17 bedrooms in lavender color, relaxing and very current

17 bedrooms in lavender color, relaxing and very current

As rumored, the lavender color It comes to replace the famous millennial rose, which has swept 2017.

And, as pink has shown us, lavender color is also a versatile shade, which follows from clichés and topics, to decorate bedrooms of all kinds and genres: masculine, minimalist, nordic, vintage, children’s, feminine, classic and elegant bedrooms, support this fresh and relaxing color, which we will soon see everywhere.

And we, today, start with these 17 bedrooms painted and decorated in lavender, so that you take note and inspiration to decorate and paint yours.

A lavender painted bedroom

Mia Felce Photography by Mia Felce

Up to more than half the walls this lavender bedroom has been painted in a high-key shade, but as you can see, it’s still a relaxing space and color.

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Bedroom decorated and painted in lavender color

Balli Design Photography

In this other bedroom, with a less classic but equally contemporary style, the Lavender color matches many other shades rightly, achieving a modern and relaxing environment.

A lavender painted bedroom

For a more masculine style and sober, lavender is also a suitable color, as we see in the bedroom above these lines, where neutral tones and black work perfectly with lavender walls, although it is a youthful bedroom for a teenager, clearly.

A lavender painted bedroom

City Farmhouse Instagram City Farmhouse Photography

This other beautiful youth bedroom decorated with a very soft lavender, combines perfectly with the white wood of the walls and other accents of the same color, creating a bright and cozy bedroom, as well as very relaxing.

If we are looking for a more serene environment, we can turn to this shade, to a grayish lavender, which, thanks to the gray part it carries, provides that sobriety and elegance that this color knows how to provide.

A gray and lilac bedroom

Photography DesignThusiasm Instagram @designthusiasm

We can also use lavender in accessories and complements, leaving another color to dominate the walls.

In this case, it is better that that color is gray, since it is a neutral tone and will create the perfect canvas on which the lavender will shine.

And even so, as you see, the bedroom breathes a very relaxing atmosphere.

Lavender color works great in these environments, especially if it is combined with white, either matt or lacquered.

Bedroom decorated and painted in lavender color

The Couture Rooms photos

Taking into account that lavender is a color that is in the cold part of the color wheel, perhaps there are people who do not lean in favor of it, since what they are looking for is a warm and cozy bedroom.

But, it is not necessary to do without lavender, just combine it with warm colors like earth and beige, as we see in the cozy and bright bedroom above this paragraph, where a shade of grayish lavender has been combined with yellow.

A bedroom in lavender, black and white

Artemis Interior Photography

Although it can also be combined with black and white, to create a more adult and sophisticated palette, as we see in the lavender bedroom above these lines.

Bedroom decorated and painted in lavender color

Photograph 5 East Interiors

For rustic bedrooms, lavender color works great too, as we see in this rustic room with the walls painted in a grayish lavender tone.

Bedroom decorated and painted in lavender color

Sherwin Williams Photography

Another very elegant bedroom with classic airs where lavender dresses the huge walls with a lot of class, combined with warm tones and whites.

Bedroom decorated and painted in lavender color

Intro Inred Photography

Although the Nordics do not like color very much, we can see above these lines that lavender, in a higher tone value, fits perfectly.

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A gray bedroom with hints of lavender

DesignThusiasm Photography

It is not necessary to paint the walls if we do not want to, we can add shades and lavender accents both in the bedding, as well as in the accessories, complements and furniture, such as the head of the bed, or cushions and other textiles, as we see in the bedroom up here.

Bedroom decorated and painted in lavender color

If what we look for in our bedroom is current, fresh and relaxing style, lavender is the perfect color to achieve this, especially combined with white.

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A bedroom with lavender wallpaper

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Naturally, we can also add lavender to the bedroom in wallpaper format. With more or less ornate patterns according to taste.

A bedroom in lavender color

Color and Chic Photography

When combined with neutral whites and tones, there is almost no risk of overshooting, although let’s paint all the lavender bedroom walls. We can also add gold and metallic details, since it is a color that supports them very well.

Bedroom decorated and painted in lavender color

Adairs Photography

Of course, for children’s and youth bedrooms, lavender is a winning color, creating an appropriate atmosphere, both for its relaxing and current nuances.

A children's bedroom in lavender color

Anita Yokota Photography

Another example where we see lavender working in a stylish boho style children’s bedroom, creating a serene and calming atmosphere. We can also see how well it can be combined with other shades.

A bouquet of lavender

A little bonus: If you want to start joining this trend and decorate your bedroom in lavender, but you are not determined, try add some lavender bouquet, to see how this color works, as well as to intoxicate the space with a subtle aroma.

As we have seen, lavender is a color that is accepted in any style, environment and gender, adapting in today’s bedrooms that have more style. And to you, what do you think of this trend color?

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