How to keep your home organized and safe in quarantine

How to keep your home organized and safe in quarantine

At this moment it is crucial that you keep your home organized in order to face more safely this invisible enemy that is only defeated with constant attention, organization and cleanliness.

So, I have selected tips that will help you increase the safety of home hygiene so that this danger stays away from your family. No panic, acting smart. logical and quiet. That’s what we need.

The entrance to the house is the main barrier

The house organized for the battle against the Coronavirus is the one that uses the largest arsenal to prevent the enemy from entering the territory (yes, let’s face it as a war). So, start at the door!

I put in yellow which is extremely important.

What you need to modify at the entrance to the house:

  • Having a shoe rack at the entrance to the house (outside is best) OR
  • If you can’t leave your shoes outside, put a floor cloth with a mixture of bleach and water on the door (outside or near the door).
organized house
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  • Get a way to leave it near the door: alcohol gel and / or a spray with soap and water or detergent or bleach solution (20 ml / liter of water), paper towels, trash (with bag and lid, preferably with pedal)
  • Also have a container close to the door to place: Keys and cellphone and another to put money in banknotes and coins that you happen to receive on the street or when paying for deliveries.
  • Being possible to create a place for hang bags, would be great.
organized house to face the coronavirus
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Upon arriving home from the street:

Make one of the 2 suggestions below:

  • 1) Define “street” shoes and leave them outside – There is a possibility that you have the virus on the sole of your shoes. It is not a huge possibility, but if you can do it, do it. If not, remove them as soon as you enter and leave them near the door or in the shoe rack (It should be cleaned daily with a cloth moistened with water mixed with bleach or soap).


  • 2) Use the floor cloth with the mixture of bleach and water on the door – Mix half a cup of coffee (20/25 ml) of bleach to a liter of water – to rub the soles of your shoes well. Once a day, wash it separately and / or replace it with a clean one with the same mixture.
  • 3) Rub alcohol gel with a paper towel (or spray with soap and water or detergent) on the door handles, keys, cell phone and everything you touched when entering.
organized house to face the coronavirus
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  • 4) If you have the place to put bags, put it there. And anyway, sanitize them too.
  • 5) I suggest leaving it in the street bag or separate container all the money you received on the street. When you go out into the street again, take it, preferably.
  • 6) Do not touch your face at least during this cleaning period. In fact, avoid touching your face as much as possible.
organized house to face the coronavirus
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  • 7) Another suggestion given by many experts is remove clothes from the street as close to the door as possible and put them in a bag to be washed separately. But I know this is complicated. So, after doing the steps above, do the following, avoiding touching anything until you get there.
  • Go to the bathroom closest to the door, wash your hands with soap / soap that way you already know, clean the bathroom door handles with soapy water or alcohol gel and leave the clothes in a separate washing bag and take a good shower. Remove rings and cords (it is best to avoid using them) and wash them as well.
bathroom organized home to face the coronavirus
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If you arrived with street purchases (or received deliveries):

Follow steps 1 to 6 and do the following to safely store them:

  • Have an area in the kitchen – a countertop or table – only for receiving purchases, if possible. And a trash can next to it, in addition to a specific sponge to be used in it and specific dish towels or paper towels.
organized house to face the coronavirus
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An organized house is sectorized. And in the case that we are facing it is especially important to have in the kitchen, this sector or area that will receive the bags still not sanitized. This area should always be cleaned, with water and soap or detergent, after cleaning and storing the purchased products. DO NOT USE THIS AREA FOR NOTHING OTHER THAN THIS. And how to sanitize?

  • Place products in the reception area, remove and dispose of plastic bags (I consider this the best solution, even though it is not ecological – so as not to run the risk of storing bags with viruses).
  • Sponge with soap and water or bleach solution (20 ml for every 1 liter of water) in all packages. Wait a while (30 seconds to a minute) and remove the excess with the paper towel or dish towel. Keep it.
organized house to face the coronavirus
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ATTENTION that in this case, aesthetics is the least important. You have to create a minimally functional environment to solve sanitation more safely – the focus is your home organized to face the coronavirus in the best way!

  • Vegetables and fruits should be washed with soap and water / detergent.
  • Vegetables should be placed in water for 10 minutes with a few drops of vegetable sanitizer or bleach that inform on the label that it can be used to sanitize vegetables.
  • Wash used dishcloths with soap and water separately.
  • Wash your hands.
  • Sanitizes the bench or table.
house organized to make conronavirus sick
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When receiving street purchases:

ATTENTION is required. Do not receive purchases by doing anything else. Focus. Have your credit card or cash in hand. Do not touch your face during the whole process, until you clean yourself. In addition to the organized house, you must control the organization.

  • Meet the delivery man keeping a distance between 1.5 to 2 meters. Be polite but talk the least.
  • Take the delivery avoiding touching the hands of the delivery man (avoid this all the time)
  • Take straight to the reception area in the kitchen and come back to make the payment without touching anything.
  • Hand over the credit card or cash (prefer to have the exact amount). Normally use the machine for payment.
  • If you receive change, put it in the money container at the entrance.
  • If paying by card, use a tissue moistened with alcohol gel to clean it. Do not blow the card to dry the alcohol gel.
  • Sanitize the handle and your hands (with alcohol gel or soap / soap water.

I know, it seems impossible madness. But the more you can follow these tips, the safer you and your family will be. The good thing is that the big problem is that this part is the most complicated. In the rest of the house organized to face the virus, there are only a few points of attention:

Other care in the house organized to face the virus:

. Clean the house once a day: Sweep and use a damp cloth with a common disinfectant or diluted bleach.

. Allow ventilation – Leave the windows open. It is also important that you get sun for at least 15 minutes a day.

I did a lot of research to write about the house organized to face our common enemy. I hope I helped and, despite not having knowledge about infectious diseases, I looked for reliable sources, some listed below.

Research sources and more information:

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