New ultra-relaxing showers with hansgrohe PowderRain technology

New ultra-relaxing showers with hansgrohe PowderRain technology

Despite the fact that changing the bathtub for a shower tray has its advantages, it is true that over time you may miss the pleasure of relaxing with a bath. It is something that is not usually done much when you have the bathtub, but it is missing when it has been removed and replaced by a shower, which did not usually provide that degree of relaxation.

Until now, since the Hansgrohe firm has released its latest technology in showers called PodwerRain, which converts water into thousands of microdroplets, achieving unique sensations and benefits, as we will see below.

Hansgrohe's PowderRain

The latest PowderRain technology incorporated into your showers causes the jet of water to expel thousands of microdroplets that literally wrap around the body instead of falling on it, as ordinary water jets do, thus providing a sensuous and highly sensual showering experience. pleasant.

Not only does it have this advantage, also, thanks to the microdrops, the splash effect is considerably reduced, and the shower screen and walls are less wet and dirty, as we can see in the following image where three different jets are shown, including jet with PowderRain.

Hansgrohe's PowderRain

In addition, Hansgrohe’s PowderRain technology also reduces noise from falling water. Instead of hitting the tray and the shower screen, the water falls gently, and that is the only sound we hear: that of the water falling delicately, adding comfort to the bathroom.

This technology is present both in the fixed shower head and in the hand shower control.

On the other hand, the jet achieved with this new mode is also designed to clarify the shampoo in an unmatched way, also from the fixed sprayer as well as from the hand shower control, and we can see it in this video from the firm.

To select the PowderRain technology when we are showering, we can do it from the Shower Select thermostat, from the Shower tablet Select, or from the remote control of the hand shower, thanks to the intuitive Select button, which allows you to easily choose the type of jet.

Thus, PowderRain, the latest technology from Hansgrohe, joins the one already released by the firm, as its latest novelty, being part of the different modes already available that the brand provides us for showering, and which are also chosen, using the Select button:

Rain shower mode

The Rain shower mode, as its name indicates, causes the jet to expel water in the form of heavy rain, with intensity, to achieve a toning and fresh sensation. This mode is also designed to rinse the shampoo from the hair effectively and quickly.

Whirl shower mode

Whirl shower mode causes the hand shower control to expel a concentrated and powerful stream of water that massages the body releasing tension. But the jet does not come out straight. Hansgrohe technology and Whirl mode make the jet rotate, simulating the fingers of a masseuse.

All these types of spray are controlled quickly and easily by means of the simple and intuitive Select button added on the hand shower control, or, if we decide to install it, also from the RainSelect control unit.

Hansgrohe's PowderRain

With this range of jets, including the new PowderRain technology, the single and simple water jet becomes obsolete, and the showers become somewhat more pleasant, achieving a degree of relaxation comparable to that of a classic bath in the bathtub.

If you’ve recently switched from a bathtub to a shower tray and are missing a relaxing bath, all you need is a Hansgrohe shower that incorporates this technology.

Did you know the latest Hansgrohe technology, PowderRain for the shower? Did you know that there were different jets of water for the shower with this degree of versatility?

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