9 ideas to decorate a child’s birthday for a girl

Playgrounds to celebrate birthdays are very fashionable, but if you want your daughter’s birthday to be perfect, the guests, both older and younger, have a great time and that your little one has the best possible preparation, without a doubt, the birthday must be celebrated at home. Furthermore, with the money we save from the playground, we can invest it in the child birthday decoration. If you need inspiration to make your little daughter’s birthday a rosy dream, here we bring you 9 beautiful ideas to decorate a children’s birthday for a girl.


1. Children’s birthday decoration in pastel shades and gold color. As you can see, the gold color and pastel shades such as coral, cream and salmon combine perfectly. They create a glamorous atmosphere but without falling into excess. Perfect for a children’s birthday.

2. Multicolored paper flowers on a white background. On a white background that we can make with wrapping paper or cardboard, we can create a beautiful garden with flowers made of multicolored paper that preside over the counter where the cake, soft drinks and food are seen on film.


3. Prepare everything for a slumber party. Maybe after the big birthday party, your little girl wants to have her first slumber party with her best friends. And maybe you, the parents, want to prepare it too. If so, look what an original idea. More details at: wendyupdegraff.


4. Fresh colors for the summer. Now that the good weather and the warm weather begin to arrive, there is nothing like a piece of fresh seasonal fruit like melon or watermelon, right? How about we take those fresh colors that fruits have and use them to decorate a child’s birthday?


5. Children’s birthday decoration: The birthday of a princess. I suppose that for all parents their daughter is their princess, so if you want to decorate her birthday as such, take into account two colors, gold and pale pink, for the rest, here is a good example.


6. With a happy and fun character. A birthday is for fun, so leaving aside the decorative theme, first of all, there has to be a fun atmosphere, and if we already combine the two aspects, decoration and fun, the result is perfect, like this example in which a beautiful and delicate decoration in blue and pink tones, gives beauty and fun to the birthday. More details at: andersruff.


7. Small details that make a beautiful space. Yellow ribbons, roses of different colors and a beautiful piece of furniture are all the details that are needed to create a beautiful children’s birthday for a girl as you can see in the following example.


Children’s birthday decoration: Pop atmosphere. Do you like the pop atmosphere? Look at what decoration with the most incredible pop atmosphere for the birthday party of a girl who celebrates her first year of life. More details at: projectnursery.


9. A fashion touch. If your little one loves the world of dresses, jewelery and trim, you may want to decorate her birthday with a fashion touch. If so, here is a good example. More details at: karaspartyideas.


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