Bathroom Glass Shelves

Bathroom Glass Shelves

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Glass bathroom shelves are great allies when it comes to the beauty and organization of the environment. They can be of various models, as well as they can be used in several places: under the sink, on top of the vase, directly associated with the mirror and even in the corner. They are ideal especially for small spaces, as they can save a lot of space and you can usually find it on the market with prices starting at R $ 50.00. Check out some amazing glass shelf models with usage tips below:

1. Support model for glass shelf, is one of the most indicated for its resistance and safety

2. Example of glass corner shelf ideal for bathroom for small. Its price is R $ 61.00 in Loja Tudo

Via: LojaTudo

3. These glass bathroom shelves with mirrors are a great option to save space in the small room

4. Glass shelf with led, brings more modernity to your room

5. Here we have glass shelves on top of the vase also attached to the mirror. This environment became practical, modern and very charming

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6. The glass shelf this time came under the sink, notice that accompanied by a led light that has become a darling in home decorations lately

7. If you don’t want to save on the support of your glass shelf, we have this option in gold that is pure luxury

8. Model of shelves that may or may not be attached to the mirror

9. Glass shelves built into the bathroom cabinet. Ideal option for those who want their bathroom planned in a practical and very modern way

10. Models of simple glass shelves for bathroom

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11. Glass shelf with secure support, with the smaller model protecting the edges of the same

12. Glass shelves can be directly associated with your bathroom sink, as in the example below:

13. If you want something more complete for your bathroom, there is also the option of a cabinet with glass shelves built into it. Its price is R$379,91 at Magazine Luíza

Via: Magazine Luíza

14. Realize that the corner shelf can bring an unparalleled delicacy to your bathroom, as they are very subtle

15. This glass shelf kit for bathroom with toucan nozzle holder is priced at R $ 89.90 at Mercado Livre

Via: Free Market
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16. You can organize your shelves in a bathroom panel, next to your mirror, bringing a harmonic look to the room

17. There is also the option to embed your shelves in a wall niche, great idea for those who have a small bathroom and know that every space is good to be used

18. Perfect harmony. Glass shelves are always well positioned next to the bathroom mirror

19. How about having your glass shelves in the form of niches? Bring more security to any decorative object you place on them

20. Finally, organization is what your space will not lack if you choose the famous glass shelves

Now that you’ve seen 20 options of glass shelves to use in decorating your bathroom, be sure to check Bathroom Mirrors and Bathroom Cabinets to continue rocking the decor of your room, ensuring more organization and beauty at the same time.

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