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3D Plaster Walls Perfect for Decorating the House 3D Plaster Walls Perfect for Decorating the House
The 3D plaster wall is a great option for those who want to innovate in home decor, in a very modern and fun way.... 3D Plaster Walls Perfect for Decorating the House

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The 3D plaster wall is a great option for those who want to innovate in home decor, in a very modern and fun way. The models and shapes that 3D plaster walls can have are varied: geometric figures, frames, arabesques and various designs. In addition, there is the possibility to paint the plaster to the color you desire. Check below 30 inspirations of houses decorated with plaster wall with its advantages of use:

1. White plaster 3D coating, bringing modernity and elegance to the room

2. 3D plaster wall with built-in mirror, made the home much more elegant and sophisticated

3. 3D plaster wall painted in blue, a good inspiration for those who want to make the house more cheerful

4. Chic and elegant gray plaster panel for the home

5. Plaster frame for simple wall, with a neutral color in its composition

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6. 3D plaster wall with TV that gave a more special and attractive touch to this room

7. The designs on the 3D plaster wall can be varied, everything will depend on your taste

8. The gray color is one of the most sought after when it comes to 3D plaster wall

9. You can already see that she is a great ally when it comes to bringing refinement to any environment, right? It is perfect!

10. There are also simpler models, which come with the designs you prefer

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11. How about a 3D plaster wall with LED? It will surely make your home more charming and well decorated

12. Another example of plaster frame for 3D wall

13. Realize that 3D plaster works well with any environment: from classic to modern, from rustic to clean

14. Look at this, its rustic texture matched very well with the light and classic color of the environment

15. Get inspired also by this very modern and industrial design and room, with a built-in 3D plaster mirror

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16. If you want to abuse the colors and give your home even more life, do not hesitate to choose a 3D wall painted in the color you prefer

17. Is there a more elegant color than brown? Modern and rustic, this environment was very harmonious

18. TV built in RD plaster panel, great combination for a modern room

19. The yellow color of this 3D wall matched the environment very well. Realize that combining yellow with gray always gives perfect harmony to any decor

20. But if white is still your favorite color to make up your home, you just found one more option

21. Elegance is not lacking when it comes to 3D wall, they are a luxury

22. Once again the LED lights came to give even more prominence and modernity to this plaster wall in 3D

23. For lovers of color rock, we find a perfect 3D wall option:

24. But if you prefer extravagant and flashy decor, bet on colors like this pink, you will surely have a unique room in your home

25. If simplicity is what you love, we brought this model of plaster wall in light blue color with slight undulations

26. Example of 3D plaster wall for the bedroom in neutral tones with light undulations

27. This is one of the most famous 3D wall models, it looks beautiful in this room

28. Delicacy and charm, the walls and 3D can provide this and more for your home

29. Notice how this room gained an extra touch of elegance with this 3D wall

30. But if you want a 3D design on the wall, but are unable to buy it for now, don’t hesitate to bet on the 3D wallpaper sticker, it looks as beautiful as the original

Now that you’ve just enjoyed these 30 inspirations of 3D plaster wall, enjoy and also look at Moldings and Plaster Moldings for Ceiling. And if you want to know with whom to make and what is the value of the 3D plaster wall, check out: Elo7 and Leroy Merlim to make your budget!

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