Modern kitchen design: English kitchen design ideas

Modern kitchen design: English kitchen design ideas

English Kitchen Modern Kitchen Design kitchen renovation ideas

The “English kitchen” collocation creates various associations, but they unite through a common characteristic. It is an immediate, almost instinctive feeling of cosiness with fragrant tea and baking expectations … Modern kitchen design in the English style gives a wide range of ideas.
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Old-fashioned Victorian cottage, cozy British country, 80-90’s English “film” chic, classic with national elements, modern design in “Cool Britannia” spirit – all this is English style! And you are welcome to mix them competently. Such a variety makes the English style full of good kitchen renovation ideas! Simple details should turn your old, boring kitchen into a really charming one!
Find out all the nuances in our article «Modern kitchen design: English kitchen design ideas».
English cuisine: the basics of style

You will see that several styles blend into each other: English, Gothic, Gothic, Colonial, Classic, Chinese, Baroque. No matter which, they will be complemented by iconic symbols of British culture and history.
Get British-style kitchen renovation ideas if you like placing lots of items here. It’s strikingly habitual, but still stylish.

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Colors: wood brown, beige, terracotta, mustard, red, burgundy, green, etc.
The floor is usually made of wood. You can try retro models with bright checkerboard tiles.

Floor-English-Kitchen-Modern-Kitchen-Design-Kitchen-Renovation-Ideas-English Kitchen

Color walls with matte colors. It is actually for modern kitchen design, as wallpaper with floral pattern (inspired by William Morris) too. Try large stripe wallpapers for kitchens with low ceilings Combine them, make zones.

Walls-English-Kitchen-Modern-Kitchen-Design-Kitchen-Renovation-Ideas-modern kitchen design

Rock usually remains neutral. Mark it from the top.
Despite general reluctance, furniture has some rounded lines.

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Blankets will not be shiny, choose matte materials. Use shapes if you like it.
Cozy English cuisine is sometimes different from others with soft benches presence.

Kitchen renovation ideas: English mood in attributes

English cuisine, which is characterized by multiple use of textiles. The most popular prints: plaid, stripes, flower, heraldry patterned, Union Jack.

English-Icons-English-Kitchen-Modern-Kitchen-Design-Kitchen-Renovation-Ideas-modern kitchen design

Your kitchen renovation ideas can include typical London associations: red phone booth simulation (realized as cupboards or even a refrigerator), Beatles or other iconic English bands posters. Your kitchen design can even go nostalgic, hippie or punk!

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The choice of chandelier depends on the mood you prefer: from Victorian, sophisticated classics to minimalist.

Chandelier-Flowers-English-Kitchen-Modern-Kitchen-Design-Kitchen-Renovation-Ideas-Kitchen renovation ideas

Living flowers bring the last charming strokes.

Hopefully our article «Modern kitchen design: English kitchen design ideas» will make you brew the best tea in the most cozy kitchen ever!
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