Decorate the house with Minions


The minionsThese cute characters from the animated film Gru, my favorite villain, have become quite a childish (and not so childish) icon in recent years. The merchandising of these adorable puppets continues to reach a very high number of sales, and it is not surprising, since it contains a wide variety of assortment ranging from clothing (t-shirts, hats and slippers among others), to toys or home decor items like vinyls, bedding, mugs, alarm clocks, etc.


If you also love Minions, today at Mil Ideas we have prepared some ideas and suggestions to decorate the house with them. We are going to see these possible decorations so fun and original.

Vinyls to decorate the kitchen refrigerator.

how-to-decorate-kitchen-fridge-vinyl-home-minionsThe kitchen can be a good place where you can bring that fun touch that the Minions undoubtedly guarantee. These vinyls, in addition to being very beautiful and providing originality, are very economical, are special for the fridge and can be placed in the way that we like. See Minions vinyls

Children’s bedding “Minions”.


A quick and nice way to decorate a children’s or youth bedroom with the Minions, is using bedding. There are duvet covers to use in winter, with which the covers for pillows and cushions usually come as well. They are not usually excessively expensive, and we can find them in any textile store or more comfortably online. If you want to see or buy more Minions bedding, click here >>

Vinyls to decorate the walls of the children’s room with “Minions”.


As long as we have smooth walls, the simplest and most original option is to decorate them with decorative vinyl. As I say, the walls have to be smooth, since if they have a gotelé, the vinyl or sticker will not be able to adhere properly nor will the drawing have the desired shape. The fun touch is already provided by these adorable puppets, and they can be placed anywhere in the most original way. If you want to see or buy these vinyls, we have found them on Amazon at a very good price, you can click here to see them.

Minions themed children’s bedroom.


Although this image belongs to a Loews Portofino Bay hotel room, In Orlando, we can get a lot of ideas out of it by looking at the details. Beds may be the most difficult thing to do, but if you are DIY lovers or real handymen, it can be a challenge for you. For the curtains they have used colored fabrics “yellow minion“And at the top as you see, they have made a yellow and blue stripe as their work overalls, and in the center, they have included an image of the eyes with the glasses, which you can do with cardboard and paint, yes you are good at drawing. The walls are vinyl, since as I said before, it is one of the simplest ways to decorate a children’s bedroom. In short, we can turn a boring room into a fun and original bedroom, yes, it will take money and effort, but we will undoubtedly achieve incredible results.

Minions computer mouse pad.


Study rooms can also get a fun touch in the simplest and cheapest way. Going around Amazon, I have found a host of very suggestive and original computer mouse mats. If you want to see more or buy them, you can click here >>
Minions living room painting.


But if we are looking for something more … elegant, sophisticated or for a more adult decoration, we can also make use of the Minions even if it seems not to, for example we can use this original painting. As you can see, although the painting is clearly childish, it is in a context more appropriate for adults and looks fantastic.

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