L-Planned Kitchen: 30 Projects that Value the Environment

L-Planned Kitchen: 30 Projects that Value the Environment

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No matter how big your space, the planned kitchen in L it is always the sure bet. The main advantage of designing a kitchen with planned furniture is the best use of spaces, without compromising the flow of circulation. In this post you will see advantages and tips for using the L-shaped kitchen and its inspirations:

1. It is essential to analyze the space available for the assembly of the planned L-shaped kitchen in the residence

Via: Steal The Decor

2. The L-shaped kitchen adapts to the space and habits of the house

3. Makes the environment more organized and brings functionality to the space

4. Both appliances and kitchen accessories have their own defined place in the room

5. The best way to have a refrigerator, stove and sink in this type of shape is the triangular

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6. This format takes advantage of the walls and leaves more space for circulation

Via: Novamob

7. An alternative is to make one of the sides become a counter or table

8. Good lighting is something very important to think about when designing your kitchen

9. An L-shaped kitchen reduces the distance between the preparation points, which makes it more efficient

10. The L can be a marker between environments

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11. The format is perfect for integrated environments

12. L-shaped kitchen

Via: Kelly and Daniel

13. Small L-shaped kitchen

14. Large L-shaped kitchen

15. L-shaped kitchen with granite countertops

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16. L-shaped kitchen

17. L-shaped kitchen in apartment

18. Narrow L-shaped kitchen

19. Integrated L-shaped kitchen

20. L-shaped kitchen with sink window

21. L-shaped kitchen with island

22. L-shaped kitchen with countertop

23. Modern and functional L-shaped kitchen

24. L kitchen cabinet

25. L kitchen sink

Via: Polish, The House

26. L-shaped kitchen counter

27. White L-shaped kitchen gives a sense of spaciousness in the environment

Via: Priscila Chaves

28. Hanging cupboards are also a great option to store utensils used in the kitchen vertically

29. The L-shaped arrangement is flexible as it fits very well in large or small environments

30. The customization of the characteristics of your project is done according to your tastes and needs

Now that you have finished enjoying these 30 inspirations of L-shaped kitchens for your home, enjoy and also look at Masonry Kitchen and Kitchen Corridor. And if you want to know with whom to make and what is the value of the kitchens planned in L, check out: Lunki Móveis Planados, Priscila Chaves and Débora Medeiros to make your budget!

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