8 steps to organize the house

8 steps to organize the house

In this period in which we, privileged, are at home – thanking everyone who continues to work, wherever they may go, to keep us alive – we must have already realized how important an organized home is for our comfort, productivity and emotional balance.

If you have time and need to organize the house, how about, together with the other residents, do this?

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I will give you an ordered list of activities that can be done environment by environment, at the time of each one: It is not necessary to do everything at once, we can do environment by environment!

And you can be sure: This is a good physical exercise, it keeps the mind from harmful thoughts and still has a great result: A house where everyone will feel and live better.

List to organize the house

  • 1 – Select, in each environment and separately: What can it be donated, fixed up, sustained, thrown away, what shouldn’t be in the environment (for example: It’s not very good to leave perfume in the bathroom) and what is not properly saved (for example: having more than 2 unsecured toilet papers in the bathroom, socks mixed with underwear, etc.).

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  • 2 – If possible, already allocate donations, Throw away whatever has to go to waste and have it fixed everything you can now. In case it’s not possible, keep these things separate and ready to send wherever you can. AND take to the correct environments all items that are not from that space.
  • 3 – Define the locations for everything that must be maintained. This is when you may need to use a lot of creativity: You’ll need to think about functionality, sectorize, and even create space where you don’t have to organize the house.
organized corner
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  • 4 – At this moment, take the opportunity to take a look at the painting, lamps, lamps, sockets, switches, taps, locks, handles – who knows, there is something that is not working well and you did not even notice? Having everything working is part of the task of organizing the house.
  • 5- Separate what is frequently used to place by hand and what is little used in places that are more difficult to reach. Then find space for everything …
storing clothes bags in small space
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  • 6 – If there is no space, think of solutions to create space (shelves, wall brackets, organizers, partitions in drawers, pots, baskets, ways to save space, etc.)
  • 7 – Think of ways to make it easier to see (labels, transparent jars, labels). In cabinets and niches: Larger objects at the back, smaller at the front.
organized closet
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  • 8 – There is no point in tidying it up so that it is hard to keep it tidy. Part of the idea of ​​organizing the house is the need for solutions that make it easier to stay organized for a long time and be easier to organize going forward.

List of room items, certainly incomplete ? , and tips

  • In the kitchen / laundry area: Appliances, brooms, pans, baking dishes, forms, dishes, food cans, cutlery, crockery, spices, ironing board, cleaning products, cleaning accessories, laundry baskets, dustpan, buckets, basins, clothespins clothes, food (pantry and refrigerator), dish towels and cleaning, aprons, table cloths, glasses, gloves, rolls and other kitchen accessories, garbage can, sink and tank accessories, thermos, meat boards and etc., trays, coffee sets, lunch, dinner, fundue, rugs, etc. Store as much as possible in the refrigerator in jars.
organized refrigerator
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  • In the bathroom: Products that should be in the bathroom for general and personal use (soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, toilet paper, towels, etc.), trash can, cotton buds, cotton, first aid box (see expiration), razor, hairdryer, carpets
  • In the rooms / office: Shoes, accessories, jewelry and jewelry, makeup and accessories (see validity), bed linen, table and bath, medicine (see validity), more and less used clothes in different places; Different drawers for lingerie, blouses, pants, shorts etc. In addition, household clothes and clothes, pillows, books, toys (ask the children to select what can be donated, for example), magazines, office supplies, school supplies, documents (select, organize, throw away the that is no longer needed).
organization ideas
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  • In the room: Organize CDs, games, controls, electrical wires, books, magazines, decorative objects (removing excess is always interesting).
  • In the garden, yard or balcony: Take care of the plants, change pots, give a general overview of the tools.

Really, organizing the house is not easy, it takes work, but it makes life a lot easier, make sure of that!

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