10 ideas for creating space in the small bedroom

10 ideas for creating space in the small bedroom

When we have a small room we are always looking for a way to store things that never fit in the existing space. Only the bedding already occupies a lot of space and still has all the clothes of the person or couple, shoes, bags, hats, accessories, bags, makeup products, perfumes, lingerie… .Wow! It’s a lot!

So I selected 10 ideas for you to make the most of your small room.

Bed with Chest – great for a small room!

box chest bed for small room
Photo: Casa venice

If you can change your common bed or box for a chest you will discover a world of space to store bedding. Prefer to keep the ones from the next season (for example: If it’s winter, keep the summer ones) to avoid always raising your bed to get your clothes.

Use the space under the bed

drawers under the bed
Photo: homedit

But, if you don’t like the idea of ​​a bed with a chest, you can still use the space under the bed to store shoes and even clothes or objects if you have furniture made with wheels (for easier access) open or closed.

drawers under the bed
Photo: The Holknichos

Avoid queen or king beds

No use: Small room loses a lot of space with larger than standard beds. Unless it is extremely necessary, avoid. You will lose a lot of circulation space and you may even need to lean one side of the bed against the wall and many people are uncomfortable with this organization.

standard size bed
Photo: Architectural

Choose headboards that take up little space

A box bed with a padded wooden headboard attached to the wall is one of the best options for the small bedroom. (See 12 great headboards here).

headboard for small bedroom
Project: andrademelloarquitectura1

Think of low-space bedside tables

small nightstand
Photo: originalhome

(Wow, this is absurdly small, but look at the space it leaves for bedding

Yes, they are super necessary, but with a small room you need to think in centimeters. Don’t forget to leave space for the bedding to be comfortable on the sides.

small bedside table
Project: Bruno Moraes

Use pendants or wall lamps

You will save precious space on the nightstand. Wall lamps whose focus can be moved are even more functional.

pendant in bed
Photo: metropoles

(This pendant is not the best because it can dazzle)

Use space-saving curtains

Bulky curtains can make you lose 10, up to 15 cm from the space of your small room. Choose curtains in light fabrics and with less difference between their width and the width of the window, so that they are more “stretched”. Another idea is to use blinds OR translucent blinds and curtains. So you better control the brightness

eve curtain in the bedroom
Project: Andrade & Mello Arquitetura. Photo: Luis Gomes

Use the walls

To hang clothes, scarves, bags, put shelves where you can store your books and for decorative objects. Overhead furniture is also a good idea because it gives the impression that there is more space and does not occupy the floor.

small room hang clothes
Photo: Decorevoce

Another idea that some do not like but it is very good to get more space to store clothes (preferably less used ones) is to place cupboards above the bed. A good project can undo the feeling of closeness that some complain about.

cabinet above the bed
Photo: JeitodeCasa

Still thinking about the walls, avoid painting them in warm colors (red, orange, yellow), especially very vivid. This is because, in addition to giving the feeling that the room is smaller, they are exciting and can hinder the relaxation of the most sensitive.

cabinet above the bed
Project: Cristina Barbara

If possible, take advantage of the space under the window with narrow furniture

Even narrow they can hold a lot! Shoes are great! In that case, you can choose blinds or short curtains on the window.

narrow furniture below the bedroom window

Enjoy the area above the nightstand for the full length mirror

In my opinion the best place for a mirror in the bedroom is on the wall behind the bedside table. Besides being great for you to see yourself whole (o) it still gives the impression that the room is bigger and, if you have a low ceiling, it will still make it look like it is taller.

mirrors above the bedside tables
Photo: mintyinspirations

Bonus Tip: Think about using wardrobes without doors

It’s a great idea for really small rooms that don’t have enough circulation space for common doors or sliding doors (which need the wardrobe to go a little deeper.

wardrobe without doors
Photo: Decorology

Follow the possible tips for yourself and your small room will appear to double in size from so much usable space you’ll have!

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