45 Small Planned Kitchens That Will Enchant You!

45 Small Planned Kitchens That Will Enchant You!

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Having a small planned kitchen means enjoying practicality, organization, functionality and a lot of beauty, of course! The planned kitchens that you can check out here are incredible projects that are sure to make you fall in love! There are several models of cabinets planned, kitchens with island, American, ideal for small apartments, in short, a multitude of inspirations for you to sigh and go on setting up your project!


In this model, the counter makes the division between the kitchen and the living room, with the complement of colored benches that give a cheerful tone to the room.

Project: Joana Spillere

Integrated kitchen that uses the same shades of pink as the living room, giving a pleasant air to the environment.

Project: Yan Oliveira and Igor Oliveira

In addition to being chic, liquid porcelain tiles offer a modern air, which is super hot.

Project: Belle and Rossetto

Beautiful and discreet, the kitchen with wooden tones is ideal for creating minimalist environments.

Project: Laura Mueller

Using panels or tables is a way of integrating kitchen and living room, making maximum use of space.

Project: Julianna Denmark

Balconies and plants are also a good way to integrate and share spaces.

Project: Casa dos Nogueira

Colorful touches leave the atmosphere harmonious and cheerful, in addition to dividing the space.

Project: Quattrino Arquitetura

Wood tones look great especially when combined with cool tones and niches.

Project: Jéssica Nardotto

The use of porcelain tiles or wall stickers is a great way to mark smaller spaces.

Project: Meu Novo Apê

You can transform small kitchens into chic environments, using decor to your advantage.

Project: Meu Novo Apê


Minimalist environments can also be beautiful, taking advantage of the same color chart in various furniture and objects.

Project: Joana Spillere

Cool colors can guarantee the lightness of more discreet environments.

Project: Ana Júlia Tavares

Chandeliers are great decoration objects, besides being able to share rooms, according to the form used.

Project: Jéssica Nardotto

You can be minimalist and chic at the same time!

Project: Jéssica Nardotto

Well positioned lights make the environments even more cozy!

Project: Jonas Manfrin

The benches provide the necessary shade break for the separation of the two environments.

Project: Decorate Your Apartment

Small tables allow better use of space in integrated kitchens.

Project: Giovanna Gogosz

Niches and cabinets are also a great way to enjoy space in small kitchens.

Project: Tríplex Gracinha

The elements in gold rosé provide the necessary shade break to make the environment bright and beautiful.

Project: Monise Rosa Architect

Steel fittings leave the modern environment.

Project: Jéssica Nardotto

Combining colors in two environments is ideal for dividing them without breaking the pattern entirely.

Project: Apê 202

It is possible to integrate two or more spaces, without giving up elegance.

Project: Tay and Arq

In L

The corridors allow optimal use of L-shaped kitchens.

Project: Tamiris Brandt

The corners are even more valued with kitchens of this format.

Project: Studio Treés Arquitetura

Dark tones are even more harmonious when overlaid in wood tones.

Project: Jéssica Nardotto

The lights discreetly arranged between the woods gave a pleasant tone, in addition to setting decorative elements.

Project: ArchiBox Arquitetura

L-shaped kitchens are harmonious when combined with light and cold tones.

Project: Architect Letícia Machado

Monochrome kitchens give an air of beauty and elegance.

Project: Decorate Your Apartment

Countertops are great room dividers and perfect for combining kitchens of this shape.

Design: Decorata

Bright environments provide a better proportion in rooms often used in the house, such as kitchens.

Project: Decorate Your Apartment

This example of L-shaped kitchen shows that it is possible to combine the lack of space with delicacy and elegance.

Project: Decorate Your Apartment

L-shaped kitchens also provide better use of spacious environments.

Project: Atrium Environments

This image shows that it is possible to make your kitchen discreet and elegant at the same time.

Project: Decorate Your Apartment

Decorative elements give better use of small or limited spaces.

Project: Casa dos Nogueira

It is also possible to mix wallpaper and brick patterns in one environment, in a pleasant way.

Project: Recycle Crafts

Niche cabinets are great spaces to place plants, which match and brighten up any environment!

Project: Vivi’s Oliveira

Combining cabinets and countertops is a trend that guarantees style and elegance!

Project: Studio Marisa Santos

Mirrored cabinets are the modern tone that complete the look of this L-shaped kitchen.

Project: Tassia Carvalho

L-shaped kitchens guarantee the sophistication of corner or very small spaces.

Project: Tríplex Gracinha

Balconies and cupboards arranged at the same height guarantee symmetry and better use of space in kitchens in this format.

Project: Jonas Manfrin

With Island

Demarcating the sink and counter spaces in the center of the kitchen ensure sophistication and practicality.

Project: Creativity and Style

The kitchen in pastel colors combines with the chic break of the pink elements of the curtains and rosé of the lamps.

Project: Chris Brasil Arquitetura

The counter in the center of the room gave a sophisticated look to this kitchen, harmoniously decorated in dark tones.

Project: Itagres Revestimentos

The plants arranged in this kitchen give a perfect color touch to break the sobriety of the dark tones of the countertops.

Project: DKO Architecture

The islands can also be small and arranged in the corner of the kitchen, taking up less space, while still being beautiful.

Project: Quattrino Arquitetura

The mix of textures in kitchens in this format ensures beauty and symmetry.

Project: World Inspirations

The benches or chairs arranged around the islands, always give a cheerful air in environments with little color, or little light.

Project: Jéssica Nardotto

Having small touches of colors and plants is always a great strategy to make the environments more harmonious and cheerful.

Project: Letícia Machado

Although space is limited, if it is possible to compose a pleasant environment with the furniture well placed in each space.

Project: Val Moretti

Island kitchens are even more elegant when decorated in cold and / or dark tones.

Project: Jéssica Nardotto

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