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Decorate the house with Minions
The minionsThese cute characters from the animated film Gru, my favorite villain, have become quite a childish (and not so childish) icon in recent years. The merchandising of these adorable puppets continues to reach a very high number of sales, and it is not surprising, since it contains a... Read more
Choice and maintenance of plant pots
On balconies, indoors and balconies they are essential, but even with a garden or yard, sometimes with poor soil or rented property, one option is to use plant pots. Plant pots have the advantage of being able to be moved, which facilitates tests in different lighting conditions, changes in... Read more
New ultra-relaxing showers with hansgrohe PowderRain technology
Despite the fact that changing the bathtub for a shower tray has its advantages, it is true that over time you may miss the pleasure of relaxing with a bath. It is something that is not usually done much when you have the bathtub, but it is missing when... Read more
17 bedrooms in lavender color, relaxing and very current
As rumored, the lavender color It comes to replace the famous millennial rose, which has swept 2017. And, as pink has shown us, lavender color is also a versatile shade, which follows from clichés and topics, to decorate bedrooms of all kinds and genres: masculine, minimalist, nordic, vintage, children’s,... Read more
15 ideas to paint a headboard on the wall and decorate the bedroom
Paint is the most versatile decorative resource available, and also very economical. We can make all kinds of creations with it. Any design is fit. We can even define or create a painted headboard, if we do not have a headboard, we do not fit or we do not... Read more