Bed without headboard: This is how the bedroom gets bigger

Bed without headboard: This is how the bedroom gets bigger

The bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture in the interior. So that our body feels good and our eyes always enjoy something beautiful, we should choose a comfortable and cozy bed. In addition to comfort and design, we also have to think about the size of the bedroom. Of course, each of us dreams of a king-size bed, but there are small rooms with sloping ceilings or simply not so spacious rooms. Choosing the small bedroom is a bed without a headboard. It offers numerous possible uses that will look cozy and harmonious in the overall picture.

The bed without headboard creates a special atmosphere

Bed without headboard ideas

A trend in recent years has been to put the bed in the middle of the room. Or if it is a shared apartment – to combine the bedroom and living room. That is why the bed without a headboard is a real eye-catcher in modern apartments. If you do not think of the headboard, you do not have to follow the traditional furnishings, where the bed must be placed against a wall. It can also be free-standing. But if you prefer the classic bedroom design, you have many options. For example, you can decorate the wall where the bed is with different panels. A wooden plate on the wall or patterned wallpaper will look very cozy.

Do you know that the beds without a headboard are actually comfortable?

Bed without headboard will enlarge the room

The beds without a headboard give the bedroom a simple look and you feel light and tender, far from the problems of everyday life. They also fit every interior style. Choose solid wood for the country house style and glossy surface for minimalist furnishings. The light beige or white shades are recommended for the color design in a room with a bed without a headboard. These colors, combined with a free-standing bed with lots of pillows, look magical and friendly. The design without headboard demands creativity and offers many decoration options.

Even more sleeping comfort with a box spring bed without headboard

Bed without headboard box spring beds

The bed without a headboard is a bit lower in most cases. If you don’t like this design, we have a solution for you – the box spring bed. What kind of sleep system is this actually? The sprung underframes are the basis of this system. The most popular variant is a mattress on the box spring and a topper on top. These elements offer restful sleep, orthopedic and healthy lying. So that you have a picture in your head, imagine the beds in high-priced hotel rooms, these are box spring beds.

The bed without headboard is the ideal solution for a bedroom with sloping ceilings

Bed without headboard for sloping roof

If you have sloping ceilings in the bedroom, you need to consider a few things when it comes to furnishing and design. The low ceiling height offers no possibility for a spacious, luxurious bedroom with a high headboard. However, the room looks very cozy and cozy under sloping ceilings. The bedroom will look even sweeter and bigger if you put a low bed without a headboard. You must have been convinced of the advantages of these beds. The only question left is which design and which colors are suitable. You can find countless ideas in our picture gallery. Get some inspiration!

The simple loungers without headboard made of solid wood are perfect for a country-style bedroom
Bed without headboard - couch made of solid wood

The loungers made of solid wood do not look contemporary at all, especially if you are without a headboard. But they fit perfectly in a country-style bedroom. These couches have a charming look and if they are too low they remind you of the old teenage years. Our choice are the loungers in bright colors, ideally if they are made of beech or oak. Such a bed will be an eye-catcher if it is placed in the middle of the room.

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