Masonry Kitchen: 30 Classic and Rustic Options to Get Inspired

Masonry Kitchen: 30 Classic and Rustic Options to Get Inspired

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For those who love exclusivity, a good option for decoration and furniture for your home are the masonry furniture. In addition to exclusivity, a perfect advantage of masonry furniture is durability. In this post, we separated 30 images of masonry kitchen for you to be inspired and decorate your home.

1. Block masonry kitchen

2. Masonry workbench

Via: Homify

3. Masonry kitchen with cement bench


Via: casadsonho

4. Masonry sink for kitchen, the style of these blocks is perfect


Via: @casinha_damah

5. Masonry kitchen, concrete with wood wonderful combination


Via: Casa da Valentina
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6. Masonry furniture blends very well with summer houses

7. Just as the masonry furniture also combines with modern design, as this counter

8. This masonry kitchen island looks amazing

9. The stone wall together with the masonry furniture harmonized very well

10. The idea of ​​having something unique like this kitchen, is what draws attention in the masonry

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11. Another example of masonry shelves

12. Masonry sink and cupboard

13. Masonry furniture is practical, exclusive and incredibly beautiful

14. Masonry concrete sink

15. This masonry counter was just perfect

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16. Planed masonry kitchen

17. Besides being practical, this masonry counter is beautiful

18. Wood stove, the cupboard, you can see that the masonry combines very well in the interior style

19. This masonry cabinet is perfect

20. Lifetime is an incredible advantage of masonry furniture

21. The masonry shelves in this kitchen are perfect

22. Closure of masonry sink with glass

23. The ceiling wood perfectly matched this masonry kitchen

24. This masonry cabinet matched the kitchen perfectly

25. Masonry kitchen model

26. This concrete masonry counter is perfect

27. Masonry worktop for kitchen

28. Wooden bench with masonry marble

29. Masonry worktop with glass

30. Masonry furniture for kitchen

Via: Mayra Souza

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