern interior design trends 2015, decorate bedrooms by RSVP Design Services

A touch of luxury – 27 ideas for open wardrobe systems

A touch of luxury - 27 ideas for open wardrobe systems

Are you a woman and dream of a room where you have lots of closets and thousands of clothes? Or are you a gentleman and would like to dress up like James Bond in a special room with lots of wardrobes? Imagine – the doors are open, the lights come on, and you can walk in and take the item of clothing you want off the hanger very easily. With the open wardrobe systems, the dream becomes a reality! You can only be part of the room or design an entire dressing room. The two variants bring a touch of luxury. The wardrobe systems look really spacious, but are also practical. You save space in your home and protect your clothes. If you want to convince yourself of the functionality of these open systems, take a look at our excellent examples.

Wardrobe systems in an elegant dressing room for fashion-conscious people

generous wardrobe systems

Many apartments have unused rooms, such as former children’s rooms or study rooms that are no longer required. The wardrobe systems offer a variety of options for designing your own dressing room. For this room you need an extra room in the apartment. If you have this, design the cabinet systems with enough shelves for shoes and bags. Another idea is that you divide the room into two – for you and for him.

Wardrobe systems integrated in the bedroom

Glasture wardrobe systems

If you lack an extra space, you don’t have to do without wardrobe systems. You can easily integrate them in the bedroom. According to designers, a walk-in closet system can be integrated into rooms with an area of ​​14 m². And there is plenty of space for shelves and cupboards. The cabinet system with glass doors looks particularly good. This is also a practical idea as they protect the clothes from the dust. The most important step in planning wardrobe systems is planning. Divide your dressing room into zones. Our tip in the open wardrobe system is only to put clothes that you put on every day. Use wall shelves for boxes in which you can put on these clothes that will only be used again in the next season.

An open sloping cupboard gets the best from the sloping ceiling and looks elegant

Dachraege wardrobe systems

No open wardrobe system should do without artificial lighting

Lighting in wardrobe systems

Let yourself be inspired by our creative and breathtaking examples

Installation system wardrobe systems

24 unique solid wood tables – unique by hand

24 unique solid wood tables - unique by hand

We can only describe solid wood tables in one word – as unique as you are! Only with these pieces of furniture can you print out your individualism and bring a personal touch to the interior! And that’s not all! Stable, robust, forever … that’s just a small part of the advantages of solid wood tables! Have you convinced yourself yet? Take a look at our creative ideas and excellent pictures!

Solid wood tables transform into your desired tables!

Solid wood tables are perfect for large rooms

How? Very easy! First, you have a huge selection – real wood tables, custom tables, dining tables, etc. you choose the model, there is also a choice of colors, even though it is unique. You configure your table yourself. Your individual solid wood table is tailored so that it satisfies your wishes and needs. You also have extras at your disposal. Different styles too …

Solid wood tables for every living style

Solid wood tables go very well with country style

When talking about solid wood, imagine a country style interior. But that’s not the case. The solid wood tables have been a trend in modern design in recent years and work excellently in a minimalist design. Our picture gallery will convince you!

A form that tells a story …

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Solid-wood-tables-made-of-natural-wood-with-a-modern-design-are-a-trend.jpeg

The new solid wood tables no longer look so aristocratic and are no longer produced in just one form. The best thing is that the modern form has preserved an old touch that tells the story. That is exactly what makes us happy. A myth: the shape is more suitable for large rooms. Yes, of course everyone dreams of a long table made of solid wood, for example three meters long, for ten people, in front of which there are large plates of food. The small solid wood tables should not be underestimated. They look even warmer and more cozy and go perfectly with the country style. Before we said that the new trend is solid wood in a minimalist design. Why? Because of the shape! Clear and simple, just like the characteristics of minimalism.
You can dance all night on such a solid wood table!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Solid-wood-tables-are-robust-and-stable.jpeg

How to grow orchids – Tips to have and maintain

How to grow orchids - Tips to have and maintain
These tips I took from producers and following them you will know how to grow orchids and, most importantly, keep them for a long time! Many people fall apart because orchids don’t bloom or rot and die. There are still those who win orchids and, when they lose their flowers, throw them away because they don’t bloom anymore. Shall we change that?
We received many questions from some of our followers in the Instagram about how to grow orchids. THE Leila Antunez, a Fernanda Menicucci and the Bruna Pires were some.
veranda with vertical garden
Photo: casatreschic – Debora Aguiar Project

The ideal environment for the orchid

First, research what the natural habitat of the chosen speciesand then try to get closer, in some way, to this type of environment. This is the best way to maintain and grow your orchid, whatever species.
orchid kokedama
orchid kokedamas – Expoflora
Although there are thousands of species such such as terrestrial orchids, epiphytes (support themselves on logs without harming them) and there are hundreds of variables, the main care are:
1. The sun it must be the one in the morning, type 6 to 8 in the morning, and that’s it. Very weak.
2. Keep your orchids in place with clarity and ventilation (not strong winds).
Vase with orchids
Vase with orchids – Expoflora
3. Watering it has many variables, for example: pot, plant age, number of roots, etc. Wet it well your orchids but never let water puddle. Irrigation varies by region because our country is huge and has a varied climate. Observe the needs in your region. Growing orchids you need some research, but when you find the right way, they correspond with great beauty. Put water in a bucket and let it rest overnight before watering to evaporate the chlorine (soft water). Never put ice.
wall vase for orchid
wall vase for orchid – Elo7

The best substrate for orchids

Use substrate suitable for orchids that is made with pine, coal and moss bark. Do not use soil, unless your orchid is terrestrial, such as the bamboo orchid, for example. Even so, the substrate must contain the items above, beyond the very organic land.
time to replant orchid
Photo: iracemafontes

How to replant orchids in pots

Carefully remove your orchid from the pot; give the vase a squeeze to release.
When changing the vase, the new one should be at most 2 fingers bigger than the old one. Orchids like to be tight.
The vase can be plastic, ceramic, clay, wood or any other material, provided you have enough holes underneath that is porous. DO NOT LEAVE WATER (be very careful, especially if you use plastic vases, which do not let water pass through the holes) Add a new substrate.
orchid in tree
Photo: gardening

How to plant planting orchids on trees

Carefully remove your orchid from the pot; give the vase a squeeze to release.
Fix your orchid on a trunk, branch or branch of the tree. Tie with string or sisal without hurting it. Use coconut or sphagnum straw to accommodate it.
Falenopsis orchid
Falenopsis orchid

How to fertilize orchids

You can make use of the organic fertilizer called bokashi which will assist in growth and flowering and just one teaspoon on the edge of the pot once a month. But the ideal is to make a ball sachet with 2 teaspoons of bokashi that you can leave on the edge of the vase or tie to that orchid on the tree. It should be wet during watering and will last for about 2 months.
orchid vanda
vanda orchid

The most orchids popular

1- Falenópsis or Phalaenopsis x hybridus (epiphyte)
2- Vanda or Vanda sp (epiphyte)
3- Doll’s eye or Dendobrium nobile (epiphyte)
Orchid doll's eye Dendobrium nobile
Photo: Doll’s Eye Orchid or Dendobrium nobile – Orquideasblog
Some examples of Terrestrial orchids
1. Popcorn orchid or Ludisia discolor (goes very well in terrariums)
orchid popcorn ludisia discolor in vase
Photo: orchid popcorn – ludisia discolor – orquideasjph

2- Bamboo orchid or Arundina bambusifolia (Sunny is a requirement to grow this orchid)

bamboo orchid - Arundina bambusifolia - in the pool
bamboo orchid in the pool (on the wall in red) – CasaAbril

3- Booties or Paphiopedilum leeanum (Needs half shade)

little shoe orchid - paphiopedilum leeanum
orchid shoe

4- Cimbidium or Cymbidium hybrid (needs half shade)

Cimbidium orchid
Photo: comocuidardeorquideas – Cimbidium orquidea
5- Sobrália or Sobralia macrantha (Need half leftover or full sun)
orchid sobralia - Sobralia macrantha
Foto_ Orchid Sobralia – orchidgarden
6- Orchid orchid or Spathoglottis unguiculata (Needs half shade or full sun)
Grapete Orchid - Spathoglottis unguiculata
Photo: Orchid-grapete – Spathoglottis unguiculata – orchidgarden
Of the 35 thousand species of orchids that beautify the planet Earth and the 100 thousand hybrid species that exist, only one genus is food; is the Vanilla genre of which vanilla (Vanilla planifolia) is part of. Yes, did you know that vanilla is an orchid? It is a terrestrial climbing orchid.
vanilla orchid - Vanilla planifolia
vanilla orchid – Vanilla planifolia – Photo: Malcolm Manners – site: tropical.Theferns
Despite all this information, I consider orchids to be very independent species and the less you mess around the better. So, test it and give us news about your orchids.

Retro Bathroom: 40 Decorating Options Full of Elegance and Delicacy

Retro Bathroom: 40 Decorating Options Full of Elegance and Delicacy

1. The retro bathroom is the right bet for those who want to revisit the past

2. It nostalgically pays homage to certain aspects of decor that were successful years ago

3. It ends up being an excellent option for those looking for a unique and original environment when it comes to decorating

4. Adds a charming touch to home decor

Via: Our Conquest Apê 04

5. Investing in some pieces it is possible to create a charming and cozy environment

? Don’t Miss Bathroom Wallpaper

6. Every detail is very important to have a retro atmosphere

Via: Luíza Fagundes

7. Pastel tones go well with this style

8. Stickers for tiles and furniture and wallpapers can help you achieve the desired effect without much work

9. Whether in a single color or with prints, with the old tiles you will dynamize the look of the environment

10. Retro bathroom tiles

11. Retro-style floors and coverings are super hot

12. The subway tile today is already a retro classic widely used in bathrooms of this style

13. Small retro bathroom decor

14. Every retro decor has mirrors

15. You can make countless combinations with mirrors

Via: Fernanda Ferlauto
? See also Bathroom Cabinets

16. Mirrors with different frames, usually coated in gold or copper are the most common

17. In addition, mixing retro elements with a more modern decor usually works very well

Via: Fernanda Cecílio

18. Delicacy in the details makes the decoration a charm and stands out at home

19. To make a retro bathroom, a major renovation is not necessary, just invest in the right accessories

20. It brings together elements such as hydraulic tiles, tiles, colored tiles and a bathtub

Via: GMS
? Take a look at: Bathroom Floors

21. Retro bathroom cabinet

22. Retro bathtub

23. Retro bathroom sink

24. Retro faucet for bathroom

25. Retro bathroom set

26. Retro bathroom tub

27. Retro bathroom cabinet

28. Retro bathroom cabinet

29. Retro baby bath

30. The retro bathtub can be purchased at Mercado Livre and has an average price of R $ 1,700.00

31. Retro Victorian bathtub

32. Retro bathroom sink

33. Retro style bathroom

34. Retro bathroom trash can

35. Retro frame for bathroom

36. Pink retro bathroom

37. Blue retro bathroom

38. Modern retro bathroom

39. Retro decor is increasingly desired

40. The retro style is a trend and will make your bathroom much more charming

After enjoying these 40 retro bathroom inspirations for your home, enjoy and also look at Modern Black and White Bathrooms and Marble Bathrooms. And if you want to know what the value and with whom to do it, check it out: Estúdio Projetar, Fernanda Cecílio and Fernanda Ferlauto Arquitetura to make your budget!

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