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Door to Room: 30 Models for Every Type of Space Door to Room: 30 Models for Every Type of Space
THE door to bedroom it is a very important choice for the composition of your room, since it is the first view that everyone... Door to Room: 30 Models for Every Type of Space

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THE door to bedroom it is a very important choice for the composition of your room, since it is the first view that everyone has before entering it. There are several models that we can choose to compose our room, so see below which are the most suitable for each one and also some inspirations for every type of space!

What is the best type of bedroom door?

The most suitable material for its manufacture is the wood, for its durability and resistance. Aesthetically, it is advisable to choose one smoother door, with less designs and friezes, as it will be inside your home.

When choosing your model, if you need a door with external noise seal in the room, the most suitable is the door with conventional opening. But if it’s just a transition door yourself, you can choose to sliding door, to save space and also bring modernity to the home.

Check out some room door models for every type of space:

1. Sliding door model for wooden room, it is beautiful and has brought lightness to the place

2. You can also choose the glass door to the bedroom, which in this case leads to the bathroom and other rooms in the house

3. The aluminum door is also a great option full of resistance for you to use

4. Wooden sliding door to bedroom decorated with some scratches

5. For small rooms, the folding door is a great option

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6. Another sliding door model for a small room

7. A more expensive model, but still super beautiful and resistant for your room is the balcony door

8. But the simple and traditional also enchants, how about this white door to your room?

9. The shrimp door model is super modern. It’s more expensive, but it brings a lot of luxury to your home

10. Simple sliding glass door, which can compose your room decor very well

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11. If you want something simple, this white door is ideal

12. Look at this wooden door with a door frame for a bedroom, it is traditional and brings a lot of coziness to the home

13. The PVC bedroom door is also an option that you can use in the room

14. Sliding doors always bring more space to the room. In addition to using them on the entrance door, it fits very well on the bathroom door too

15. Another example of a sliding door that looks perfect in a room

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16. If you want to leave the traditional, there are several stickers for the bedroom door that can leave the room to your face

17. Another example of a shrimp door, in a mirrored model

18. The black door gives an air of unparalleled sophistication to the room

19. See this model of glass door, how it looked beautiful and provided a wide view of the external environment

20. The doors can be decorated as you prefer, in this case, they bet on the combination of black and white

21. How about this model of door embedded in the bedroom panel? Perfect!

22. Once again the aluminum glass door came to make the room even more beautiful

23. Another example of a folding PVC door. It’s simple, but it’s still beautiful

24. Do you want a mirrored door in the bedroom? We have one more model for you to be inspired

25. White door with wood for bedroom, home very well and makes the home even more beautiful and modern

26. White doors are the darlings of the public, home especially when the colors of the walls are darker

27. Simple aluminum door to bedroom

28. White sliding door to small room, in this case, divided the room with the closet

29. Another model of white door with modern cuts to put in your room

30. And finally, a modern door model for a wooden room with white streaks

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