What to do to have a quieter home office

What to do to have a quieter home office

Talking about tranquility at this time is difficult, but it is what we all need. So, I will give you some tips that may help you to spend this period in the best way and trying to maintain good productivity in your home office.

home office in the living room
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The Main – Trying to stay focused on the home office

Do not access social networks except for something that has to do with your work, do not watch or listen to television, do not read news – At this point, you already know everything you should know to protect yourself and your family. So avoid overexposing yourself to the “hot topic”.

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If you like it and it doesn’t bother you to listen to music, do it. Prefer calm and relaxing music. It is considered the best to calm and even increase concentration.

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Every 30 or 60 minutes, take a break. Move, take a deep breath, do meditation, if you like it.

Drink plenty of water, play with your child, share homework assignments, talk about milder topics, all for about 15 to 20 minutes and return to the home office.

Make your home office efficient and comfortable for you

The ideal, if you don’t live alone, is that your home office is the most isolated from the natural noises of a house and that you avoid interruptions as much as possible.

home office facing window
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Observe a “business work schedule” and do not “overtime” (unless absolutely necessary). Divide the time to pay attention to others (family, friends and other activities).

Watch your chair and your posture: The chair should be comfortable, have arms and help to straighten your spine.

small home office with plants
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Having pictures or plants to look at or a peaceful landscape in the window helps. Look for comfort and welcome, even in a home office adapted at the last minute. Use whatever you have but worry about it.

small and cozy home office
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Decorate your way, creating a little corner of peace and that makes you feel good, that helps to improve your mood. It is always possible to improve the mood, even if it is a little.

home office bench
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THE lighting it should not be too little or too much. If it is not ok, bring a lamp or other lamp that makes you feel more comfortable.

small illuminated home office
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Keep everything you use in your work close by. So you avoid stopping to look for this or that, which sometimes brings irritation.

home office organized table
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Have a routine similar to that of working in the office

In case you are working at home office due to the imposed isolation (and super necessary at that moment), for a better adaptation, follow something you did regularly – except now, in less haste, please!), In the following aspects:

small home office in the bedroom
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Get ready for work – You will be feeling better than wearing pajamas all the time.

Start working around the same time (if convenient at home).

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Have lunch at about the same time.

But in the middle of that, make stops to socialize and help your family. Take advantage of the fact that you can do what, I am sure, you often felt like and cannot.

Respect the time to stop work at the home office

It is important to share, in some way, what is working hours and what is outside work hours, even working from home office. If you don’t, there is a danger of either working too hard or being carried away by other things and not having good productivity.

small home office in the corner
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In addition, some days may be difficult for all of us. When it’s not possible, take a break. It is no use forcing us to produce when we are exhausted. Relax and seek some warmth, something that will do you good. We are not machines (and even they break down from time to time).

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