15 ideas to paint a headboard on the wall and decorate the bedroom

15 ideas to paint a headboard on the wall and decorate the bedroom

Paint is the most versatile decorative resource available, and also very economical.

We can make all kinds of creations with it. Any design is fit.

We can even define or create a painted headboard, if we do not have a headboard, we do not fit or we do not want, something that has become very popular lately, since as I say, it is fast, economical, and with great decorative and transforming power.

If you are interested in this option to decorate your bedroom, come with me because we are going to see 15 ideas to paint a very original and decorative headboard and endow the bedroom with a unique decorative touch. Go for it.

A simple but powerful headboard

A blue headboard painted on the wall

Photo by @paperandstitch from Paper and Stitch

Let’s start with a very simple and basic one. This idea to paint a headboard, is really easy to carry out.

It is as we can see in the image to make a rectangle of something more than the width of the bed, by the height of a standard headboard, in the color that we like the best to frame the bed.

It is simple but as you can see the decorative effect is powerful. On a Saturday you have it done.

A baseboard painted as a headboard

Bed headboard made with paint. Paint your original and decorative headboard

Craftifair photography

This other idea carried out by the Craftifair blogger is just as simple. A plinth is created a little less than half the height of the wall (or whatever we want), covering the entire width of it and framing the bed.

An extended plinth as a headboard

A painted headboard up to the ceiling.

Design by the architect Laura Lucente

The same idea but extending the painted headboard to the ceiling, in addition to framing the bed, creating a perfect background for some paintings, sheets or any other decorative ornament that we want to add.

Up to the middle

We can also create a square with paint, which does not reach the ceiling or corners, but is visibly taller and wider than a traditional headboard.

This idea works when the headboard wall is very large. In fact, this is a resource that is widely used to “shrink” interiors, albeit visually.

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Raise it up to the ceiling

Headboard painted on the wall extended to the ceiling

Design and photography Bohemian Omega

We can also paint a headboard that is the width of the bed, and extend it to the ceiling, more or less up to the middle of the bed.

Extended up to the side walls

A blue painted headboard

This other idea to paint a headboard on the wall, is to extend the paint that covers the headboard wall a few centimeters on the side walls, creating a kind of drawer or open box that frames the headboard of the bed.

Irregular cut

Bed headboard made with paint. Paint your original and decorative headboard

Castorama Photo

More artistic and casual is this other way of painting a headboard, where a plinth is created but freehand, leaving an irregular edge instead of completely straight. In addition, it is simpler than the previous ones since we do not need a bodybuilder tape to delimit the paint on the upper part of the base.

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Geometric wall with color in the headboard

Ok, this idea is somewhat more elaborate than the previous ones, but also more decorative and original.

The headboard wall has been painted with an intricate random geometric pattern in shades of gray and dark turquoise, and it works. It works very well.

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Or a single circle

A circle painted on the headboard wall: Ideas for painting the headboard wall

Tatjanas World Photography

We continue with the circles. In this case, one, very large, and also in this case, in greyish blue. Although naturally each one designs it in the color that they like the most.

A color block line

Bed headboard made with paint. Paint your original and decorative headboard

Habitat Photography

You can also paint a thick line, about 90 centimeters or the thickness you want. It will create an asymmetrical effect in the bedroom, so if you like symmetry and perfection, you may not like this idea.

A headboard painted on the wall of geometric shapes

A headboard of geometric shapes painted on the wall

Geometric-patterned walls have become very popular lately. They are not as easy to paint as the previous ones, but with previous planning in a sketch and bodybuilder tape, we can create the design we want to paint the headboard of the bed.

In gradient

Gradient effect on headboard wall

Photography and design of The Wood Spa at Hometalk

This other fantastic idea is about creating a gradient that starts to degrade at the height of an imaginary headboard.

It is very beautiful but to carry it out, at least as seen in the image, you need a paint gun and compressor kit or electrical equipment, and a lot of paint work.

Anyway, on the net there are many tutorials to create a gradient effect easier, although not so perfect.

Hexagons as headboards

Bed headboard made with paint. Paint your original and decorative headboard

From circles and lines we move on to another geometric figure such as hexagons. As if it were a honeycomb of impossible colors, we can also create an original headboard. To do this, first make a sketch, with the measurements and colors, either on paper or with a digital program.


Bed headboard made with paint. Paint your original and decorative headboard

And to finish, we do it with this nice idea, which is about creating a circle on one side of the wall, creating again a very original and decorative asymmetrical effect.

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