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Double Headboard: 20 Cheap and Creative Options to Choose

Double Headboard: 20 Cheap and Creative Options to Choose

Since the box beds became famous, the different models of headboards for double beds have become the darlings in the world of bedroom decoration. What pleases most about the double headboards are the versatility, modernity and warmth that they can bring to the environment. Check out 20 creative and inexpensive double headboard options below.

1. Double headboard model upholstered in black, brought extra warmth and charm to the room. Its price is R $ 268.70 in Elo7

Via: Elo7

2. Iron headboard for couple with rusty style. Its price is R $ 1,700 at Soul Casa

Via: SoulCasa

3. Here we have another model of upholstered headboard, but this one in a white tone, bringing a sense of tranquility to your room

4. How about a MDF headboard for your double room? Its price is R $ 349.90 at the MadeiraMadeira store

Via: Madeira Madeira

5. This is a simple and very delicate headboard for those who like lighter decorations in the rooms

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6. This is a beautiful and creative wooden headboard for a double bedroom that can please those who enjoy a more classic home decor. Its value is R $ 229.00 at Casas Bahia

Via: Casas Bahia

7. If you are looking for a double headboard with nightstand, this is a good option for you. You can usually find them in the amount of R $ 900 to R $ 1,000.00 in the market

Via: Magazine Luíza

8. The double headboard with mirror brings a sophisticated and luxurious look to the room

9. Custom headboards are ideal for those who want a planned and totally harmonious room, like the one below:

10. If you don’t want to spend so much on decorating your room, you can opt for a creative headboard like this. Joining an upholstered cushion to a piece of wood in the bedroom, we had this result: simple and creative

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11. Another way to save is to adhere to the headboard option with wall sticker. This one was very natural and is ideal for those who love a classic decoration

12. Upholstery is the darling of home, as it leaves the room with enviable elegance and warmth

13. But there are also those who do not give up the traditionality and simplicity that wood brings to any room

14. Realize that in this room with simple and neutral decor, the wall-to-wall headboard made all the difference, making it even more beautiful and refined

15. How about another super stylish and modern upholstered headboard? It’s very luxury!

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16. But we work with simplicity too. This headboard was made to measure for this double bed and is super subtle

17. Wooden headboards with nightstands are also great options for your room

18. How about this one, upholstered and wall to wall? This color tone is a great option for those who want a neutral and quiet room

19. If you want creativity, style and a hint of fun in your double room, opt for this wall sticker and show that the woman who dominates the room

20. But if it is simplicity that attracts you the most, creativity and options is not lacking for you too

Now that you have checked out these beautiful headboard models for a double bed, you can consult KasaBela and also Mobly, to choose and buy yours right now! Since you got here, check also Pallet Beds and Bedroom Chandeliers to continue rocking your home decor!

30 Models of Glass Door for Bathroom

30 Models of Glass Door for Bathroom

In the bathroom, glass has always been present in the use of the shower stall, but with modernity taking over homes, the use of glass doors in the bathroom has been possible, especially at the entrance to the room, providing more integration between the environments and a modern look without lose privacy. With that, we separated 30 incredible models to inspire!

1. A good sliding door for the bathroom will always be important to optimize the space of the room, in addition to making it even more beautiful.

2. How about betting on a different design? The pivoting glass doors are a novelty worth betting on!

3. For those who prefer to guarantee their privacy with a touch of sophistication, the door can be made of sandblasted glass!

4. It is also worth betting on a beautiful glass door handle to give that highlight!

5. If you prefer to have more privacy and security, there are different models of locks for glass doors, as the following example.

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6. For suite style rooms, innovating is always a good thing and with a glass bathroom everything is much more modern!

7. Giving that personalized touch is a great option. With that, an adhesive glass door is accessible and beautiful!

8. A beautiful glass door to the bathroom entrance, transforms the environment with an inviting appearance.

9. For something more discreet and charming, a white door with glass matches perfectly!

10. Beautiful option of glass door with white film, for a more peaceful and harmonious environment!

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11. And speaking of taking advantage of the space, how about investing in a sliding door with a bathroom mirror? So you will have two features with the same, without taking up more space in the bathroom for that!

12. If the preference is to optimize and integrate small spaces, the glass shrimp bathroom door fits perfectly!

13. Furthermore, with houses and apartments increasingly smaller, the glass door for a small bathroom is the perfect combination!

14. Black frame with glass is a trend and will make your bathroom more modern!

15. Modernity with an industrial tone, highlighting glass!

16. Another option for the bathroom with a screen-printed glass door, giving it greater prominence.

17. All-etched glass suite, glamor and privacy!

18. For small environments, glass doors as partitions!

19. How about an all closed glass box ?! A classic that has its place.

20. As a small partition inside the bathroom, glass is the most valued!

21. Small suite, with its glass box! Beauty in your corner!

22. Another option for a glass bathroom divider.

23. A very clean box with the glass making it stand out!

24. A beautiful glass wall without a door, transforming it into a more comfortable environment.

25. For privacy and comfort, a glass door with a sandblasted medium!

26. In the corner of the bathroom, a full glass shower is irresistible!

27. Elegance has its place, and the bathroom can be one!

28. Another elegant option with glass doors in the bathroom!

29. Corrugated glass doors are exceptional for the bathroom and worth investing in!

30. What about this option of a full bathroom with glass doors? Innovative and beautiful!

Did you like the ideas for glass bathroom doors? Using creativity to go beyond just a box is worth a lot !!! Integrations with other environments, elegance and modernity stand out among so many options!

10 ideas for creating space in the small bedroom

10 ideas for creating space in the small bedroom

When we have a small room we are always looking for a way to store things that never fit in the existing space. Only the bedding already occupies a lot of space and still has all the clothes of the person or couple, shoes, bags, hats, accessories, bags, makeup products, perfumes, lingerie… .Wow! It’s a lot!

So I selected 10 ideas for you to make the most of your small room.

Bed with Chest – great for a small room!

box chest bed for small room
Photo: Casa venice

If you can change your common bed or box for a chest you will discover a world of space to store bedding. Prefer to keep the ones from the next season (for example: If it’s winter, keep the summer ones) to avoid always raising your bed to get your clothes.

Use the space under the bed

drawers under the bed
Photo: homedit

But, if you don’t like the idea of ​​a bed with a chest, you can still use the space under the bed to store shoes and even clothes or objects if you have furniture made with wheels (for easier access) open or closed.

drawers under the bed
Photo: The Holknichos

Avoid queen or king beds

No use: Small room loses a lot of space with larger than standard beds. Unless it is extremely necessary, avoid. You will lose a lot of circulation space and you may even need to lean one side of the bed against the wall and many people are uncomfortable with this organization.

standard size bed
Photo: Architectural

Choose headboards that take up little space

A box bed with a padded wooden headboard attached to the wall is one of the best options for the small bedroom. (See 12 great headboards here).

headboard for small bedroom
Project: andrademelloarquitectura1

Think of low-space bedside tables

small nightstand
Photo: originalhome

(Wow, this is absurdly small, but look at the space it leaves for bedding

Yes, they are super necessary, but with a small room you need to think in centimeters. Don’t forget to leave space for the bedding to be comfortable on the sides.

small bedside table
Project: Bruno Moraes

Use pendants or wall lamps

You will save precious space on the nightstand. Wall lamps whose focus can be moved are even more functional.

pendant in bed
Photo: metropoles

(This pendant is not the best because it can dazzle)

Use space-saving curtains

Bulky curtains can make you lose 10, up to 15 cm from the space of your small room. Choose curtains in light fabrics and with less difference between their width and the width of the window, so that they are more “stretched”. Another idea is to use blinds OR translucent blinds and curtains. So you better control the brightness

eve curtain in the bedroom
Project: Andrade & Mello Arquitetura. Photo: Luis Gomes

Use the walls

To hang clothes, scarves, bags, put shelves where you can store your books and for decorative objects. Overhead furniture is also a good idea because it gives the impression that there is more space and does not occupy the floor.

small room hang clothes
Photo: Decorevoce

Another idea that some do not like but it is very good to get more space to store clothes (preferably less used ones) is to place cupboards above the bed. A good project can undo the feeling of closeness that some complain about.

cabinet above the bed
Photo: JeitodeCasa

Still thinking about the walls, avoid painting them in warm colors (red, orange, yellow), especially very vivid. This is because, in addition to giving the feeling that the room is smaller, they are exciting and can hinder the relaxation of the most sensitive.

cabinet above the bed
Project: Cristina Barbara

If possible, take advantage of the space under the window with narrow furniture

Even narrow they can hold a lot! Shoes are great! In that case, you can choose blinds or short curtains on the window.

narrow furniture below the bedroom window

Enjoy the area above the nightstand for the full length mirror

In my opinion the best place for a mirror in the bedroom is on the wall behind the bedside table. Besides being great for you to see yourself whole (o) it still gives the impression that the room is bigger and, if you have a low ceiling, it will still make it look like it is taller.

mirrors above the bedside tables
Photo: mintyinspirations

Bonus Tip: Think about using wardrobes without doors

It’s a great idea for really small rooms that don’t have enough circulation space for common doors or sliding doors (which need the wardrobe to go a little deeper.

wardrobe without doors
Photo: Decorology

Follow the possible tips for yourself and your small room will appear to double in size from so much usable space you’ll have!

Planned Kitchen Cabinet: 50 Models for All Spaces

Planned Kitchen Cabinet: 50 Models for All Spaces

THE planned kitchen cabinet is one of the most important choices to have the kitchen of your dreams! There are several models that exist: large, small, colorful, mirrored and also from the simplest to the most modern. To help you choose this piece of furniture so important for the room, we have separated fifty ideal models for all spaces. Check it out and get inspired!

1. Small kitchen cabinet designed, ideal for cramped rooms

2. White planned kitchen cabinet model. It is very classic and brings a very cozy air to the room

3. Simple planned kitchen cabinet in wood tones

4. Black planned kitchen cabinet, brought a lot of modernity to the kitchen

5. The colors of the planned kitchen cabinet may vary, the gray color, for example, is always a good option for those who like an air of modernity

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6. See this planned kitchen sink cabinet as it was beautiful, these handles are different and very cool

7. Corner kitchen cabinet model designed with marble countertops

8. The full cabinets can also be made of glass, which adds more beauty and elegance to the kitchen

9. The price of the planned kitchen cabinet will depend a lot on your measurements and the material you prefer

10. Planned cabinet with glass for the kitchen, the handles now came in another model and the color brought a classic air to the kitchen

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11. Planned American kitchen cabinet, this is a beautiful project for you to get inspired and do in your apartment

12. Planned MDF kitchen cabinet

13. Planned kitchen cabinet model ideal for small apartment

14. Planned kitchen cabinet, full of modernity and charm

15. Gray planned kitchen cabinet with modern handles, sniffing the conventional

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16. Wooden kitchen cabinet designed with flashy black details

17. Example of L-shaped kitchen cabinet, the woody tone with the white matched very well

18. Black and white planned kitchen cabinet. This is one of the most perfect combinations for your home decor

19. Modern designed kitchen cabinets

20. Planned mirrored kitchen cabinet, brings a lot of sophistication to the kitchen

21. As we already mentioned, the colors we can use are varied, and the planned cabinet looks beautiful if it is colored too

22. The cabinets can come with LED lighting too, see how beautiful it looks in the dark

23. See how beautiful this planned kitchen was when I lifted those nudes

24. Example of planned retro kitchen with cabinets in light tones, making the room very cute

25. Planned kitchen with white cabinets, leaves the room very cozy and delicate

26. Blue kitchen cabinet model, also brought a lot of delicacy to the room

27. But if you like something more rustic, you can choose cabinets that take the tone of wood and black together

28. Gray kitchen cabinets are becoming increasingly darling by architects and decorators

29. In your project, you can also choose to give a special touch to the kitchen, like this one, which put shades of pink in the planned cabinets

30. The white color always brings a charming harmony to the kitchen

31. The mix of white with wood tone is also spectacular

32. Once again they chose to take a chance on a somewhat daring color combination and it worked really well

33. But the kitchen with the traditional colors, black or white, are also beautiful too

34. Be inspired by this small planned kitchen, the cabinets are the ideal size for a good use of space

35. Large cupboards are ideal for those who have a lot to store in the kitchen and need space

36. Look at these cabinets, they brought an enviable elegance and modernity to this kitchen

37. The color wine is also a great bet to enhance your closet

38. Planned wooden cabinets are very traditional, beautiful and still bring a rustic feel to the room

39. If your kitchen is very tight, have you found an ideal model to be inspired

40. But if it is wide, options are not lacking for your organization

41. Realize that it is not ugly to mix colors in the composition of your planned kitchen

42. But if you prefer traditional colors, you can be sure that it is also a great bet

43. Here, again, black cabinets bring unparalleled luxury and sophistication to the environment

44. And here we have another color combination inspiration that looks beautiful together

45. Look how cute this simple planned kitchen was with these wooden cabinets

46. ​​How about making a mix of black and white cabinets in your kitchen? It looks beautiful and different

47. Mirrored cabinets are also a great bet for those who want something more chic

48. The matte black in the cabinet leaves the kitchen with a very industrial style, it is perfect

49. And we even have an inspiration for a small planned kitchen attached to the service area of ​​the house

50. Finally, a different and super modern model of planned kitchen with colorful cabinet for you to be inspired!

Now that you’ve come this far after seeing these 50 perfect models of cabinets for a planned kitchen, be sure to take a look at our other posts: Planned Kitchen in L and Masonry Kitchen, to continue to be inspired by the ideal decoration for your kitchen!

How to keep your home organized and safe in quarantine

How to keep your home organized and safe in quarantine

At this moment it is crucial that you keep your home organized in order to face more safely this invisible enemy that is only defeated with constant attention, organization and cleanliness.

So, I have selected tips that will help you increase the safety of home hygiene so that this danger stays away from your family. No panic, acting smart. logical and quiet. That’s what we need.

The entrance to the house is the main barrier

The house organized for the battle against the Coronavirus is the one that uses the largest arsenal to prevent the enemy from entering the territory (yes, let’s face it as a war). So, start at the door!

I put in yellow which is extremely important.

What you need to modify at the entrance to the house:

  • Having a shoe rack at the entrance to the house (outside is best) OR
  • If you can’t leave your shoes outside, put a floor cloth with a mixture of bleach and water on the door (outside or near the door).
organized house
Photo: athomeinlove
  • Get a way to leave it near the door: alcohol gel and / or a spray with soap and water or detergent or bleach solution (20 ml / liter of water), paper towels, trash (with bag and lid, preferably with pedal)
  • Also have a container close to the door to place: Keys and cellphone and another to put money in banknotes and coins that you happen to receive on the street or when paying for deliveries.
  • Being possible to create a place for hang bags, would be great.
organized house to face the coronavirus
Photo: decnet

Upon arriving home from the street:

Make one of the 2 suggestions below:

  • 1) Define “street” shoes and leave them outside – There is a possibility that you have the virus on the sole of your shoes. It is not a huge possibility, but if you can do it, do it. If not, remove them as soon as you enter and leave them near the door or in the shoe rack (It should be cleaned daily with a cloth moistened with water mixed with bleach or soap).


  • 2) Use the floor cloth with the mixture of bleach and water on the door – Mix half a cup of coffee (20/25 ml) of bleach to a liter of water – to rub the soles of your shoes well. Once a day, wash it separately and / or replace it with a clean one with the same mixture.
  • 3) Rub alcohol gel with a paper towel (or spray with soap and water or detergent) on the door handles, keys, cell phone and everything you touched when entering.
organized house to face the coronavirus
Photo: CasaAbril
  • 4) If you have the place to put bags, put it there. And anyway, sanitize them too.
  • 5) I suggest leaving it in the street bag or separate container all the money you received on the street. When you go out into the street again, take it, preferably.
  • 6) Do not touch your face at least during this cleaning period. In fact, avoid touching your face as much as possible.
organized house to face the coronavirus
Photo: decophoto
  • 7) Another suggestion given by many experts is remove clothes from the street as close to the door as possible and put them in a bag to be washed separately. But I know this is complicated. So, after doing the steps above, do the following, avoiding touching anything until you get there.
  • Go to the bathroom closest to the door, wash your hands with soap / soap that way you already know, clean the bathroom door handles with soapy water or alcohol gel and leave the clothes in a separate washing bag and take a good shower. Remove rings and cords (it is best to avoid using them) and wash them as well.
bathroom organized home to face the coronavirus
Photo: homeadore

If you arrived with street purchases (or received deliveries):

Follow steps 1 to 6 and do the following to safely store them:

  • Have an area in the kitchen – a countertop or table – only for receiving purchases, if possible. And a trash can next to it, in addition to a specific sponge to be used in it and specific dish towels or paper towels.
organized house to face the coronavirus
Photo: decoracao-e-Projetos

An organized house is sectorized. And in the case that we are facing it is especially important to have in the kitchen, this sector or area that will receive the bags still not sanitized. This area should always be cleaned, with water and soap or detergent, after cleaning and storing the purchased products. DO NOT USE THIS AREA FOR NOTHING OTHER THAN THIS. And how to sanitize?

  • Place products in the reception area, remove and dispose of plastic bags (I consider this the best solution, even though it is not ecological – so as not to run the risk of storing bags with viruses).
  • Sponge with soap and water or bleach solution (20 ml for every 1 liter of water) in all packages. Wait a while (30 seconds to a minute) and remove the excess with the paper towel or dish towel. Keep it.
organized house to face the coronavirus
Photo: creative projects

ATTENTION that in this case, aesthetics is the least important. You have to create a minimally functional environment to solve sanitation more safely – the focus is your home organized to face the coronavirus in the best way!

  • Vegetables and fruits should be washed with soap and water / detergent.
  • Vegetables should be placed in water for 10 minutes with a few drops of vegetable sanitizer or bleach that inform on the label that it can be used to sanitize vegetables.
  • Wash used dishcloths with soap and water separately.
  • Wash your hands.
  • Sanitizes the bench or table.
house organized to make conronavirus sick
Photo: CasaAbril

When receiving street purchases:

ATTENTION is required. Do not receive purchases by doing anything else. Focus. Have your credit card or cash in hand. Do not touch your face during the whole process, until you clean yourself. In addition to the organized house, you must control the organization.

  • Meet the delivery man keeping a distance between 1.5 to 2 meters. Be polite but talk the least.
  • Take the delivery avoiding touching the hands of the delivery man (avoid this all the time)
  • Take straight to the reception area in the kitchen and come back to make the payment without touching anything.
  • Hand over the credit card or cash (prefer to have the exact amount). Normally use the machine for payment.
  • If you receive change, put it in the money container at the entrance.
  • If paying by card, use a tissue moistened with alcohol gel to clean it. Do not blow the card to dry the alcohol gel.
  • Sanitize the handle and your hands (with alcohol gel or soap / soap water.

I know, it seems impossible madness. But the more you can follow these tips, the safer you and your family will be. The good thing is that the big problem is that this part is the most complicated. In the rest of the house organized to face the virus, there are only a few points of attention:

Other care in the house organized to face the virus:

. Clean the house once a day: Sweep and use a damp cloth with a common disinfectant or diluted bleach.

. Allow ventilation – Leave the windows open. It is also important that you get sun for at least 15 minutes a day.

I did a lot of research to write about the house organized to face our common enemy. I hope I helped and, despite not having knowledge about infectious diseases, I looked for reliable sources, some listed below.

Research sources and more information:

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