Design trends 2020: Breathtaking interior illusions in design Design trends 2020: Breathtaking interior illusions in design
Illusions become a new universal design trick. They not only show your originality, they also play a functional role: enlarging the space, dividing, masking... Design trends 2020: Breathtaking interior illusions in design

Illusions become a new universal design trick. They not only show your originality, they also play a functional role: enlarging the space, dividing, masking boundaries, accentuating, distributing light, maintaining attention. Above all, the old tricks of enlargement sometimes cause boredom, so clever architectural solutions with optical illusions climb on design trends 2020 trends’ top!
Despite some complexity, new decoration ideas are available for everyone!
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Discover them in our article «Design trends 2020: breathtaking interior illusions in design».
Internal illusions: geometry
Interior illusions: background images
3D interior illusion wallpapers have already become common. But 2020 years ago characterized by photo wallpapers, macro photos with 3D effect.
Design trends in 2020 brought new decoration ideas – simple geometric shape aesthetics. When you come in, thinking that you see relief walls rather than walking closer or touching them, understand that it is a flat surface – the mission of your design is accomplished!
3D-geometric-wallpaper-interior-illusions-interior-design-2018-new-decoration-ideas-design-trends 2018
Illusion of perspective
It is recommended if you want to avoid the parallelism of cover walls or if you want to set an original accent. We advise against thinking of new decoration ideas with professional designers or architects. Consider the following points:

vertical lines make “higher”;
horizontally directed – “larger”;
the darker color goes deeper than the light one;
bright colors come into play on a dark background;

Perspective-Illusions-Interior-Illusions-Interior-Design-2018-New-Decoration-Ideas-Design-Trends 2018

The imitation of 3D shapes completely transforms the room: it achieves a competent combination with the hues of a tone;
geometrically shaped lights on the ceiling make it dynamic and roomier;
Lights on walls make the ceiling appear lower;
specially shaped chandeliers create a new reality tonight – light and shadow «drawings»;

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bright colors make it possible to get “different” rooms day and night;
LED lights under furniture great details create flying effect.

New decoration ideas: trance effect
Geometric trance
Repeating figures draw a certain attention to the defocus effect. Use these inner illusions carefully! Your abundance, especially on walls and ceilings, should be in the bathroom where you need to relax, but not in the work area! You will disrupt concentration.
If you like this option in other rooms, use it only for floors or their parts. Choose better black and white options. They are softer for human eyes.
Design trends 2020: urban theme
3D city map or bird’s eye view photo goes for the ceiling or sometimes walls. The same trick actually looks “from below” with the photo, use it only for walls. Such a ceiling picture will look oppressive.
Urbanistic-Interior-Illusions-Interior-Design-2018-New-Decoration-Ideas-Interior Illusions
Such new decorating ideas are intended to break the familiar foundations and develop imagination. Dream boldly!
Design trends 2020: architectural mysticism
Portal to another world

Faux Windows previously appeared in many European royal residences. Now the mystical trend should come back, sometimes enriched by modern technologies!


Simple inner illusions came from centuries past admired! What is behind shutters? Your guests should be surprised to see mirrors there! Such a trick creates a magical sense of multidimensionality.
Reflect light in the mirror for an even more mystical effect. Two mirrors facing each other confuse the eye!
Try new decorating ideas based on previous ones. Simulate windows without shutters on a simple wall with drawing frames. Place light box with beautiful landscape inside. At the end of the corridor, it looks very efficient.
Use the same trick for the built-in closet funny masking.
Draw surrealistic canvas on the wall or furniture. Perspective feeling should evoke a feeling of reality.

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New decorating ideas; Glitch in the matrix
Look and … repeat! Completely symmetrical room design or some parts of identical repetitions attract attention at the moment! Such new decoration ideas will not be boring if they are well thought out. But we guarantee – nobody could pass indifferently without thinking about this unexpected phenomenon. Is this your idea or a strange coincidence? Leave room for humor and give vague answers.
Interior illusions: Secrets guards
Each secret has its own meaning and story … Some secrets should be private, but some need to be revealed …
Rotating walls. Private zone!

It is a new interpretation of the secret doors. Do you want to keep a zone private? Your room design should contain the same clay walls, with one of them being a rotating door!
Seams should be invisible so that your guests never suspect that you have a secret room behind the wall.
Recent smart home trends, especially popular among high-tech enthusiasts, brought new rotating wall concepts. First idea – remote control instead of pressing. Others connected to smartphones, voice control, etc.
Design Trends 2020 enables the same tricks with simple doors, built-in closets, etc.

Rotating walls-interior-illusions-interior-design-2018-new-decoration-ideas-new decoration ideas
At first glance, a metal lamp tube above the bar counter seems to be a technological element in the kitchen. However, when electricity is lit, this pipe shows an elegant, moderately pompous crystal chandelier! This is a cool way to combine industrial and classic design trends in 2020!
Chandelier-Inside-the-Pipe-Interior-Illusions-Interior-Design-2018-New-Decoration-Ideas-New Decoration Ideas
New decorating ideas: break the system!
Levitation effect
What about books floating in the air? Design trends 2020 give this chance! In fact, it’s thin «invisible», but strong metal frame on the wall, the escape interior illusions. Also try this technology for shelves of different shapes.
Fly Furniture-LED Effect-Interior-Illusions-Interior-Design-2018-New-Decoration-Ideas
Stylish confusion
Confuses surface where some material should traditionally be laid. For example, use parquet boards for doors or walls. This resistant material is erased much later than ordinary colors or wallpaper.
Tricky furniture
These inner illusions are achieved through geometry and printing tricks. Soft sofa with sharp edges and corners and realistic wood prints looks like real bench! Structured curtains could … only be printed on a solid surface!
Hovering-shelves-bench-simulation-interior-illusions-interior-design-2018-new-decoration-ideas-new decoration ideas
Anamorphic typography
This is work for real professionals! Anamorphic typography, created by 21-year-old Joseph Egan, wins millions of art lovers. This trend is intended for creative, young-at-heart people.
They are words and phrases that are painted on several volume surfaces – layers so that they can only be read from a certain point of view, from a special point of view. If you don’t find it, everything will look like chaotically scattered brushstrokes, doodles, stains, figures.
Anamorphic-Typography-Interior-Illusions-Interior-Design-2018-New-Decoration-Ideas-New Decoration-Ideas
So miracles are possible in every house with professional architecture and design help! Hopefully our article “Design trends 2020: breathtaking interior illusions in design” awakened your carving for magic!
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