Decorate a rental kitchen. Photos, ideas and tips

Do you live for rent and have a bland, boring, ugly or styleless kitchen? Very probably it is not as you would really like to have your kitchen decorated and among the some drawbacks that living for rent has, is, many times, that of not being able to personalize or decorate each room of the house, in this case the kitchen, as we would like.

But that is not a reason, much less to stop adding style and our own decorative touch to the kitchen. It is true that there are limitations, but we also have many decorative options, which we will see below, with which we can decorate the kitchen of the rental apartment where we live, without disturbing the landlord and that when we leave, we can easily remove them and with minimal effort without a trace. Let’s see these ideas and solutions to decorate a rental kitchen.

Let’s start with the walls.

Minnete Hand Photography

If the walls are covered in tile, we cannot paint them, even if the landlord let us paint them. But we can add small decorative vinyls, in the form of dots, for example, as we see in the image above these lines, to create a beautiful decorative pattern that covers the walls. Also, if the tiles are old, it will hide their outdated style, making us pay more attention to the vinyls than to the tiles.

The one that says dot stickers, says stickers or vinyl of crosses, of triangles or larger vinyl that almost occupy a wall.

If the vinyl is glued on tiles, removing it is very simple and, if any glue remains, a little paper dampened in solvent will come out the first time. It will take us 5 minutes to peel off the vinyl and leave the wall as it was; well a little over 5 minutes, but it’s worth it, isn’t it?

If the walls are plaster we can also glue the vinyls.

Vinilos para la cocina

Beautiful minimalist kitchen vinyl by LoveVinilos

It is true that after removing the vinyl we will probably peel off the old paint, but with a little caking and a few more coats of paint, the wall will look like new. This option is already valued by you, if it compensates you or not. But keep in mind that if you put vinyls on the paint, chances are that after taking it off you will have to paint.

If the idea of ​​vinyl does not appeal to you too much, you can paint the kitchen walls and when you leave, if the landlord does not like the color, you change it.

In my last rental apartment, the kitchen was ugly white, and I asked the owner if she could paint the walls. He said yes, so I painted them a very elegant pale gray. When I was leaving the apartment, the owner saw the kitchen and decided that she did not like the color. “Don’t worry, Mrs. Carmen, that I paint it blank as I had it.” It is what I said and did. Yes, it took me longer to move, but the two years I was living in that house, the kitchen had a color that I felt comfortable with.

Let us now turn to the furniture. And it is that the furniture of a kitchen of a rental apartment can also be decorated or change the style if we do not like them.

With vinyls.

Vinilo para muebles de cocina

As you may well know, there are vinyls of a thousand different designs. Surely you find one that suits your decor. Like the one we see in the image of Chispum.

To remove it you will have to do the same as on the tile wall. I mean, very little.

Of course, if glue remains on the furniture, do not use solvent or white spirit to remove it as on the tiles, since the solvent will probably damage the varnish or the original color of the furniture. It will cost a little more, but with water and a scouring pad gently rubbing, the glue that remains on the furniture also comes out.

Aironfix vinyl.

Vinilo aironfix para los armarios de la cocina

Photo Dulceisalao

This other vinyl is a vinyl roll with many and very varied finishes. Both in color and texture, since we can find aironfix vinyl with matte, glossy finishes, velvet texture and infinity of colors.

With this vinyl we can relatively easily change the integral aspect of kitchen furniture, as we see in the image above of these lines where an aironfix vinyl covers wooden cabinets. Here you can see and buy aironfix vinyl rolls.

To remove it you have to pull it as if you were taking off any other traditional decorative vinyl. If traces of glue remain, they should be removed carefully, using water and a scouring pad.

If your landlord allows you to go further. Congratulations, then you have two great possibilities to change the design of the furniture. How? With wallpaper and paint.

Wallpaper to decorate the kitchen furniture of a rental apartment.

Decorar cocina de alquiler

Photography Up to Date Interiors

Have you seen what most spectacular cuisine? It is thanks to the wallpaper that the tenant put on the front of the cabinets.

Surely, the day you have to remove it you will have to spend a few good hours moistening it and removing strips of paper, but if the owner has given you permission …

Paint the kitchen furniture of a rental apartment.

To remove it you have to pull it as if you were taking off any other traditional decorative vinyl. If traces of glue remain, they should be removed carefully, using water and a scouring pad.

If your landlord allows you to go further. Congratulations, then you have two great possibilities to change the design of the furniture. How? With wallpaper and paint.

Wallpaper to decorate the kitchen furniture of a rental apartment.

Una cocina con los muebles pintados de blanco

The 36th Avenue Photography

This is the most radical decorative option. There is no going back here. Once they are painted that will be their color for many years, until they are thrown away or until they are repainted.

In this case, naturally, we have to speak to the owner. If you allow us to paint the furniture, it is best to reach an agreement regarding the color, and find one that is a medium that satisfies both parties, so that when you leave the apartment you do not have to repaint the furniture with the owner’s preferred color.

What else can we do to decorate the kitchen of a rental apartment? Many more things.

Renew the floor with sheets or vinyl flooring.

Antes y después cambio suelo vinílico en cocina

If the rental kitchen floor is ceramic, we can use vinyl flooring. As the talented Sandra has done, by installing vinyl flooring in her kitchen, on top of the old tiles. We see it in the image above. In addition, he has documented the entire process, and we can see on his blog how to put vinyl flooring in the kitchen step by step. The truth is that you have had a beautiful kitchen and the change has been radical, don’t you think?

This type of rubber, rubber or vinyl flooring has a very, very simple installation. It is not a great floor that will last us a lifetime, but it does allow us to have a nice and like new floor for a small price and that anyone can install it, with a minimum of interest, since you only have to stick it tile to tile as if they were stickers, following a specific order, making cuts and paying attention to the manufacturer’s instructions. Here you can read and learn more about vinyl flooring and how to install it.

If the floor is made of wood or already has vinyl flooring, we cannot use this type of floor since when we are going to take it off, we can have serious problems, both with wood and vinyl flooring.

If we have glued the floor in ceramic, we will not have any problem, or at least, we should not have any. All you have to do is pull the glued tiles together to remove them. With some tile models, we may have to throw a lot or it will cost us more. It is not because of the tile but because of the ultra strong glue that they carry. Still, they can be removed.

If glue remains, depending on what type of glue it is, we will remove it easily, with water if the glue is water-based, and if it is not, with a little solvent and a rag, which will not affect at all the color of the tile.

Let’s continue with more ideas to decorate a rental kitchen.

The complements.

Una cocina a todo color con los complementos

Photography @alexandra

This is where we can expand further, since everything we add can be removed without any problem and used in our new home. We can add color, elegance, symmetry, or any other concept or decorative resource with accessories. Look at this kitchen.

It is a very beautiful, colorful and cheerful kitchen, and it is due for the most part to all the accessories there are. As we can see, with different accessories we can endow a kitchen with style and personality and make it a little more ours.

And I am not just referring to typical kitchen decorative accessories such as fruit bowls, roll holders, bowls, tables, bowls, or cutlery; but also, even the handles of the cabinets and the taps.

If we do not like the tap or the handles, we can replace them with ones that we buy and when we leave, just replace the ones that were there. When you remove the old ones, keep all the parts in boxes, and label them if necessary so that later you will have no trouble reinstalling them.

As you can see, complaining that the kitchen in the rental apartment where you live is very ugly and does not fit with your style, it is more an excuse than a reality. There are many ways, and we have seen them, to decorate that kitchen without disturbing the landlord.

And these ideas that we have seen for the kitchen, we can extrapolate to all the rooms of the rental home, in fact in Mil Ideas de Decoracion we have already explored them and you can see them in this article with more than 40 ideas to decorate a house for rent.

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