20 crafts with clothespins for children and adults

We all have clothespins at home. We don’t even have to go downstairs to buy them. So one of the crafts that you can do during these days that the quarantine lasts, both for your children and for you, is with wooden clothespins.

So, I have selected 20 ideas to make crafts with wooden clothespins. 10 for children, and another 10 for adults, although children can also participate, of course. Let’s see them, we start with those of the children.

Under each photo you have the link that takes you to the tutorial, so you can see how to do it step by step.

Crafts with wooden clothespins for children

Tutorial at Glued to my Crafts

We started with a simple craft to make queens, kings, princesses or princes with painted wooden clothespins. In a little while you can have the whole court ready.

Crafts with clothespins for children

Tutorial at Made and Takes

More elaborate this other craft made with wooden clothespins, in which a catapult has been built. It is somewhat more elaborate, as I say, but nothing out of the ordinary. In addition, once done, your children can play for hours with it.

Dragonflies Craft with clothespins for children

Tutorial at Crafty Mornings

Adorable dragonflies of different colors with wings also in different colors. Easy and very nice.

Crocodile made with clothespins

Tutorial at She Knows

You can also make crocodiles with clothespins. It doesn’t take much for it and the result is charming.

Super Heroes made with clothespins

Tutorial in The OT Toolbox

Do your kids like super heroes? With this craft you can turn each clothespin into a different and own super hero. Captain Cauliflower or the super heroine Captain Time to Sleep, for example. It is enough with some markers of different colors, cardboard or some folio to paint later and create the layer and also to draw the two eyes.

Crafts with clothespins for children

Tutorial at Mr Printables

These adorable robots look like they are biting some number cards, which could very well be notes or anything else you want to display to remember or for the sheer pleasure of displaying it.

Caterpillars made with clothespins

Tutorial at Happy Home Fairy

Adorable caterpillars, very easy to make with clothespins and other elements, such as cotton pom poms, that we can make in an entertaining afternoon.

Crafts with clothespins for children

Tutorial at Bklynbride

Dad and mom on a clothespin. The couple. A simple and fun craft. It takes nothing more than colors to paint the tweezers and the wooden tweezers themselves.

Butterflies made with clothespins

Tutorial at Crafty Morning

You can also make butterflies. With clothespins, some markers or glitter, as well as cupcake or cupcake molds, whatever you want to call them.

Minions made with clothespins

Tutorial on Glue Sticks gum Drops

How about some Minions? I don’t think there is a child who doesn’t like them. And neither does an adult, really. With blue and yellow colored markers and bulging eyes, you can make all you want.

These have been the crafts with wooden clothespins for children, now let’s look at the adult ones, which are very decorative.

Crafts with clothespins for adults. Decorative

Clothespin Craft: Tea Garland

Tutorial at Kojo Designs

A wreath, but not of flowers, not for Christmas or Halloween, but made with clothespins and ready to store and always have tea bags close at hand in the kitchen.

Crafts with clothespins: Planters

Tutorial at Cfabbridesigns

How about making some original flowerpots with clothespins? Not only the tongs are needed, but also a canister and other materials that we all have at home. But the craft is quite simple and also decorative. Also, then you can customize the clamps as you like.

Crafts with clothespins: Placemats

Tutorial in Dream a Little Bigger

This is one of my favorites, since it doesn’t take much material to make it and I love how it looks. It is about joining the clothespins previously decorated to taste, to create the most original and effective placemats.

Craft with clothespins: Mirror

Tutorial at Design Sponge | In My Own Style Project

We can also make a mirror for any area of ​​the house. Don’t tell me that the mirror you see above these lines has no style. If you like you can make it in the color you want, it does not have to be in gold.

Craft with Clothespins: Tissue Organizer

Tutorial at Sally Annk

Do you have many scarves? This craft with tweezers can help you always have them in order and at hand. At least the ones you use the most. And as you can see, the color of the scarves brightens and decorates the room.

Crafts with clothespins: sign for plants

Tutorial at Creative Green Living

Organizers and planter signs. With some beautiful clothespins previously decorated, then you can identify and add a plus of style to all your plants and pots.

Crafts with clothespins: You have a message

Tutorial at Creative in Chicago

We can also create this other craft to deliver a nice message to our partner or family. A nice gesture that everyone likes.

Craft with clothespins: Tablecloth holder

Tutorial at Hands Occupied

Although we are now locked up at home, soon we will leave, for sure, and the good weather will come. You can prepare these tablecloths made with clothespins for when you have parties in the pool or garden in the summer.

Candle holder made with clothespins

The same craft that we saw above to make a planter. Or at least the same idea, we can use it to create original candle holders. Of course, be very careful with the flame of the candle and the wood of the clamps.

Craft with clothespins: Cloth holder

Just as we saw before, as with a clothes pegs, a support had been made to organize the handkerchiefs, we can also make one for the kitchen, to store cloths or some cloth and have them always at hand in an original place.

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