10 rules to decorate the bedroom that will help you get the perfect decoration

10 rules to decorate the bedroom that will help you get the perfect decoration

A decorator bases his work on his own inspiration, on his natural or learned talent and on knowing how to understand what he needs and asks for the space in which he is working.

Yes, all these relatively abstract properties are necessary to correctly execute a project, but it also works based on almost tangible, universal rules and parameters that are suitable for everyone, professionals or amateurs.

And it is precisely these rules, in this case, rules for decorating the bedroom, that make that space acquire balance, coherence and an appropriate final scene, regardless of the design, colors and shapes of the different elements that are introduced into the bedroom.

Join me and discover these 10 rules for decorating the bedroom that, if you follow them, will guarantee you a perfect bedroom.

Furniture distribution

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Distribute as you like, distribute as requested by the bedroom, but leave space between the furniture for the bedroom to breathe.

The bed rules in a bedroom, it is the one that dominates the space and is, according to my point of view, the first piece of furniture that should be seen when entering the room, since this way the spaces are better.

90 centimeters around the bed is a reference measurement that you should record. Leaving that measurement around the bed guarantees a free space in which to circulate comfortably. Ergonomically and anthropometrically speaking, it is a universal reference measure in this world.

If the bedroom space does not give you to leave those 90 centimeters free, perhaps you should consider adding a smaller bed, whenever possible, of course, or sticking the bed to some wall, in addition to the headboard.

Let the bedroom breathe.


A well decorated modern bedroom

Regarding the night tables, with the huge number of models or options that there are to make a night table, it seems more difficult to follow some previously established rule or parameter to achieve a correct scene.

Almost everything is worth it, as long as the bedside table is in proportion to the bed, but if you need something more specific, go to shooting echoAs they say, look for bedside tables that are approximately the height of the bed, or at most, that are lower, never higher.

In this way it will be more accessible and comfortable, as well as you will avoid hitting it when you are sleeping if it is much higher than the bed.

Regarding its width, you can put whatever you want, but keep in mind that a 1-meter-wide nightstand is not going to be used at all because lying on the bed you don’t get to the end. The ideal measurement is that the bedside table is not more than 70 centimeters wide.

In addition, few bedrooms today can afford such a large bedside table, as spaces are getting smaller and smaller. Here you can see bedside tables for small bedrooms.


Silver headboard

Regarding the head of the bed we also have many ideas lately to make headboards, without depending on stores, obtaining a personalized one. Even so, there is also a little rule that will make it suit the bedroom regardless of its design.

The rule is that the headboard measures the same as the bed, or at most 20 or 30 centimeters more than it. If it is larger, the headboard will dominate the space and it may also make it difficult for you to put the bedside tables, in addition to not keeping proportion with the rest of the bedroom elements, destroying all the decoration.

This, as long as you put a headboard, as it is not necessary, and also lately we are seeing many bedrooms without a headboard.


A well decorated bedroom

Lighting in interior design is a world apart. Little is said about lighting for how important it is. As I say, it deserves a separate mention, and I could recommend books and artists that are specialized in lighting almost exclusively, but you can also apply the following simple rules, if you do not want to complicate yourself much.

For starters, the ceiling light should be proportionate to the entire size of the bedroom, not the size of the bed. Think of the total, not a particular item, even the bed. But when you hang it, then it should be centered on the bed, not on the bedroom. I explained myself well?

That is its location. Regarding its height, the ideal is a minimum of 2.10 meters from the ground. Basically so that we don’t hit our heads with it and there is a “comfortable” space between our head and the lamp.

This means that on many floors today, where the standard ceiling height is 2.40 meters from the ground, it leaves us little room for an over-hanging lamp. Luckily, we have countless models of standard or low ceiling lamps.

Table lamps

A well decorated bedroom

The lamp that we put on the nightstand must be proportionate to the nightstand. It cannot be disproportionate, neither more nor less. A suitable measurement that you can write down is that it occupies a third of the size of the tabletop.

By following this measure you make sure that the lamp is not disproportionate.

Regarding its height, the ideal would be for the lamp shade to be more or less at eye level when we sit on the bed.

Naturally, the lamp shade should always cover the bulb so that it does not hit us directly in the eyes, when we are reading or in our favorite posture.

There are others, many other ways to illuminate a bedroom, but as I say, this topic deserves a separate mention and a very extensive article. Here I have tried to add the most common forms of lighting that are usually seen in the different bedrooms, such as the central overhead ceiling lamp and the nightstand lamps.


10 rules to decorate the bedroom that will help you get the perfect decoration. #Decoration #Decor #bedroom #Bedroom

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There are generally two ways to add a rug to the bedroom. One is in front of the bed.

For this location, we need a carpet that protrudes from the bed, at least 30 centimeters on each side and that the bed steps the carpet another 30 centimeters. In this way, the carpet will keep proportion with the bed and will look good.

If it is more than 30 centimeters nothing happens, as long as it is not much more. Let’s say, at most, about 50 or 60 centimeters at most.

The other location where a carpet is usually put is on the side of the bed, so when we get up we can step on it instead of the cold floor. In this case there is no rule. Basically the carpet should be proportionate to the bed.


A well decorated bedroom

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This section is also a world apart, due to the wide range of fabrics and curtains available, depending on the window, but there are some rules that we can apply in most cases.

For starters, the size of the curtains:

Its length should be such that the curtain hangs from as high as possible from the window, overcoming it, almost to the ceiling, and reaching to touch the ground.

There are also curtains with a longer or shorter drop depending on the effect you want to achieve, but if you want to play it safe, a curtain hung as high as possible so that visually it makes the bedroom taller and reaches all the way to the ground It is a measure that works well in most standard bedrooms.

Regarding its width, it must also exceed the width of the window at least 20 or 30 centimeters, so that when you open the curtains, they can be collected outside the window, and not inside, taking away natural light. Also, aesthetically speaking, they look much better like this.

Foot of bed

A well decorated bedroom

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It is not a widely used piece of furniture, although lately it is gaining popularity again, especially in long bedrooms.

If you have enough space to place a footboard in the bedroom, it should be narrower than the bed. Never equal and less still wider than the bed, since the passage and the flow of the bedroom would be interrupted. And regarding its height, it should also be less, even if it is a little less than the bed.

These measures ensure that the bench or footboard is proportionate to the bed and the other elements and is more comfortable and practicable.

Pictures and / or mirrors

A well decorated bedroom

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A nice way to decorate the wall of the head of the bed is adding a picture or a mirror. Or several pictures or mirrors.

If it is your decision, the box or mirror should not exceed the width of the bed. But also not to be far behind as the resulting proportion would be visually unappealing. It would create an “awkward” scene.

The perfect measure is that the size of the painting, paintings or mirror occupies three quarters of the bed. More or less like the foot of the bed.

10 rules to decorate the bedroom that will help you get the perfect decoration. #Decoration #Decor #bedroom #Bedroom

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Regarding mirrors, they can be put in many places. On top of the dresser, standing in a corner, on top of the bed presiding over the headboard, but always try not to see the body in bed, as it will create a somewhat vulgar feeling, unless you want a mirror where reflect your bodies when you are in bed. Then there is nothing more to talk about.

Do not overload the bedroom

A well decorated bedroom

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The tenth rule is not based on a specific piece of furniture or element but on the whole set or total scene. It doesn’t matter that you like the bohemian style, more ornate; the minimalist, simple and clean style, or the rustic, rough and vast style. It doesn’t matter what style you print in the bedroom, as long as you don’t load it.

Following Mies van der Rohe’s maxim: Less is more. Let the space breathe. So each piece will look and stand out properly, you will have a bedroom with a clean and relaxing aspect and where it is a pleasure to be. Isn’t that what decorating is all about?

If you have come this far, congratulations, I see that you are interested in learning to decorate and improve your spaces. So, I have no choice but to recommend this article, where you can learn how to make a darker hall more luminous.

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