Trends: The colors of 2020 are almost all you think about!

Trends: The colors of 2020 are almost all you think about!

A lot of people talked about the “Color of the Year” Pantone, a classic blue (it’s her name: Classic blue), timeless, quiet, very well accepted – blue is the most used and beloved color – and easy to combine. Quite different from the color chosen last year by the company, Living Coral, super cheerful and optimistic, but that many people “wrinkle their nose”.

Particularly, I have a feeling that this change – from a “different and bold” color to a more “classic and quiet” color reflects well our reactions to the transformations that took place in this period practically all over the world: There were more “willingness to dare”In early 2019. Now we are most in need of some tranquility and security. Nothing better than a classic blue …

Reflections aside, the most important thing about colors is how to combine them. What is the use of knowing the color of the year if you have no idea what colors match it? So Pantone came up with some great ideas. And you can be inspired by them!

But is there only this “Color of the Year”? Of course not! I did a little research and look, you can choose so much color and say that “it is fashionable” that I – saying this – I am calm: Imagine going into everything that is home and seeing the same color repeating itself madly? See the “Colors of the Year” I found from several manufacturers and related companies in Brazil and worldwide: – even colors for different parts and countries of the world, believe me? And there is even a company that didn’t want to suggest color of the year because they think people have to be left alone in relation to their choices (kkkk!).

In Brazil:

Sherwin Williams, Suvinil, Renner, Eucatex and Coral


Study (Color Marketign Group, which is an international association of designers) that chose a trend color for each area of ​​the world:

Study (from Shutterstock) that chose a trend color for each country:

The Neo Mint green is identified by the company as the main trend for fashion and interiors at the beginning of the next decade.

So, guys, let’s stay calm and let’s choose the colors we love, represent us, talk about our history, do our eyes good, match our home, in short. As we always do!

All photos were taken from several websites of the informed manufacturers and from the website coatingsworld.

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