Ideal Ceramics for Kitchen Walls

Ideal Ceramics for Kitchen Walls

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How about knowing what ideal ceramic for kitchen wall? Also known as tiled floors, because of its temperature, the ceramic has a huge list of advantages, among which is its great durability, price and practicality in terms of cleaning. The choice of the ideal ceramic for each type of room is given by a standard table of specifications called PEI and the most suitable for walls is PEI 0. The most known types of ceramics are tiles and tiles, both because of the value and also the ease of cleaning and durability. Check out the beautiful inspirations of this material in the kitchen below:

1. The ceramic tile on the wall highlighted the neutral tones of this kitchen. A tablet list with the same style as the picture costs R $ 16.90 at Ferreira Costa

2. The half wall coating is a luxury and super modern, this ceramic costs around R $ 69.90 per 10x20cm

3. Another example of how a ceramic wall makes a difference in a kitchen

4. Different ceramic prints composing the kitchen wall

5. Ceramic is known for being a glazed surface because it is enameled and this is also one of the reasons why it is anti-allergic

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6. Earthy tint in combination with kitchen furniture, extremely easy to clean, great ceramic advantage

7. Colorful, different, modern and beautiful ceramics. Tile with a similar style costs R $ 39.92, 3 sheets, in Americanas.

8. Azulejo is a type of ceramic used worldwide, bringing a great history with it is a perfect style to use in the kitchen

9. Mosaic-style ceramic tiles

10. Inserts with metallic style, this effect that the ceramic glaze gives is incredible, perfectly matching the Provencal style of this kitchen

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11. The layout of the ceramics in this kitchen is different and perfect, it gives a feeling of space being larger, the piece in this style with 34cmx60cm costs on average R $ 31.92

12. Simple blue-colored ceramics brought the kitchen to life

13. Ceramics with darker tones combined with predominant kitchen wood

14. The cost benefit of the ceramic is incredible, the piece similar to this 45 × 45 cm costs on average R $ 9.99

Via: ArchiExpo

15. The ceramic pattern of this cooperative kitchen is perfect

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16. White ceramic is a great option if you want a cleaner style in your home.

17. It was a perfect choice to use the same style of tile for the floor

Via: Pointer

18. Small kitchen with colorful ceramic

Via: Burguina Ceramics

19. American kitchen with ceramic wall

20. Another style of ceramic in half wall, a perfect choice

Via: Hometeka

We hope you enjoyed these beautiful ceramic inspirations for your kitchen wall! But don’t stop here, take a look at Planned Kitchen Cabinets and Planned Kitchen in L!

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