Planned Kitchen Cabinet: 50 Models for All Spaces Planned Kitchen Cabinet: 50 Models for All Spaces
THE planned kitchen cabinet is one of the most important choices to have the kitchen of your dreams! There are several models that exist:... Planned Kitchen Cabinet: 50 Models for All Spaces

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THE planned kitchen cabinet is one of the most important choices to have the kitchen of your dreams! There are several models that exist: large, small, colorful, mirrored and also from the simplest to the most modern. To help you choose this piece of furniture so important for the room, we have separated fifty ideal models for all spaces. Check it out and get inspired!

1. Small kitchen cabinet designed, ideal for cramped rooms

2. White planned kitchen cabinet model. It is very classic and brings a very cozy air to the room

3. Simple planned kitchen cabinet in wood tones

4. Black planned kitchen cabinet, brought a lot of modernity to the kitchen

5. The colors of the planned kitchen cabinet may vary, the gray color, for example, is always a good option for those who like an air of modernity

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6. See this planned kitchen sink cabinet as it was beautiful, these handles are different and very cool

7. Corner kitchen cabinet model designed with marble countertops

8. The full cabinets can also be made of glass, which adds more beauty and elegance to the kitchen

9. The price of the planned kitchen cabinet will depend a lot on your measurements and the material you prefer

10. Planned cabinet with glass for the kitchen, the handles now came in another model and the color brought a classic air to the kitchen

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11. Planned American kitchen cabinet, this is a beautiful project for you to get inspired and do in your apartment

12. Planned MDF kitchen cabinet

13. Planned kitchen cabinet model ideal for small apartment

14. Planned kitchen cabinet, full of modernity and charm

15. Gray planned kitchen cabinet with modern handles, sniffing the conventional

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16. Wooden kitchen cabinet designed with flashy black details

17. Example of L-shaped kitchen cabinet, the woody tone with the white matched very well

18. Black and white planned kitchen cabinet. This is one of the most perfect combinations for your home decor

19. Modern designed kitchen cabinets

20. Planned mirrored kitchen cabinet, brings a lot of sophistication to the kitchen

21. As we already mentioned, the colors we can use are varied, and the planned cabinet looks beautiful if it is colored too

22. The cabinets can come with LED lighting too, see how beautiful it looks in the dark

23. See how beautiful this planned kitchen was when I lifted those nudes

24. Example of planned retro kitchen with cabinets in light tones, making the room very cute

25. Planned kitchen with white cabinets, leaves the room very cozy and delicate

26. Blue kitchen cabinet model, also brought a lot of delicacy to the room

27. But if you like something more rustic, you can choose cabinets that take the tone of wood and black together

28. Gray kitchen cabinets are becoming increasingly darling by architects and decorators

29. In your project, you can also choose to give a special touch to the kitchen, like this one, which put shades of pink in the planned cabinets

30. The white color always brings a charming harmony to the kitchen

31. The mix of white with wood tone is also spectacular

32. Once again they chose to take a chance on a somewhat daring color combination and it worked really well

33. But the kitchen with the traditional colors, black or white, are also beautiful too

34. Be inspired by this small planned kitchen, the cabinets are the ideal size for a good use of space

35. Large cupboards are ideal for those who have a lot to store in the kitchen and need space

36. Look at these cabinets, they brought an enviable elegance and modernity to this kitchen

37. The color wine is also a great bet to enhance your closet

38. Planned wooden cabinets are very traditional, beautiful and still bring a rustic feel to the room

39. If your kitchen is very tight, have you found an ideal model to be inspired

40. But if it is wide, options are not lacking for your organization

41. Realize that it is not ugly to mix colors in the composition of your planned kitchen

42. But if you prefer traditional colors, you can be sure that it is also a great bet

43. Here, again, black cabinets bring unparalleled luxury and sophistication to the environment

44. And here we have another color combination inspiration that looks beautiful together

45. Look how cute this simple planned kitchen was with these wooden cabinets

46. ​​How about making a mix of black and white cabinets in your kitchen? It looks beautiful and different

47. Mirrored cabinets are also a great bet for those who want something more chic

48. The matte black in the cabinet leaves the kitchen with a very industrial style, it is perfect

49. And we even have an inspiration for a small planned kitchen attached to the service area of ​​the house

50. Finally, a different and super modern model of planned kitchen with colorful cabinet for you to be inspired!

Now that you’ve come this far after seeing these 50 perfect models of cabinets for a planned kitchen, be sure to take a look at our other posts: Planned Kitchen in L and Masonry Kitchen, to continue to be inspired by the ideal decoration for your kitchen!

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