28 ideas to make a cheap DIY kitchen island

It is not necessary to renounce the functionality and practicality of a kitchen island due to not having sufficient economic resources at the moment or due to space problems when having a small kitchen.

As we will see below with these ideas for making a DIY kitchen islandWe can enjoy one that is tailor-made, personalized and cheap, even for free.

So if you want to see how to make a cheap kitchen island, with pallets or with IKEA furniture, among others, join me immediately.

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  • How to make a kitchen island step by step
  • How to make a kitchen island with wooden pallets
  • How to make a kitchen island with furniture
  • How to make a kitchen island with IKEA furniture

How to make a cheap kitchen island, step by step, with plans

Ana White Design

This beautiful kitchen island is handmade, handcrafted. It includes two cabinets with shelves, open shelves and a large drawer to store all kinds of objects. We can see how to make this kitchen island step by step with plans and materials here>

Old Paint Design

This other rustic design kitchen island is made for less than € 100. If you like its design and want to imitate it, you can see how to do it step by step here>

Shanty 2 Chic Skin

Rustic cut but finer than the previous one, this other kitchen island can also be copied and made by ourselves following this tutorial.

Our Vintage Homelove Design

Made with recycled old woods and traditional rustic style, we can have this other practical DIY kitchen island, following this tutorial.

Cedar Tree Farmhouse Design

For small kitchens where more space is needed and an island comes from pearls, we can follow the steps that come here and have a practical but small kitchen island for our mini kitchen.

Jeffs design Reviews

Using a brick lattice, woods as shelves, and a tiled wooden envelope. See how to make this other kitchen island here.

A DIY kitchen island

Shanty 2 Chic Skin

With wood, farmer or farmhouse style, a style that now takes a lot, and with wheels to make it more practical. You can see how to make this kitchen island here>

A handmade kitchen island with a sink

Magazine Design Your Home

This other vintage kitchen island is made with a sink, and features under-counter storage space made of wood. We can see how to do it here>

How to make a kitchen island with wooden pallets

A DIY kitchen island made from wooden pallets

One pallet faced another, and above, a wooden envelope that joins them, together with a shelf on the inside. Easy and practical.

The paletmania is booming, and how could it be otherwise, kitchen islands can also be made with wooden pallets, like the one we see above these lines.

A kitchen island made with wooden pallets

Another example of a kitchen island made with wooden pallets. Very practical and functional and for very little money.

An industrial style kitchen bar made with DIY wood

Cassie Bustamante design

Between a bar, an office or an island, or all three. This other kitchen island made with wooden boards can be seen here.

Kitchen islands made with furniture

If we are not a handyman and we do not want to spend time or resources on building a kitchen island ourselves, we can use an old piece of furniture that is the desired size and with a suitable height to be able to work on it without bending and use it as a kitchen island. Check out these examples of kitchen islands made with furniture:

A DIY kitchen island made from an antique cabinet with drawers

Vanessa Modern Vintage Home Design

An old display that now doubles as a practical kitchen island with a multitude of drawers.

A kitchen island made with old furniture

Ally Laughing at the Days design

A dresser to which wheels have been added, an extended envelope and a practical DIY kitchen island in green has been created.

Designing Domesticity Photography

An antique console cabinet as a kitchen island.

A kitchen island made with an industrial cart

BlueRoof Cabin Design

This other portable kitchen island has been made with an old industrial cart that already comes with wheels included.

A kitchen island made with vintage furniture

Nesting Gypsy Design

This kitchen island was an old vintage furniture from 1930, salvaged from a second-hand warehouse and repainted in a beautiful turquoise color. We can see more details here>

A kitchen island made with a table

Remodelaholic Photo

In this case what has been used to make the rolling kitchen island is an old table. We can see how they did it here>

Even an old sewing machine can be used as an island. Check out these ideas for reusing an old sewing machine.

An old desk to which some hooks have been added to hang saucepans and saucepans.

A kitchen island made with a chest of drawers

A tall red chest of drawers, a granite stone has been added to the top, in addition to a support for a roll of kitchen paper and a practical and original kitchen island has been created.

Kitchen islands made with IKEA furniture

IKEA furniture is very versatile as we have seen over the years, it can be done, with a little imagination and help, true wonders with them. Like these kitchen islands, which are made with IKEA furniture.

Design by Jenlou Meredith

This kitchen island is made with a Kallax shelf. Practical wheels have been added to make it movable and a wooden envelope, and the result is spectacular. See more details here.

Design by Sofia Clara

This other kitchen island is made with the legs of the Finnvard table and topped with two pieces of wood. See more details here.

A kitchen island made with IKEA furniture

Ikeahackers design

With the classic Hemnes drawer unit from IKEA this other original and beautiful kitchen island has been made.

Once again the Kallax shelf shows us how versatile it is to create a kitchen island.

Instructables Design

With the Lack tables this cart / kitchen island with wheels has been made, to which the envelope has later been lined with marble effect vinyl. See more details here.

Club Crafter design

This practical and small kitchen island that also serves as an office, is made with 3 sides of the Kallax shelf.

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