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To finish completing the aesthetics of a bathroom, it is the small details, the accents, such as the taps, with which we manage to close that scene in the best possible way. There is no use writing one of the most beautiful poems in the world, if we do not add the accents or other punctuation marks, right? The same thing happens in decoration. And in the bathroom, the taps are those little punctuation marks that round off the scene.

Design faucet

Luckily, today, designer taps are available to everyone. New models full of style, designed for current bathrooms, like these that I have collected and we will see below. They are special taps for modern bathrooms, which fit in all environments, designed by the best bathroom firms. Are you looking for a designer tap for your new bathroom? Come with me and discover these that I have selected.

Aroha de Taps Galindo

Design faucet

The firm Griferías Galindo has one of the most popular catalogs in terms of design taps. And among many of them, the Aroha model is a contemporary design faucet, very elegant, which is suitable for any modern bathroom, finishing the scene with sophistication. In addition, the Aroha faucet is also available in matte black, a trendy finish in sinks.

Hansgrohe metris

Design faucet

Following the line of modern design taps for bathrooms of the same cut, the hansgrohe brand is another specialist in this regard, and the Metris model with its award-winning design has innovative technology and comfort of use. Its elegant minimalist aesthetic with chrome surfaces with precise edges make it a remarkable element in any modern bathroom.

Bau Edge Grohe

Design faucet

Another of the world brands of bathroom products par excellence, Grohe, also has to its credit a huge catalog of designer taps, among which we can find the BauEdge model. A design faucet with a classic elegant style, inspired by the classic rounded lines to achieve a modern silhouette that fits in any modern bathroom today.

Galindo Faucets Marble Collection

Design faucet

Once again with the firm Griferías Galindo, we see one of their latest taps, which belongs to the Marble Collection, where there are also taps for bidets, showers and bathtubs, where the taps stand out mainly for their marble base; a unique and unrepeatable piece, in black or white, with a sculptural design suitable for any space, but specially designed for sophisticated bathrooms with an exclusive presence.

Grohe’s Courtyard

Design faucet

For a modern bathroom but reminiscent of a more classic atmosphere, the Grohe signature Atrio tap is the perfect candidate to finish off the scene. Thanks to its classic shapes adapted to the new times, it is possible to give a classic touch to the most modern bathrooms of today. It is a tap with a lot of personality.

Clever Faucets Ventu

Design faucet

The firm Griferías Clever has been manufacturing taps for more than 40 years, among other elements for the bathroom, and already has in its catalog some of the most attractive taps on the market, such as the Ventu model. A design faucet with a radical and extreme style, with a slightly inclined body, with sharp edges, making its design look like a diamond, perfect to complete the aesthetics of any modern bathroom today.

Kily de Griferías Galindo


And we close this collection of design taps for modern bathrooms with the Kily model, also from Galindo Taps. A tap with refined and elegant lines that adapts to all kinds of environments, thanks to its original design with a wavy handle. A model that decorates providing functionality and ergonomics.

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