24 unique solid wood tables – unique by hand

24 unique solid wood tables - unique by hand

We can only describe solid wood tables in one word – as unique as you are! Only with these pieces of furniture can you print out your individualism and bring a personal touch to the interior! And that’s not all! Stable, robust, forever … that’s just a small part of the advantages of solid wood tables! Have you convinced yourself yet? Take a look at our creative ideas and excellent pictures!

Solid wood tables transform into your desired tables!

Solid wood tables are perfect for large rooms

How? Very easy! First, you have a huge selection – real wood tables, custom tables, dining tables, etc. you choose the model, there is also a choice of colors, even though it is unique. You configure your table yourself. Your individual solid wood table is tailored so that it satisfies your wishes and needs. You also have extras at your disposal. Different styles too …

Solid wood tables for every living style

Solid wood tables go very well with country style

When talking about solid wood, imagine a country style interior. But that’s not the case. The solid wood tables have been a trend in modern design in recent years and work excellently in a minimalist design. Our picture gallery will convince you!

A form that tells a story …

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The new solid wood tables no longer look so aristocratic and are no longer produced in just one form. The best thing is that the modern form has preserved an old touch that tells the story. That is exactly what makes us happy. A myth: the shape is more suitable for large rooms. Yes, of course everyone dreams of a long table made of solid wood, for example three meters long, for ten people, in front of which there are large plates of food. The small solid wood tables should not be underestimated. They look even warmer and more cozy and go perfectly with the country style. Before we said that the new trend is solid wood in a minimalist design. Why? Because of the shape! Clear and simple, just like the characteristics of minimalism.
You can dance all night on such a solid wood table!

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