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What to do to have a quieter home office

What to do to have a quieter home office

Talking about tranquility at this time is difficult, but it is what we all need. So, I will give you some tips that may help you to spend this period in the best way and trying to maintain good productivity in your home office.

home office in the living room
photo: Casacasada

The Main – Trying to stay focused on the home office

Do not access social networks except for something that has to do with your work, do not watch or listen to television, do not read news – At this point, you already know everything you should know to protect yourself and your family. So avoid overexposing yourself to the “hot topic”.

home office in guest room
Photo: dcorevoce

If you like it and it doesn’t bother you to listen to music, do it. Prefer calm and relaxing music. It is considered the best to calm and even increase concentration.

home office in the window
Photo: ideianaescala

Every 30 or 60 minutes, take a break. Move, take a deep breath, do meditation, if you like it.

Drink plenty of water, play with your child, share homework assignments, talk about milder topics, all for about 15 to 20 minutes and return to the home office.

Make your home office efficient and comfortable for you

The ideal, if you don’t live alone, is that your home office is the most isolated from the natural noises of a house and that you avoid interruptions as much as possible.

home office facing window
Photo: mdemulher -lorenalimainteriores

Observe a “business work schedule” and do not “overtime” (unless absolutely necessary). Divide the time to pay attention to others (family, friends and other activities).

Watch your chair and your posture: The chair should be comfortable, have arms and help to straighten your spine.

small home office with plants
Photo: originalhome

Having pictures or plants to look at or a peaceful landscape in the window helps. Look for comfort and welcome, even in a home office adapted at the last minute. Use whatever you have but worry about it.

small and cozy home office
Photo: acervodeinteriores

Decorate your way, creating a little corner of peace and that makes you feel good, that helps to improve your mood. It is always possible to improve the mood, even if it is a little.

home office bench
Photo: iheartorganizing

THE lighting it should not be too little or too much. If it is not ok, bring a lamp or other lamp that makes you feel more comfortable.

small illuminated home office
Photo: Property Architecture

Keep everything you use in your work close by. So you avoid stopping to look for this or that, which sometimes brings irritation.

home office organized table
Photo: thedecojournaldesenho

Have a routine similar to that of working in the office

In case you are working at home office due to the imposed isolation (and super necessary at that moment), for a better adaptation, follow something you did regularly – except now, in less haste, please!), In the following aspects:

small home office in the bedroom
Photo: euamodecoracao

Get ready for work – You will be feeling better than wearing pajamas all the time.

Start working around the same time (if convenient at home).

home office in industrial room
Photo: homesthetics

Have lunch at about the same time.

But in the middle of that, make stops to socialize and help your family. Take advantage of the fact that you can do what, I am sure, you often felt like and cannot.

Respect the time to stop work at the home office

It is important to share, in some way, what is working hours and what is outside work hours, even working from home office. If you don’t, there is a danger of either working too hard or being carried away by other things and not having good productivity.

small home office in the corner
Photo: my-paradissi

In addition, some days may be difficult for all of us. When it’s not possible, take a break. It is no use forcing us to produce when we are exhausted. Relax and seek some warmth, something that will do you good. We are not machines (and even they break down from time to time).

Bedroom Table: 40 Models that Value the Environment

Bedroom Table: 40 Models that Value the Environment

For those who like to keep the room well organized and who need a space for study or work in the room, we have separated incredible models of bedroom table that value the environment well, especially those that do not have much space. Check below forty beautiful and modern tables to compose the decoration of your room:

1. Study table model for a bedroom that made good use of the little space in the room

2. L-shaped bedroom table, ideal for people who study and work at home, for example

3. Example of table for children’s room, there is a cute one in the room

4. Here we already brought an example of a table for a small room, in white color, positioned right next to the bed

5. The side table has been an option widely chosen by people when decorating the room. It’s compact and stylish

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6. This is a simple study table model, also compact and full of charm

7. This wooden table is beautiful and simple, if you have a small room it can also be a great option

8. A desk with a drawer is great for keeping things organized

9. Small wooden study table model. Is beautiful!

10. Example of office desk for bedroom, the L-shape manages to take advantage of a lot of space in the room

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11. Great example of a table for a double room, it is interesting to place sockets on top of it, if you choose this option, as it is easy to charge your cell phone or notebook

12. Here is an example of a suspended study bench, which can also be a great model for your room

13. Example of a white table for a room that matched this gray chair well

14. How about this side table for the bedroom? This is a project that was graceful, get inspired!

15. If you want to get away from the obvious and rock your bedroom decor, you can also choose a round table like this, see how it looks elegant

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16. Computer table model for bedroom, it is small and looks good aesthetically in any environment

17. Table for women’s room very spacious, with option of puff and chair to sit

18. Corner table for baby room, you can position it wherever you want and besides leaving the environment aesthetically beautiful, it is already another piece to help in the organization

19. Hanging table for bedroom, this black color was very modern and stylish

20. Wall table for bedroom, ideal model for planned rooms

21. This is a table model with a mirror for the bedroom, they were beautiful together

22. Example of an ideal table for a men’s room, in the suspended model

23. How about this one? Simple and pretty

24. Ideal table for children, with a drag piece that makes it easy to move anywhere

25. Another example of a suspended table that looked great in this women’s room

26. Another table model with mirror ideal to be your makeup corner

27. Here is an example of a folding table, which helps a lot in taking advantage of the space in the rooms

28. Wooden table for double bedroom embedded in the bedroom panel

29. This one is already suspended on the wall and did not fail to take advantage of the small space of the room

30. Lovely table model for a children’s room, this one came with cloud stools that are beautiful and very cute

31. Wooden table with black lid ideal to make the environment more beautiful, as well as organized

32. White study table with drawers for a girl’s room

33. How about this mini table to make your princess’s room even more charming?

34. How about having your own work area in the bedroom? This bench looks beautiful in wood tones

35. Small table with drawers to put in the corner of the wall, ideal for small rooms with little space

36. Tables can make all the difference in your room

37. Making your work and study area the most comfortable place for you: your own room

38. There is also the nightstand model, which helps a lot in the practicality and organization of the environment

39. Look at this bench model with a glass cover, how it looks charming

40. And finally, another room that has the ideal aesthetics with the choice of the right table for the room, which has given a great value to the environment

Now that you have arrived here after reviewing all of our 40 incredible models of bedroom tables, be sure to check out: Headboards and Pallet Beds, you can be sure that they will be great inspirations to continue decorating your room!

Door to Room: 30 Models for Every Type of Space

Door to Room: 30 Models for Every Type of Space

THE door to bedroom it is a very important choice for the composition of your room, since it is the first view that everyone has before entering it. There are several models that we can choose to compose our room, so see below which are the most suitable for each one and also some inspirations for every type of space!

What is the best type of bedroom door?

The most suitable material for its manufacture is the wood, for its durability and resistance. Aesthetically, it is advisable to choose one smoother door, with less designs and friezes, as it will be inside your home.

When choosing your model, if you need a door with external noise seal in the room, the most suitable is the door with conventional opening. But if it’s just a transition door yourself, you can choose to sliding door, to save space and also bring modernity to the home.

Check out some room door models for every type of space:

1. Sliding door model for wooden room, it is beautiful and has brought lightness to the place

2. You can also choose the glass door to the bedroom, which in this case leads to the bathroom and other rooms in the house

3. The aluminum door is also a great option full of resistance for you to use

4. Wooden sliding door to bedroom decorated with some scratches

5. For small rooms, the folding door is a great option

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6. Another sliding door model for a small room

7. A more expensive model, but still super beautiful and resistant for your room is the balcony door

8. But the simple and traditional also enchants, how about this white door to your room?

9. The shrimp door model is super modern. It’s more expensive, but it brings a lot of luxury to your home

10. Simple sliding glass door, which can compose your room decor very well

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11. If you want something simple, this white door is ideal

12. Look at this wooden door with a door frame for a bedroom, it is traditional and brings a lot of coziness to the home

13. The PVC bedroom door is also an option that you can use in the room

14. Sliding doors always bring more space to the room. In addition to using them on the entrance door, it fits very well on the bathroom door too

15. Another example of a sliding door that looks perfect in a room

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16. If you want to leave the traditional, there are several stickers for the bedroom door that can leave the room to your face

17. Another example of a shrimp door, in a mirrored model

18. The black door gives an air of unparalleled sophistication to the room

19. See this model of glass door, how it looked beautiful and provided a wide view of the external environment

20. The doors can be decorated as you prefer, in this case, they bet on the combination of black and white

21. How about this model of door embedded in the bedroom panel? Perfect!

22. Once again the aluminum glass door came to make the room even more beautiful

23. Another example of a folding PVC door. It’s simple, but it’s still beautiful

24. Do you want a mirrored door in the bedroom? We have one more model for you to be inspired

25. White door with wood for bedroom, home very well and makes the home even more beautiful and modern

26. White doors are the darlings of the public, home especially when the colors of the walls are darker

27. Simple aluminum door to bedroom

28. White sliding door to small room, in this case, divided the room with the closet

29. Another model of white door with modern cuts to put in your room

30. And finally, a modern door model for a wooden room with white streaks

Now that you’ve got this far, be sure to take a look at our other super inspiring posts and full of tips for you and the decor of your room, such as: Couple Headboards and Bedroom Curtains!

Black Bathroom: 40 Beautiful Black and White Bathroom Designs

40 Beautiful Black and White Bathroom Designs

The black bathroom is a new trend and can combine with all possible styles, you can use black in your bathroom in different ways, keeping it all black or just with some details. The black color in house environments brings elegance and style, it gives a contrast to the environment and makes it more modern. Today, we brought 40 beautiful black and white bathroom models to inspire you in your home decor.

1. All black bathroom with white details

2. Black bathroom tap

Via: Sticky

3. Black and white bathroom floor

Via: @ 513_meu_lar

4. White bathroom with black accents

5. The black lining with the white accessories go very well

Via: @decorecomalba
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6.Bathroom with black tablet

7. The Provencal style of this black bathroom cabinet is perfect

Via: Casa Vogue

8. Black bathroom accessories

9. Everything in this bathroom was designed to highlight black

10. The combination of black and wood was wonderful

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11. The combination of black and gray in this bathroom was just incredible

12. The black and white coating of this shower box added an extra touch to this bathroom

13. The sink in black, covered with black ceramic has transformed this bathroom into a very modern environment

14. Bathroom with black details

15. Another black and gray bathroom

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16. The style of this black bathroom gave a sense of spaciousness to the place

17. Bathroom predominantly in gray and wood with black accents

18. Another gray and black bathroom

19. Predominantly black, modern and very beautiful bathroom

20. The fact that the wall covering of the bathtub is the same as that of the floor was very intelligent, as it gives a feeling of spaciousness

Via: EuCapricho

21.This black cabinet in this white bathroom is beautiful

22. Black and white bathroom, the black sink cabinet has a very modern look

23. Black and white bathroom tile

24. Another black bathroom with Provencal style, just beautiful

25. Another example of black bathroom accessories

26. This bathroom with black details is perfect, the toilet draws a lot of attention because it is chrome

27. Minimalist bathroom with black accents

28. The fact that only one wall of the shower is in marble and the rest of the bathroom is black, gave him a perfect look

29. Bathroom with white, gray and black

30. The black ceiling of this bathroom draws a lot of attention

31. Black and gray minimalist bathroom

32. Black and white bathroom, the black box gave more emphasis to the bathroom

33. Black bathroom combined with wood

34. Another bathroom with wood combined with black

35. This hexagonal black coating from the bathroom was perfect

36. Bathroom with black accents

37. This simpler bathroom with black details looks beautiful

38. This bathroom with black and gold accents became a luxury

39. Small white bathroom with black accents

40. This all-black bathroom looks very elegant

You can find accessories for your bathroom in black in all stores that offer products for home such as Mercado Livre or Magazine Luiza. How about checking our other posts Bathroom with Niches, Wallpaper for Bathrooms and Bathroom Inserts to be able to get even more inspired in the decor of your bathroom?

Small Room: Simple and Affordable Decorations

Small Room: Simple and Affordable Decorations

It hit that doubt of how to decorate your small room so as to make the most of the room as possible? It was with this in mind that we separated incredible inspirations from simple and affordable decorations for your living room! Check out incredible tips below that will make your room even more beautiful and modern!

1. Small living room decorated with simplicity, the pictures on the shelves made all the difference in the environment

2. Ideal panel design for a small room, get inspired!

3. Here we have a good example of a sofa for a small, compact and beautiful room

4. Optimal model of bookshelf for small room, did not take up so much space and its rooms are perfect for those who have many decorative objects

5. This home looks great in this room, has the ideal size for small rooms

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6. For those who want to bet on the famous armchair to leave the room with more life, these models are great and compact, look good in the corners of the room

7. Since there is not much space, the decorative objects can be on a table like this, in that corner that is always empty in the room

8. Look at this room: Small and modern! Decorating the right way, can be super stylish

9. It is possible to have a small room and still very cozy!

10. Unsure how to decorate a small apartment room? Look at this inspiration!

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11. The sideboard in a small room is very well behind the sofa, especially when the intention is to share rooms… As a living room and kitchen or dining room

12. Beautiful and rustic coffee table model for a small room, in addition to being super modern!

13. A tip to make your room look bigger than it really is to bet on mirrors, as they give the feeling of spaciousness to the place

14. Perfect luminaire model for small room, also looks great in the corners of the room

15. Small room full of modernity decorated with beautiful flowers

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16. Do you think that because your room is small, it doesn’t fit a rug in it? So look at this, it brought a super modern and cozy look to the room

17. Another beautiful model of panel that looked great in this small room, the ideal is to choose furniture the exact size of the wall or a little smaller, like this…

18. Don’t know how to decorate your little room? There is no shortage of ideas… From the paintings to the pillows, you can rock the decor!

19. Look at this bookcase designed for a compact room like this … It looks great on the exact size of the wall!

20. If the room is small in length, but a little bigger in width, we have a beautiful decoration for you to be inspired too

21. Puffs undoubtedly can give a special touch to your room without taking up almost any space in it

22. Here they chose to put a puff with the function of a coffee table too, it was beautiful!

23. Another example of how the mirror can give a feeling of greater amplitude to your home

24. Ceiling lamps are also perfect for your small room, these still came in an industrial style to add to your home’s stylish decor

25. Here’s another tip: use the puffs as coffee tables when no one is sitting on it… Perfect multipurpose!

26. Another example of how to decorate a small room in length and bigger in width, take a look

27. The color white also gives a feeling of spaciousness to your home, have you noticed?

28. Here’s another tip on where to put the puff to have more space in your room

29. This room proves that even though the room is very narrow, you can make a modern and neat decoration

30. Look at this sofa! Ideal for small rooms and even comes with the possibility of opening, ensuring more comfort and even a bed for your guests

31. See what a beautiful dining room design and being small together

32. And look at the charm and delicacy of this room!

33. Simple and very beautiful small apartment room

34. Rugs, curtains, pictures and even plants can perfectly decorate your small room

35. The puff can stay in that corner of the room that seems useless, but that can serve very well

36. How about this charming decoration? Get inspired!

37. Very comfortable sofa type for a small room

38. You can also choose not to place a coffee table or rug to make the room look cleaner and give the room a greater impression.

39. Another charming project for a small room perfectly planned

40. See how beautiful this panel for the living room matches the coffee table in this small room

41. Simplicity also enchants, this little room was beautifully decorated with delicacy

42. Two-seater sofa fits nicely in a small room, as if from here

43. The rack is a great option for a small room, precisely because of its size

44. Look at this house, what a charm! Even small was well decorated!

45. A dresser like this is ideal to put in your small room and gain more space to store your personal items

46. ​​The rug can add an extra touch to your room and make it more cozy

47. What is not lacking here is inspirations of decoration for all tastes

48. The most modern…

49. Even the simplest and most delicate

50. But what we saw, mainly, was that even with a small room, you can rock the decor of the room and make it super stylish

We reached the end of this post with the certainty that we will help you with something in the decoration of your small room! But don’t stop here, we still have many more tips for you to rock the organization and beauty of your room, take a look at Planned Rooms and Minimalist Rooms!

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